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  1. Just an update for anyone who still has reply notifications on. I kept the player and set his additional focus to aerial (to increase bravery), but set it at half intensity for the entire season. I’d usually play him for two games in a row and then stick him on the bench for the next one providing it wasn’t an important fixture. 2029/30: 19 weeks missed 2030/31: 5 weeks missed Massive improvement! Still saw some attribute progress too with quite a few stats going up by 1, but most importantly bravery going up by 5.
  2. I feel like I’ve gone through a save for long enough to realise that nothing I’m doing is helping and that it’s time to turn to the forums. Just some background info. Doing a save with Derby County, currently in 2031. We’ve won the Championship, Carabao Cup, Premier League x3 and the Champions League - we’re 4th on the club reputation list. Transfer Budget history: £11m, £14m, (promotion) £34m, £46m, £54m, (consortium takeover) £84m, £76m, £12m, £36m, £34m, £30, £1m. That £12m was after winning the Champions League, and the most recent budget of £1m was after winning the Premier League for the second season in a row. How kind of them. I don’t know how to make money in this game. All that happens is the board decrease my transfer revenue and then they reduce my transfer budget half way through the season. I can get my revenue to about 70% max and then they drop it to 45% or lower. Every. Single. Year. I’m having to sell players I don’t want to, and even then they’re still reducing my transfer budget - I’m coming here after they’ve just nabbed another £10m. It’s just making FM thoroughly unenjoyable at the moment. How many years of being a top 5 club in the world will it take for us to get a transfer budget that reflects our reputation? Everyone around us is spending £100m+ every transfer window and all we can do is buy a couple of 18 year old Brazilians.
  3. I’m sure this has been asked on here before but I’d like to get as many takes on this as possible. In regards to players aged 21 and below, what’s the best way to help them develop? My approach is predominantly to let 16-17 year olds from the youth intake have a season in the u18’s (Division 1 North, u19’s Champions Cup), and loan out 18-21 year olds who aren’t going to feature in the first team for the coming season. My U23 squad (Premier Division 1) usually has a fair number of poor players because the decent prospects are loaned out. What I’m finding is that even after a good season out on loan, attributes aren’t increasing as much as I’d like. I know there are other factors in play, but this still happens to players with good personalities and high determination. Would it be more effective to keep them at the club and train specific attributes, and play them in the U23 games? We have state of the art training and youth facilities, and any player who I think will be a decent prospect gets moved to the senior squad as we have over fifteen 4-5 star coaches.
  4. @zyfon5 @BMNJohn thanks for the advice. When I looked at his history before buying him it’s was mainly minor injuries so I figured I’d get away with it, but it’s just getting worse and worse. Think I may give him one more season of a really reduced workload just to see if his fortunes change, and if not I’ll have to get rid. Thankfully I’ve got some good replacements!
  5. I’ve bought plenty of players who are susceptible to injury but until now it’s never been a big issue. I paid £60m for this kid at the start of the season because he fits my tactic perfectly, but he spent most of his time in the physio room! The orange box indicates all the injuries this player has picked up this season - totalling 131 days missed - and I’ve just got an email saying he’s out for 2 months after pulling his hamstring at the World Cup. Obviously his bravery needs to improve, but given that bravery decreases every time he gets an injury there’s not a lot I can do with it. We’ve got 11 physios, 4 sports scientists, and 4 fitness coaches, all at 4 star or higher. Training schedule is pretty much what the assistant picks (majority of the time two sessions per day), but I add more recovery sessions. I always check the ‘rest’ section and set the intensity accordingly when there is an increased/high risk, and he’s never played until the injuries have fully healed and he’s got decent match sharpness. Is there anything I can do to reduce the number of injuries? Or is it just one of those cases of a player who can’t be helped?
  6. Apologies if I repeat what others have said, I've only skimmed over the comments. While there isn't a great deal you can do about conversion rate, you can definitely do more to stabilise your tactic and create better chances in better positions. I'm about 10 seasons into a save and I've used 4-2-3-1 as my main formation for basically all of it - it has never been effective when trying to be cautious. This is obviously just my experience, but I have tried endless combinations playing as Derby County - in the Championship, the EPL, and the Champions League - and none worked. Without intending to sound too harsh, almost everything with your tactic contrasts with how you say you want to play. 4-2-3-1 is a relatively attacking formation as it is - you've got two attacking wide midfielders and two wing-backs. Added to that is the fact that DLPs and Mezzalas are predominantly used for possession based styles. The Mezzala role is especially counterproductive in this example because they don't do enough defensive work and leave gaps in the middle of the park - you'd be better suited to having a BBM. If you're trying to emulate the style that Leicester then there is no need to have shorter passing on there. An integral part of their tactic was to get Jamie Vardy in behind the defence as often as possible, and as quickly as possible. 'Pass into space' is an absolute must, and you need to be more direct with your passing. One thing you should be asking yourself, though, is do you need to be so defensive if you're regularly having 30 shots a game? That would perhaps indicate you're a strong side, and you should maybe look to be more attacking. Personally I have a serious hang-up about a cautious mentality and a lower line of engagement, I've found it invites way too much pressure and more often that not the opposition's conversion rate is far superior to mine.
