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  1. After about 30-40 games playing with this, I can safely say this version is definitely an improvement. Even with lesser players the football that I saw was absolutely insane. I didn't even think that was possible on FM 20's match engine. Watched every game on extended just to see the plays. Awesome stuff. In terms of results, the club I was with initially was overperforming slightly, but we always messed up in the end of the season, just before hitting the playoffs. So I just decided to jump to a new club in the 1st division mid-season, as my rep was getting bigger and now it was possibl
  2. Holy crap, that's insane! I know Liverpool are super strong on FM 20, but man, this is really impressive. I'm definitely trying that. I'm curious to see how my crappy team executes it I love the Treq on the right flank, alwasy wanted to make a Trequartista work. Does he do enough pressing though? That's my only concern. And the idea about the offset is really clever. You basically bypass FMs poor movement patterns by manually creating them. Genius!! Do you tell the IW to stay wider, or does he do it naturally? Any particular instructions for the AMa? You mentioned the CMs roams, wh
  3. I've used something very similar on FM 18 and worked great. (Another Ozil masterpiece)The IWBs really go into the midfield and help posession... But only if you have one player in the DM strata. We had a DLP on defend there, not a HB. In front of him there were 2 CMs who were bombing forward, leaving the space behind them for the IWBs. The Wingers strech the play, but no AMC, just a lone DLF (has to be good to make it work). ------------------- The reason this tactic appeals to me is the fact that here the IWB who act as CBs in defense, actually go forward and overlap. It is not pos
  4. Still on FM20. I don't like the direction SI are going, so I'm not buying future FMs until I see a massive improvement. Personal choice It's totally possible the difference in FMs to be at play as well. Although I think this tactic should be even better in FM 21, considering all the positive changes. But at the end of the day, I don't really know. One thing I missed mentioning - I am using the largest pitch available to make sure we have enough space at least at home. With everybody staying wider I think it has a positive effect. Now, the team is low on rep, so this might be helpin
  5. One thing that I've always used to judge a tactic is to follow how the youth squad performs with it. When a tactic is solid, the U19s tend to do well, even if the players are not that great and don't really fit it. 11 out of the 14 teams are from the division above. Some of those teams have twice the quality of players that we do in our academy. And yet, we're 6th. This proves to me that the tactic is solid. With all great tactics that I've tried, the youth team always performed well, so this is quite a positive sign. Btw, 5 wins a row at the moment, sitting 4th with a real chan
  6. Winning on FM is not hard. This is more about doing it in a particular style that you rarely see. You can win the league with any team by just playing in a way that the ME favours. But doing in this style, where the ME is against you, you need perfect squad building decisions, great management skills to make sure you're getting the max of every player... this is a whole new thing. This is what makes it interesting for me. And it makes the game more realistic, because I can't storm the league like normally you would once you know what works in FM and what doesn't. It's like playing on har
  7. Quick update - haven't had much time to play recently, but got a good session tonight. I made only 1 change since last time - switched the mentality permamently to Positive. The reason is, I found in a lot of games when were pushing for the win in the dying minutes, that switching from Balanced to Positive made our game more fluid and proactive. Few games after playing with Positive from the start and I think it improved things going forward. No new issues defensively so far. We definitely create more now, but the problem is we just can't score our chances. We miss so many opportunities i
  8. Oh no, not you, I meant @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! needs a new name
  9. FM 18 is the best one for this tactic and nothing comes close to it. (imo) If you don't care about updated squads and just want to see total football play out, I would recommend doing it on FM 18. I've tried so many different styles, and all of them are fun to play. Apart from this masterpiece, Wenger's invincibles is such a joy to watch, the 3-6-1 cruiff is also amazing, I recently tried the Bielsa triple combo (switching between formations depending on opposition, but keeping the style of play identical) and it was also quite fun to watch(althoug not the same as real life Leeds unfortu
  10. I mentioned in the last post, I guess you missed it - The AMC plays as AM on support with 'move into channels' and 'get further forward'. As far as the team talks, for years 'don't get complacent' has worked wonders for me, but I don't know it that's still the case in FM 21.
