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[Suggestion] Attribute redistribution for players learning a new position


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I've noticed that on every edition of FM, players who have changed positions have quite a different set of attributes on the newer game. And that is completely normal, but in-game this is not possible. I think it should be, and this is how I think it can work. Let's say I have a winger who is not spectacular enough for me to use up front, but he has high team work and work rate and I want to make him a right back. If he does not have enough PA left to work with, however, even when he learns the position, his attributes will remain mostly the same. I don't think this relfects real life and the attribute changes of players on every new game shows it. 

So my proposal is, when you train a player for a new position, redestribute some of his no longer needed attributes over time to the new ones he will need for the position. The game already does a pretty good job of recognising which those attributes are. But let's say the winger I spoke about has 5 tackling and 9 finishing. My proposal is in a nutshell, make it possible for him to lose some of his finishing that he does not need as much anymore and increase his much needed tackling for the new position by the same amount in relation to his CA. I think player learning a new position is more than just learning where to be on the pitch. Naturally if you start playing in a new position you will pick up new skills just by doing it over and over and will lose some by not using them. It's just the way it is and it would be nice to be in the game. 

You can even go further, by making attributes more flexible in general and adjust them in relation to form and the league you play in. Again, showed by the changes on every new game. Just look at Sheffield United at FM 20 and at FM 18. The players are mostly the same but only in name. 

I hope I explained it clear enough and I apologize if something like this has already been suggested. 

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