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Player Progression Model

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I recently came across this thread here where @Seb Wassell states 


Worth noting here that the progression module was completely revamped a couple of years ago to introduce considerably more variance at all stages of development. They key thing we wanted to move away from was constant, linear progression. There is also an event where players can consider themselves to have "made it" and lose the motivation to continue improving. This is only available for newgens however.

Is it fair to say then from a realism standpoint that i'm better off starting with the fake player box ticked if I want a more "realistic" experience as personalities and player progression would vary much more due to not being hamstrung by the legal ramifications of making real players too controversial etc?

The obvious downside is that not having real players is in itself is "unrealistic", but to be fair I only ever manage in leagues I have little or no knowledge of the players anyway so i'm not overly fussed from that perspective.

I suppose what I am asking is would man management be more of a challenge if I use fake players from the start or would I need to holiday for say 20 years until all the original players have retired?

edit - just to clarify the above isn't a criticism of the game as I understand why certain things can't be used with real players


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i don't thnk so, no. the fake players thing only generates random names for existing players that are in the db, hence thir attributes are set.  it will not create a completely "new" world. newgens are available from minute 1, providing you have the correct set up in the game (adding players to playable squads) so i think, holidaying may be your best bet, dif that's what you really want.. 


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