  11. I was considering it, but it just feels wrong. I love the BBM role, it's a bit more balanced than the Mezzala - slightly more defensively oriented so it compliments the whole tactic well. The stay wider is there just for having more space up-front and the get further forward is on so we can have even more options going forward. I thought I mentioned it, but I guess I've missed it - The AMC is on support and has get further forward and move into channels. He does drop deeper by default, but is also often in dangerous positions forward and I really like that. I gave the player there 'Dicta
  12. I'm seeing some lovely football after making the Inverted Wingers stay wider, plus the Mezzala naturaly doing it and adding the Stay Wider + Get further forward to the Box-to-Box mid. This leaves the space for the Attacking Mid to do his thing and the False 9 is also making better movements. In the last game we scored 2 almost identical goals from both sides, with lots of passes to disrupt the opposition, followed by great movement from the AMs and the F9, which left the half-space behind them unoccupied, resulting in the IW making a run into the channel which thankfully was spotted by th
  13. Guys, I think we're changing too much stuff at one time and that is causing the issues. The original tactic worked great. Let's just try to perfect it, instead of changing million things? With the original I found two problems - IFs underperformed and the SS didn't do enough. We also didn't have enough width. So, I switched the IFs to IWa. made both IW stay wider, and switched the SS to AMs. I also added 'move into channels' + 'get further forward' so he can take advantage of spaces that open up. Here is the dilemma - Do I make the AMs roam a bit more, and use a CAR alongside the MEZ, or
  14. Welcome, glad to have you! Just like you I was lurking for a long time, but eventually I got so inspired by Total Football that I started posting Quick update on my trials - The version with Wingers is indeed creating more chances, but at the expense of controlling the game. I noticed in the 6-7 games I played with WIngers that we had ~200 passes less in games on average. While that's not a bad thing, it's not what I want so I decided to give the new version a go. And we lost a bunch of games which helped my decision For some reason, even though only the roles changed a bit, pretty m
  15. Interesting stuff. I tried something different. I'll explain it in a bit. Defensively so far I have no issues, but that could be the difference in the ME. The Anchor man is really helping, the IWB are doing their job and the CB is playing like Van Dijk. He is one of my better players ability wise though. We still get opened from time to time, but the team defends really well. I'm currently playing on Extended Highlights and I'm seeing a lot of blocks and key recoveries. The keeper is doing a good job as well. But this is 'playing on the edge' so I love it! Take a look at this:
  16. No problem! I love trying out tactics like this. I don't have the time and ability to create them, but I love testing and playing with them. Played a few more games today. Didn't lose one. Few more things: Going a man down is not a big issue - happened twice, just dropped the SS to the position that was missing and it's like we're even on players. Won a game with a man down and also drew one. 4-4-2 is a real danger... if they get the ball. Just had 70% possession against a better team, but they had some great chances on a counter. Ended up 2:2. It might be worth chang
  17. This sparked my interest and I decided to boot up a save on FM 20 just to see how it would play. It is definitely a plug and play tactic... I'm using a 2nd Bulgarian division team that is full of youth players with not much passing or technical skills, and the general strength of the team is about mid-table. And they took to it so easily! Judging by the attributes of the players, I would compare it's level to a national conference English side or a bottom League 2. Played 4 games I think with this exact set up, I won 2, draw and lost 1. The team is constantly on average to poor morale(n
  18. I remember the times where players didn't become useless when they become 30. I had a save on FM 08 and in the year 2020, I had Ronaldo, Messi, Fabregas, Rooney and so many more that I have forgotten, all around 33-35 age range still being good, having Pace and not being useless. This was my favorite save of all time. Now when players reach the magic number 30 they just do nothing. They lose all their pace, but they don't improve their mentals to compensate like it's supposed to be. In another save on FM 08, I remember Thierry Henry gaining CA at 30+ years of age. He was in mad form, sco
  19. Wow, there were so many positives when the game launched, so I came here to see what's up and If I should consider buying the in the next month or two. I'm shocked to see how things have changed. I guess I'll pass this year as well. Tbf, I still enjoy FM 18 and I can always boot up 2020 that I got for free if I want to quit FM so I can focus on other things I've been crying about the game being too easy for a long time. No one cares. Some people like to win every match with no effort and some people complain that the game is hard for them. What can I do? Nothing. Just don't buy and play
  20. Hey @felix_klaus, awesome stuff! I would love to see some more info about replication when you get the chance. How many goals do you score per season? What about conceding? What position is performing best, what are the goals & assists ratio for them? In FM 18 the WM was the absolute superstar, regardless of teams and players. Whoever played there was scoring insane amounts of goals and assits, with the CF and WP following closely. On FM 20 I never managed to replicate it, it was still successful to an extend, but it didn't play or flow the same, it was more of a defensively sou
  21. I am glad there have been so many positive reviews. I guess my whining hasn't been in vain! A lot of people are saying this is the best FM to date, so props for that. I can't wait to get the chance to play it!
  22. I advise you to use the WM role for the right midfielder with a right footed player(Ljungberg ). It was absolutely insane in FM 18, players playing there were constantly the best out of the bunch with getting insane amounts of goals and assits. That was still true for FM 20(at least from my limited testing). The whole concept didn't work the same in FM 20, but that role was still great. I have sneaky feeling that it will still be really good in FM 21, so if anybody wanna try the WM, please let us know how it plays.
  23. So how's the ME feeling? I've seen a lot of people saying it's been improved, are guys enjoying it so far? Are there a variety of goals, through passes, etc? How about the AI, any noticable improvements there?
  24. Yeah but one of the most fun things we can do in FM is sign players. Taking away one of the best aspects of the game to make it a challenge is not a good idea, imo. Starting with a club in a top division with your manager having no reputation and no transfers in the first windown is actually a challenge. But it's not that fun, because it's all about morale and waiting it out until you win the players over. Players don't like you at the start and no matter the tactic(unless it's ME exploiting) you will struggle. If you get lucky in a few games(most times you won't) and get throught the Ja
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