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I feel like I’ve gone through a save for long enough to realise that nothing I’m doing is helping and that it’s time to turn to the forums. 

Just some background info. Doing a save with Derby County, currently in 2031. We’ve won the Championship, Carabao Cup, Premier League x3 and the Champions League - we’re 4th on the club reputation list.

Transfer Budget history: £11m, £14m, (promotion) £34m, £46m, £54m, (consortium takeover) £84m, £76m, £12m, £36m, £34m, £30, £1m. That £12m was after winning the Champions League, and the most recent budget of £1m was after winning the Premier League for the second season in a row. How kind of them.

I don’t know how to make money in this game. All that happens is the board decrease my transfer revenue and then they reduce my transfer budget half way through the season. I can get my revenue to about 70% max and then they drop it to 45% or lower. Every. Single. Year. I’m having to sell players I don’t want to, and even then they’re still reducing my transfer budget - I’m coming here after they’ve just nabbed another £10m. It’s just making FM thoroughly unenjoyable at the moment.

How many years of being a top 5 club in the world will it take for us to get a transfer budget that reflects our reputation? Everyone around us is spending £100m+ every transfer window and all we can do is buy a couple of 18 year old Brazilians. 

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Ideally, take a screenshot of all your finances tabs and post it here. In my experience, chances are your wages are significantly larger than your club can afford (or that you bought many players paying the fee over 3 years and it has accumulated to massive transfer debt).

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