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Unit Training / Mentoring Sessions


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I have started participating in organising training rather than leaving things to my coaches as I typically would have - and I'd actually like to structure days or types of training sessions rather than just the weekly calendar i.e. I'd like to be able to create my own "schedule" where we focus on a combination of things like defending wide and arial defence or attacking with wingers/wide players and a technical skill like crossing -

I think a really cool feature would be a coach interaction session where we work out some of the issues the team has been facing (analysts tell us this) and we can devise a training schedule to try and solve it over time - something like we have conceded a lot of chances from crosses so lets create a session where we defend wide (stop the cross) and defend the box from crosses (arial/ground defence) or we have only converted 20% of chances so lets set up some sessions where finishing is a focus - I imagine some kind of widget/diagnostic where the issue gives you hints of the type of training to do - in today's structure that might be to create a day's schedule across 3 sessions but in the future if its advanced it might be one specialised session that can be created and saved for reuse

I'd also like to be able to structure sessions based on units so have sessions where GK's are doing something, Attackers something different and defensive players too. Then have sessions where the team come back together as exists today. I feel when I set up training that I am ignoring certain groups i.e. I very rarely train any of the GK ones as it costs me time for the outfield players

I also would like the option to have mentoring groups or individual training to occur

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