  7. Checking in after another season for anyone interested. Didn’t manage to defend our CL title after getting knocked out by Chelsea in the semi finals, but managed to get revenge by winning the Premier League on the last day of the season. This seasons (2028/29) budget was only £35m transfer and £500k wage, with 60% of revenue made available. What I found odd about the takeover in 2026 is that the new chairman immediately placed two bids for Joao Felix and Justin Kluivert, both in excess of £100m. I didn’t want either player, and thankfully they both turned down contract negotiations. But then if I asked the board to handle a transfer for a player worth £50m, they refused, stating they didn’t have the funds! My transfer budgets have been lower than they ever have since the takeover, too. I miss Mel Morris! I haven’t made any big signings this season and instead looked to buy young players to develop. Even with £5m left in the bank the board took my entire budget, reduced the wage budget, and then reduced the % of transfer revenue to 45%. If this is what goes on behind the scenes in real life then I could not cope with being a manager. Currently sitting in 5th after 14 games, 6 points behind 1st place. Qualified for the CL knockouts top of our group, but knocked out of the Carabao Cup in our first game - which seems to be a running theme every year. In terms of current squad troubles, I’ve got a 21 year old striker (valued at £65m, already capped by Brazil 26 times) that hasn’t scored in over 17 hours of football. Not to mention that he actually missed a matchday because he was out on the lash the night before. Aside from him, four of my starting XI are injured, three of my subs are moaning about not getting enough playing time, and one of the team leaders is complaining about the lack of squad depth. The joys of football manager, eh?
  8. @Bigpole I wasn’t so much stating that they were bad, but more pointing out that every one of those comments is a negative. In previous years there has at least been some “+” points.
  9. I’ve had some pretty below average youth intakes in my 8 seasons at Derby, but I’ve never had an intake where there are literally no positives. We’ve got a 5 star reputation, and state of the art youth and training facilities. Plus, I won the bloody champions league last season! Is there any way to improve the quality of youth intakes?
  10. They all look familiar actually, maybe I'm confusing it with some of my players in FM who were injured very early in the season. The lack of football has exploded my brain, it seems I've forgotten everything that's happened in the real world. Haha! He's just not consistent enough. He only has a handful of good games per year, and we should have cashed in on him after he used one of those good game tokens against Huddersfield on the opening day of the season. The only thing that annoys me more than watching Lawrence put his laces through every shot he takes, is the fact that pundits always talk about how much 'promise' he has. It's been three years and I haven't seen it yet! In my first championship season he scored 2 goals in 25 games, so I go rid of him in the summer of 2020. I imagine a lot of those were appearances off the bench, but I had defenders who were outscoring him. I had Adalberto Penaranda on loan from Watford in my first season (16 goals), and a very poorly developing Moise Kean on loan in my championship winning season (18 goals). I used Victor Osimhen in my first season of the Premier League (22 goals). Bought for £4.5m, and 6 seasons later has 107 goals to his name - pretty good business I think! I adore Marriott in real life, but he just hasn't been able to settle in and I share your frustration. I don't think injuries have helped, and the murmurings of a lack of effort in training have probably had an affect too. But the biggest issue will always be that, in the system Cocu is trying to implement, he simply isn't good enough with the ball at his feet or his back to goal. While I share many fans' feelings about Waghorn's finishing and Martin's lack of movement, they are both far better options for us right now. I actually think Waghorn is a little under-appreciated. Yes, he misses too many chances, but his movement off the ball and his ability to link play between the midfield and attack should not be overlooked.
  11. I don't know if there's a specific thread or forum for scouting, and if there is could someone direct me to it please. Assignments I use: Future prospects: Age 15-19, Scouted Potential Very Good (3 1/2 star). First team: Age 19-28, Scouted Current Ability Good (3 star). I've got 28 scouts, all of whom have over 15 in adaptability, judging potential and judging ability. I try and send them to countries they are familiar with, and if I can't I send scouts with 20 in adaptability. I read an article that said it can be more successful to find quality regens by scouting youth leagues, so I tried this along with scouting individual nations too. I had a scouting looking at Italy U18 and U20 leagues - he didn't even watch a single game. No players found. Another scout was looking at Portugal and Spanish Youth Leagues - he didn't watch a single game in Spain. No players found. My Brazilian Chief Scout - who has 20 in ADAP, JA and JP - was instructed to watch every youth competition in Brazil. No. Players. Found. Because I have the Brazilian Premier Division loaded I went and looked at U19 teams from the big sides, like Santos or VDG. I found quite a few 18 year olds valued at around £1m, so had them all scouted - every player I scouted matched my assignment requirements. Even when I was scouting nations, the same problems occurred. I had a scout looking for regens in France, Belgium and Holland. He must have watched over 100 games, and hasn't produced a single result. The same can be said for my scout in Argentina and Chile. Aside from regens, this is also the case when scouting for first team players. One of my scouts was watching Serie A, and throughout the entire season only found 6 players whose scouted current ability was 'good'. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I assume it's the winter update as I downloaded the game when it was made free, and I've just been smashing it out since then as I can't work from home! What I did find odd is that when the season started, players had the injuries they currently have as of March 2020, regardless of whether they were fit in August 2019. If I can remember correctly there were at least 5 lengthy injuries to contenders for the starting XI. Duane Holmes was one of these players which was a real shame as I had planned for him to be a first team regular. I'm not familiar with attributing altering or randomised zeros, but Archie Brown still had some very handy stats for both a winger and a striker. I probably used him the most out of the currently academy side, he even scored a couple of handy goals in the PL for me. Bennett came back from his loan with stats better than I expected, so I used him as a rotational play in the second Championship season. Ebosele is a weird one, I don't think I've come across another player on the game who's natural as a RB and a striker! Haha! Funnily enough when I was playing Inter in the semi finals I had two goals ruled out for offside in the space of about 10 minutes!
