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Purchasing Young Players


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I was just wondering if people have specific approach to signing young players. I have extensively scouted a set of young players (currently in 2023 in game) however despite all being worth in some cases £80k, the clubs are looking for upto £110m for them. 

Im scratching my head with it, just can't seem to get close to any deals for them. Offering £15/£16m for what appears to be the better ones and its not even within the ball park. The clubs aren't even high level clubs so I can't see in reality that e.g FC Paderborn would reject £15m for a 19 year old with barely any first team appearances....is seeking £65m for him really realsitic.

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Why isn't it realistic?

It's the games way of telling you that they're not for sell but if you want to spend a stupid fee on him, have a go. 

Why should AI clubs be bullied into selling their best talents, when the player hasn't requested to leave?

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