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  1. I like the idea of starting at the very bottom so may start at L7. I am definitely going to do the 2 managers with one in charge of a club in San Marino.
  2. Im happy to run this years thread. Will get it up and running tomorrow guys.
  3. End Of Season Review 2021/22 Competitions Vanrama National South - League Table Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 An absolute storming season as we claimed the title with a record points total. This being my second attempt at the challenge I had a rough idea who to sign already. The real challenge begins next season. FA Cup - Results A good cup run can really help kickstart the clubs finances and we done pretty well. We national league side Dulwich Hamlet before really giving Sutton 2 tough games before bowing out on penalties. FA Trophy - Results I wa
  4. When i did the two team save on fm19 i played with San Giovanni and played it with a policy of Sammarinesse players only. This kept it interesting for me anyway.
  5. My bad, i misread it like the first two years had bugs. Good to know.
  6. I was thinking maybe add them into Serie D and holiday a year with the hope they are promoted. Problem is with the third lowest rep + no players what are the chances of them being promoted?
  7. Can confirm san marino calcio are in the database and can be reinstated to the leagues. Only problem for me atm is i feel going straight into Serie C would feel abit cheap. Going to have to wait for a lower league Italian database.
  8. What was the issues first 2 seasons? Love this challenge and looking to give it another go this year with a phoenix club SM Calcio and a team in the domestic league.
  9. Halfway through the 4th season and we have the dreaded corrupt file . Was really enjoying the challenge so will be giving it another go with Cray again when the game is released tomorrow.
  10. Season Review 2023/24 League Table Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 Squad Finances Best 11 Our 2nd season in the National League ended with a decent 11th placed finish, 7 places and 13 points better off than last season. We started the season poorly again but got up to as high as 7th at one point. Another run of bad form led to a tactical shift, and we started playing an attacking 442 which led to results really improving, it even meant we was able to get to a first ever FA Trophy Final. We faced Boreham Wood who we had took 4 points of this season so I thought a w
  11. Cheers. Ive always found it pretty simple on previous versions, admittedly with teams that have better rep than my current side. Yeah I've no chance on acquiring 500k without a FA Cup run, so could be stuck here for a while.
  12. Season Review 2022/23 League Table Squad Competitions Finances Manager Profile Best 11 Transfers I will be honest, I didnt expect this league to be so difficult. I have played many saves in this league but never one as a semi-pro side, and what a difference it makes. We spent the summer struggling to sign players of any real quality, and started the season with 1 win in 13 games. At this point, I thought relegation was nigh on a certain. We managed to bring in a few loanees from the higher divisions, who were not interested earlier on in the season and started to pi
  13. 2021/22 Season review. Competitions Vanrama National League South - League Table Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 FA Cup - Results FA Trophy - Results Its been a fantastic first season in charge. The base of the squad was already decent, and we trialled around 100 players and continued to add to the team over the whole season. We started on fire with a 13 game unbeaten run, before a small wobble that saw us win 1 of our next 5 games. Over the next 28 games, we lost just two more games as we romped to the title with 101 points. We also had a great cup run for so e
  14. After selecting the wrong feeder leagues 1st time around, we are back with the right set up and this time we are in charge of Cray
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