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[FM20] [FM19] The Great San Marino Challenge

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Over the last few weeks I've rolled back the years and started a San Marino Challenge on FM15 - probably edges it as my favourite of the entire series. No new Champions League or World Cup format, no VAR and you can rattle through seasons at a pace while watching the game. And there are goals - lots and lots of goals...

The San Marino club side start in the game without needing any mods as well, which I always prefer. We're in Serie C/B to start with and the national team are in 209th - and last - in the World Rankings.

I'm coming to the end of my 8th season, and in summary:

2014/2015 - we won the Serie C/B title with 91 points, 17 clear of Pisa in 2nd. 

2015/2016 - finished 12th in Serie B.

2016/2017 - finished 7th in Serie B, lost to Avellino in the Playoff Semi-Final on the 'higher ranking progresses' rule after a 1-1 aggregate draw.

2017/2018 - finished 10th in Serie B

2018/2019 - won the Serie B title with 96 points, 20 clear of Cremonese in 2nd.

2019/2020 - finished 8th in Serie A, qualified for Europa League after Napoli (2nd) were disqualified for financial reasons.

2020/2021 - finished 9th in Serie A. Reached Europa League Quarter-Final and lost 6-3 on aggregate to Arsenal. Reached the Coppa Italia Final, losing 5-0 to Napoli, but this qualified us for the Europa League again as they already secured Champions League qualification.

2021/2022 - currently 9th with five games to go, two points off 7th which would see us qualify for the Europa League again. Got knocked out of Europa League in the Last 32 by Valencia, who beat us on away goals after we lost 3-2 at home and won 1-0 in the Mestalla.

Facilities wise, we've just completed an expansion to the San Marino Stadium so it can now hold 8104. We have improved the facilities as much as I can, pretty much yearly since reaching Serie A, and now have Good training and youth facilities, Good junior coaching and Established youth recruitment.

I've seen a marked increase in quality in the San Marino national team. No shocking results yet but in our 2022 World Cup Qualifying Group we managed to beat Liechtenstein 1-0 and only conceded 27 goals in the group as a whole, which included a 7-0 pasting by Austria (so 20 from the other 8). Two of the teenage CBs are expected to reach Serie A quality and I'm very persistent in getting the dual nats to play competitive games at 15/16/17 (as soon as they stop rejecting the call ups!) to secure their futures.

Really fun save atm - looking forward to the autumn 2022 Nations League as we could pick up some good results there! Currently 188th in the world so chipping away - did get a class regen through the Portland Timbers academy which was very left-field!

I play it on a gaming laptop and am signed into the SI forum on my old one so need to transfer the screenshots on to a memory stick to upload them here but when I've made some serious progress I'll go through and post them here.

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