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  1. Given that my team has hit the woodwork 113 times over the past two seasons (about 60 matches per season), I'd say there is some room for improvement... :P
  2. It is definitely not the same situation and the discrepancy is much larger, I agree. In the last 20 years Porto was the only team from a smaller league to win the CL (it is more common in EL with 7/20 winners playing in smaller leagues). That being said, FM is not reality as I said in my previous posts. It's quite easy for a human user to load his/her team with wonderkids and win the CL a few years later. Therefore imho, what SI should consider is ways to either prevent this (I've outlined some above) or embrace this (i.e. accept that this is an alternate reality and allow the user to create a
  3. I beg to differ. Ajax had 2 runs when they actually became the best team in the world: in the 1970s they won 3 European Cups in a row and in the 1990s they won one UEFA Cup, 1 CL and lost their second final in row on a penalty shootout. The reasons they broke up are (understandably) not reflected in the game: In the 70s, Cruyff was by far the best paid player in the Ajax team -almost twice as much as the rest- and he was injury-prone (rumor has it that some of them were fake). His personal doctor advised him not to play on the second leg of the 1973 European Cup quarter final, even tho
  4. First of all, thanks Neil for your post. Let me respond to some of your points though: The whole game is not realistic (and imho it shouldn't, otherwise it wouldn't be fun). There is no point in history when every manager in the world became super dumb and a newcomer was the only smart one, but the moment I start my save that's exactly what happens. The truth is, human users are much much smarter than AI managers and this puts us in the position to create "super clubs" within a few years even if in reality it would take decades (or might even be outright impossible). To put it in
  5. I play in Greece and I face most of the problems you mention. In my case, sponsorship growth is fine (I started with about 20M euros and after 8-9 years I get 120M euros which is more than I expected). On the other hand, TV money is way too low (started with 5M euros, now I get 19M euros). Granted, Greek Superleague is nowhere near EPL or La Liga, but my team gets an individual TV deal, so it should be at least 50M or 60M (since Real Madrid is making ~150M, 1/3 of that sounds reasonable if another team becomes the most reputable). Merchandise sales are also a huge pain and I've posted about th
  6. That would depend on the circumstance I believe. In my saves (I typically play in Greece), after a few good seasons both my first and my youth teams become way better than the rest of the league, thus having a youngster play would not harm the team's results (which is important so that they don't get bad match ratings). That being said, since writing this I figured out that this is already possible though not explicitly: in the "Available first team players for Under 19s match" email, one can set which players should play in the next youth match (and, crucially, their position as well).
  7. With the risk of being seen as obsessive (given that many of my posts revolve around this topic), I believe the game lacks depth regarding financial development. My suggestion would be to add a financial center (similar to the development center) that would: Provide detailed information regarding the team profile in different countries, merchandise sales etc. I've outlined most of my ideas in a previous feature request. Provide more information regarding sponsorships (potentially with suggestions on how to get better deals the following year). New staff roles that help your
  8. Youth team managers decide which players to field based on CA instead of PA. While this is expected, it should be possible for the first team manager to suggest/force playing wonderkids to help them develop optimally. Given that one can loan a wonderkid to other teams and "force" them to play him as a first team player, it makes sense to be able to do this in the youth team as well (which is under the manager's authority).
  9. Also: Lack of presence in the box (except for your CM no-one's really going forward) IWB, IF and Overlap right, apart from unbalanced and a huge width problem as stated above, sounds contradicting
  10. Bump Also a bonus question: if my merch sales increase after buying some players and then I sell them, do my sales return to the previous number (like the players never joined), do they remain at the new level (like the players never left) or do they drop somewhere in between (resembling an increased club profile)?
  11. AEK, Greek Superleague (which currently is the 8th most reputable league). Is the league reputation relevant?
  12. It's not clear to me how player reputation, team success and merchandise sales interact. I've become the most reputable club in the world and my merchandise sales is hovering around 12M , while the merchandise sales of e.g. Real Madrid is around 100M. Note that I purposely bought 2 Japanese players, 2 South Korean players, 1 Australian player and Donnarumma, and I've established commercial affiliations with clubs in Japan, China and Australia. Even though it does make sense to take a few years till I reach the sales of Real Madrid, unless I actively try to buy players with the goal of increa
  13. Quite often I'm playing a very condensed schedule with games every 48 or 72 hours . Such cases are extremely hard to handle because of fatigue. As a result I would suggest adding (at least some of) the following options: Add an option to rest players because of a very condensed schedule. The players should be (much more) willing to accept it compared to the standard rest interaction options since it is fairly obvious that only very bad personalities would insist on playing on 70% condition. This should help alleviate the "not enough playing time" complains when heavily rotating. M
  14. Also a super minor fix: The color of transfer debt is counter-intuitive. If I have a negative transfer debt (i.e. I'm owed more than I owe), it should not be colored as red but either as black or green. Intuitively, red implies that I should fix something.
  15. Currently, we can only passively interact with agents: we negotiate contracts and that's it. It would be nice to have more interaction with them. For instance, assuming I'm managing a top club and one of my players has a regional scope agent, it makes sense to be able to "threaten" him to stop, otherwise I will avoid signing his players in the future. Same thing when he's "drumming up" late interest on a transfer after we've agreed on a deal. Of course it would be up to them to decide whether they would stop or not.
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