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  1. I will never get used to this in the game! 22 saves from a keeper hahaha. Highest ever in Prem league is 13 by a world class goalkeeper. If they were all from outside box fair enough but they weren't. 22 individual saves is just stupid. Every match now opposition in Scotland keeper's regularly well into double figures. I guess its the only way the game can counteract tactics.
  2. Really enjoyed reading the basis, theory and process of setting up your tactic. I would love to be able to understand the intricacies of forming tactics like some of the contributors on here but alas, I doubt I ever will. I use a high pressing 4-2-2-2DM formation in my current save as Celtic. I have a good team for the league and from taking over the role I have 1x double and 3x treble's in the 4 seasons (included in here was an unbeaten season as part of a run of 66 matches unbeaten) but back end of my last season and start of current one all teams now employ ultra defensive tactics and
  3. One was Myron Boadu....he was still at AZ in Holland but he was playing International footy for Holland, contract was expiring agreed a deal, failed to get a WP, appealed and was rejected so cancelled. Every foreign player purchases for money gets rejected on every transfer, but upon appeal they get it, its when its a free they never get a WP even on appeal. I didnt think to check rules, will have a look. I clearly missed the message when Brexit was announced in my game, Im assuming its a hard one as havent signed 1 non UK player who has got a WP immediately, every single o
  4. Apologies if this has been asked but I couldnt find an answer to it. The Brexit thing in my current save does not allow me to sign players on free transfers...they just dont get a work permit. Lost out on 3 quality players now. All were international players from europe. One still wanted to sign...so I did, couldnt get work permit despite appeals etc, cashed in on him in the Jan so made £15m for 4 months ownership but would rather of had him. Contract renewals are nervy aswell, had current players rejected WP on contract renewal but thankfully the better ones get them on ap
  5. I take ur point..just to say Ajax are rotten in my save. All the leading lights got flogged early except Gravenberch. He was going into last year of contract and I had quite deep runs in champs league previous 2 seasons (quarters and then semi final) when I got him. They have no youngsters in my save, literally produce nothing. Just on the value side, signed Pellegri for £22m....he has scored 40+ 3 seasons in a row, just renewed him on a 4 year contract but he is still only worth £19m. I cant hold onto him much longer, resigned to losing him, just need to maximise the negotiation I g
  6. I have all of England (Prem to League 2) as I started with Peterborough....and then I have france, spain, germany and italy with top leagues in those only. The multiplier on players value in Scotland must be set low. There are 21 year players on loan from Man City / Chelsea valued in excess of £30m who have played about 20 career games yet I have Pietro Pellegri who has played 124 games, scored 126 goals with 13 assists and he is worth £19m....just bizarre. That return anywhere else he would be £80m+ going off some of the transfers that occur. Just finding it frustrating as I am domi
  7. I am really struggling with the transfer market, current year in my save is 2025 (currently managing Celtic) Example of this is Ryan Gravenberch. In a season and a half he has played 62 games / 13 goals / 34 assists and has an avg rating of 7.74. I bought him for £25.5m yet after those stats he is only worth £19.5m. I am inundated with offers of between £19m - £23m so obviously won't sell him for that but he is becoming unsettled as despite negotiating no one will go above £25m. To pre-empt this I am trying to find a replacement as its inevitable I will have to sell, yet the AI playe
  8. I wrote in previous post about a Peterborough save where I was just getting banged weekly in Prem, I was going to implement this however when I logged on I got offered Celtic Job...for a change I just took the job as planning on a journeyman type career. implemented this in the Feb when I took job and instantly had team playing football I anticipated, results werent instant but I put that down to players not quite suited, managed to shuffle team find an XI and just got them over the line to the title. They had a good but aged squad so cashed in on 3 of the main players for huge money
  9. Pietro Pellegri got 47 for me in all competitions in his first season @ Celtic for me. Into his 2nd season (my 6th season in the save) and he has 23 in 25 mid Jan.
  10. Every player I try and buy needs a work permit...some only require me to go above £150k purchase or £6k wages so its not an issue but tried to get an exceptional young keeper on loan from Germany, didnt get granted, appealed, rejected again. I dont get the free transfer thing. Lost out on 2 players that would have significantly improved my team which is frustrating
  11. Appreciate the replies. Sods law, hasnt happened again since I posted but will definately do the full match view
  12. I am in 2024 season and recently took celtic job. Broadu from AZ had somehow not been bought in the game and his contract was expiring...agreed a deal for him once he was a free agent but couldnt get a work permit, appealed and it failed again!! Tried again for another player who was a free agent, no work permit, failed on appeal. Is this correct, basically you cant sign a non british player on a free?
  13. I was just wondering if anyone had found a good way to capitalise on this. I have had 5 games in my current season where opponent has gone down to 10 men and despite trying numerous things I completely struggle to even lay a glove on them. I have tried dropping off to try and invite them out, tried making the pitch as big as possible to create space (max width, low defensive line) and nothing seems to work, The games just seem to fly to a finish with no key highlights...fortunately in some I was 1-0 up and they stayed that way but 2 of them were 0-0 and literally timer just flew dow
  14. I was just wondering if people have specific approach to signing young players. I have extensively scouted a set of young players (currently in 2023 in game) however despite all being worth in some cases £80k, the clubs are looking for upto £110m for them. Im scratching my head with it, just can't seem to get close to any deals for them. Offering £15/£16m for what appears to be the better ones and its not even within the ball park. The clubs aren't even high level clubs so I can't see in reality that e.g FC Paderborn would reject £15m for a 19 year old with barely any first team appearan
  15. First of all, excellent read. I have rediscovered FM after many, many years not playing the game. I started one with Peterborough and in my 4th season I am in the Premier League. I am intrigued by this because Liverpool are simply ridiculous in it, the football they play is quite incredible. I played them in my 3rd season in the FA Cup, somehow got a 3-3 draw at home but clearly p*ssed them off as they murdered me 6-0 in the replay.I have now played them twice in the Premier League and watching them is crazy, its so one-sided no matter what I do, they just swarm me....in the 2 games in th
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