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  1. A bit off topic: CA and PA don't matter if the player has the right attributes for the right role in the team and a good personality to execute it consistantly. A 150 CA player can do a better job than a 180 CA player often times. I've seen 200 CA players be average and 150 CA players be god like in many, many saves. I've said it before and other people have said it as well - don't look at those numbers! They are made for the game to do it's thing, not for you to use them when playing.
  2. The blog explaining the features is well written, you should have maybe opened with it. You also should probably mention that the ME is being worked on and improvements are made. In fact, I think there should be a better communication from the dev team to the public about what is being worked on. You don't have to reveal details, but letting us know that you're trying to fix the issues goes a long way. The features that were explained actually look good. The question is how are they going to work in-game. If some interactions are more effective than others like it's been in the past few
  3. I'm not impressed so far. Unless the ME has been tweaked significanly (which I would be shocked if it was) I'm sticking with FM 18 or just not playing for another year. I wonder how those meeting at SI go for the new features... "Hey guys, let's talk about what we're doing with the new game! John, whadda ya got? - Well, sir, people want more variety of goals, more enjoyable looking ME that represents real football better. So we're renaming the tone of the player interactions, packaging it as a new feature and adding the option to throw bottles!! Cool, right? - Awesome!! To
  4. The key is - variety. On FM 18 you get goals from all kinds of situations - patient build up, counter attacks, mazy runs, crosses, long shots, defence splitting through balls, corners, free kicks(a bit less), mistakes, penalties, cut backs and etc., etc... In FM 20 I feel like all the goals are coming from the overlapping wing backs, corners or long shots. It's boring.
  5. Simple, but fun is way better than complex and annoying. FM 08 was the best FM ever.
  6. One more thing of the awesome stuff that happens in FM just popped in my save. You know how the in-game world gets so crazy sometimes? it's so unique and amazing that you get so into it to the point of having press conferences and mental images in your head... Well, this is one of those times - for the first time that I have ever seen, an entire league spend almost as much money as the EPL. Take a look: One thing that I love in recent FM series is the dynamic leagues and the tons of tycoon takeovers that change the game world drastically. The year is 2030 and most dominant league
  7. I think you should use higher tempo and standart defensive line. Arteta gave up on the high pressing when he saw we can't do it properly yet. Right now we play a bit more cautious and use the pace of Auba on quick transitions. With Partey things might change though. Did you tell your defenders on the side to stay wider? I thing that's usefull when playing out the back. Also, when David Luiz is playing, he is in the centre and he is the real BPD in the side. Arsenal also defend a bit narrow, so with that TI you will be congesting space and forcing the opposition to commit full backs, whic
  8. Hard? It's not hard at all in my experience. It's even easier because the opposition leaves a lot of space to be exploited. You just need to defend well and use that space. Looking at your tactic, you are way too attacking. You have no defensive minded midfielder and both your Full Backs are attacking. This leaves just the 2 defenders fending for themselves. That might work at home against weak opposition, but away you're an easy prey. Get yourself somebody protecting the backline. Players in the DM strata work really well, I like the HB or DLP on Defend, but anything can work. You
  9. FM has a 1000 people scouting players, while FIFA does whatever they want. In terms of player accuracy and database FM is miles off anything else. Even some Pro clubs use it to check out players, it's a no contest.
  10. He has the most influence, but all coaches that work with the youth players play a part(or so I've read).
  11. I agree about the morale part. It's way too easy once you undestand it. The main reason why recent FMs have been so easy is that we learned how to use morale properly and that allows you to go on massive winning streaks. That being said, managing morale poorly and you'll be sacked before you know it. This makes the game very hard for newbies because they have no clue how important morale is in this game. Morale is really important in real life, but it's very hard to build good morale and very easy to lose it. Ask any professional coach - they all say the same thing. In the game it should
  12. This thing has been there for years and it still hasn't been fixed. Another annoying thing was when the forwards would not pass to a player in a better position and shoot from bad angles that are very hard to score from. They fixed that in FM 18, but went backwards for FM 20 for some reason and now we have that issue again... No idea why.
  13. It only works when playing a rival. Rivals are listed in the general club menu(just clarifying for newer players). For me it works great and it works every time. Nope. Don't ever delagate team talks to the assistant. You can do a far better job. If you don't want to bother, sure leave it to him, but know that it you're harming your chances of success if you do. For training I would have agreed... but a few days ago I found a training schedule that outperforms hugely the general training that the assistant provides. It's just 3 schedules that I pick depending on how many matches I have
  14. I forgot something before you start a game - If you want easy mode - disable player attribute masking. Then you can see the players perfectly without much need for scouting. The scouts will only tell you some hidden stuff from time to time, but when you see all the attributes it makes transfers really easy.
  15. Get good players on loan. Get free agents and sell players constantly to make money for facilities improvements and a decent wage bill. Focus on the cups as a tie against the big dogs brings a lot of money if you're below the Championship. Avoid crap players - poor personalities with low determination, low natural fitness, low work rate. Try and get players with professional, resolute or perfectionist personalities and have them mentor the young players. Get coaches with the same good personalities, it rubs off to the squad. Don't hesitate to sell youngsters for a a lot of profit with 40-50% s
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