  13. Just happened to stumble upon this thread by accident, thought I’d share my Derby experience as I’m now 8 seasons deep. As a Derby fan myself I have a decent understanding of our players and how far they could possibly progress, but this is the first year I've ever played FM, so it was very stressful at first. Season History: Championship (2019 - 2021): 15th, 1st. Premier League (2021 - Present): 9th, 11th, 10th, 4th, 2nd, 3rd. Notable Cup Performances: Carabao Cup runner up (2023), Champions League Winners (2027) Philosophy: Tiki-taka, buying young players. I got through the early seasons using multiple loanees and one main signing. Said Benrahma was the first player I bought (£12m), and with 51 goals and 42 assists in 214 appearances he's now a Derby legend in my eyes. I also took advantage of buying players who were coming to the ends of theirs contracts (1 year or less): I signed Victor Osimhen from LOSC for £4.2m, and he's scored 107 goals in 220 games. Formations: In my first season I really struggled to settle into the same set up and nothing worked - 15th in the Championship. My second year, however, was split between a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-1-2-3. Both worked like a charm, and we claimed the top spot in the championship on the last day of the season. I used these formations in my first couple of years in the PL too, but when using a 4-2-3-1 I would drop one of the two midfielders into a half back role. 'Young' Players at Derby in 2019/20: Both Max Lowe and Jayden Bogle played until my third season in the PL. They were good enough for the bottom half of the league, but didn't progress well enough to play at higher levels, and were sold for £5m and £14m respectively. I don't rate Tom Lawrence in real life and his ability was equally reflected in FM20. 2 goals in 36 games in my first season meant that he was loaned out before being sold for £1m. Krystian Bielik was still captain in my fourth season in the PL. He progressed into a good defender, but was injured far too often and wasn't mobile enough to fit my new style of play - sold for £15m in 2026/27. I kept Jason Knight until 2024/24 when his contract ran out. He is incredibly versatile and I played him in all sorts of different roles, and in hindsight I should have kept him. Morgan Whittaker was phenomenal in my Championship winning season, with 14 goals and 5 assists from the right wing. He made no impact in the PL though, and was sold for £2.5m. Max Bird never got a fair look in - Rooney and Shinnie were my first choice in midfield. Academy players like Sibley, Buchanan, Ebosele, Brown and Bennett were all used sporadically but never looked like progressing enough. Recents seasons: Money comes with success, and so the last few seasons have allowed me to dip into the more expensive side of the market, even though my transfer budgets have never been particularly high: £11m, £14m, £34m, £46m, £54m, (consortium takeover) £84m, £76m. Strangely enough, winning the Champions League has garnered me one of my lowest transfer budgets yet: £11.96m! But with this success means that regretfully the Derby team of 2019/20 have since made way for better players. Bielik was the last player from the current side, and he departed over a year ago. I now alternate between an attacking 4-2-3-1, and a slightly more conservative (but still positive) 4-4-1-1. I only started using the 4-4-1-1 in the last third of the 2027/28 season - it worked absolute wonders, and was the formation I used in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Once I've won the PL I think I'll start a new save, but given the tight budgets and lack of depth in my squad I can't see that being for a good while yet. I don't have much experience with Football Manager, but I feel like Derby are definitely an interesting club to start a save with!
  14. @Justified Took your advice and went with a 4-4-1-1 against the better teams, but still maintained a positive mentality. Used this for the last third of the season and I’ve just won the Champions Cup with Derby in my 8th year. Thanks for the advice!
  15. I’ve got a decent side but I can’t get a result against the top teams in Europe. I’ve tried so many different mentalities, instructions, formations etc and can never win, or even get a draw for that matter. Has anyone had success with a tactic they’d be willing to share with me? I know it’s different for every team but just some building blocks to work from. I’m actually bored of trying to work a formation because no matter what I do I’m getting no pay off.
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