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  1. Yeah im enjoying the struggle myself. In my first attempt I found it alot easier due to allowing myself loan signings etc, but using only youth/Sammarinese players has added a whole new level to it.
  2. Congrats on staying up. I found the first season in serie B to be a real tough slog aswel.
  3. Champions League First/Second Preliminary Rnd We thumped Valetta last season and we have thumped them again with a record breaking 11-0 win. In the 2nd Rnd we faced Lincoln Red Imps. This is the 4th meeting between the two clubs in the last 3 years, with us drawing 1 and them winning 2. The start of a European Rivalry? Maybe so as we took the bragging rights with a well deserved 2-0 win. This is only the second time we have reached this stage of the Champions League, losing to Hungarian side Videoton in 2023. This time I think we have an easier tie, Moldovan Champions Sheriff Tiraspol. I say an easier tie, but being a 2.5* star club they are clearly bigger than us.
  4. Euro Coefficients/Competiton Rankings We are finally on the rise. The league has jumped one spot back to 198th YAAAAY. More importantly, we moved up 2 places to 52nd in the coefficients table, giving the league 3 EL Spots instead of 2.
  5. San Marino Calcio Season Review 2025/26 Competitions Easily one of the most hardest seasons I think I have ever experienced on any FM. We started with 3 wins in our first 8 games, which had me thinking we would be quite comfortable at this level. The came the downturn, we lost 9 games in a row, and I almost threw in the towel. A team meeting and a tactical adjustment later, we started to pick up points, losing just 5 of the next 14, and giving us some real hope of staying up. 5 games remained and we sat 2 points clear of relegation, we folded, 3 losses and 2 draws meant we ended up 15th, facing a Play off against Chievo to decide who stayed in Serie B. A solid but unspectacular 0-0 at home meant we into the 2nd leg as massive underdogs, only to steal a narrow 1-0 win and with it, a second season in Serie B. In the TIM CUP we lost to Empoli in the 3rd Qualifying Rnd. Transfers No sales, but a few players finally got loan moves. Up until this season nobody had been interested in any of our players. A sign of progress I suppose. We did sign 3 young Sammarinese players, although this was strictly for the youth sides. None will ever be good enough to grace the senior side. I am expecting to have at least a couple of sales this coming season as bigger clubs circle for our better players. Playing Squad We done really well to stay up, but comparing our players to those of other teams in the division, I can see we are nowhere near the top sides. We need a few seasons development at the very least and could do with keeping the squad together. But with the finances not looking too healthy, I need to make some money. We do have some positions with decent depth like at full back and centre midfield, but it will put us back slightly, as the back up options are not quite as good as the first choice players. The two players who will probably be moving on are Rb Dani 23c and Cm Pachera 21b. Although both are valuable members of the first team, we have other options in these positions so losing them will be a lesser blow than losing others. Youth Development I would say this is the strongest intake of the save so far depth wise. 3 of the best 5 players are eligible for the national team, which is a big bonus. The other big thing for me is the higher determination of the intake on a whole. Our previous intakes have gave us only the odd player with decent determination, so this year things look promising. Tini 26a looks the part, and should develop into a good player. The only issue is the number of centre midfielders and full backs we seem to develop. We need some wingers, some centre backs and a good Sammarinese goalkeeper in future if the national side are ever to make serious progress. Finances and Facilities The financial side of things is really starting to become a worry. -£2m is not a good position to be in. The board are more liekly to accept a shady offer for one of our better players, without allowing me to negotiate a better deal. I will be looking to move on a few players this summer. Next Season Another relegation scrap seems inevitable, so bring it on.
  6. SS Virtus Squad. Coming off the back of a very successful season, I thought I would show the players currently taking us to new heights. Tactics GK Alberti 23a has been with us a while now, 73 games played, 60 goals conceded is a pretty decent record. He isnt great, and we can definitely upgrade him, but he will do for now. RB Piraz 21c has been a stand out performer for us for some time, making 98 appearances so far. He broke the assists record last season with 15, and I am seriously considering taking him to San Marino Calcio to see how he fares with the step up. Is also the national sides first choice Rb. LB Giacobbi 25a is another player too good for this level, came through in last seasons intake and made the LB position his own. Its a shame LB is a position the national team has 2 really good players in, or he would already be capped. CB Michelotti was originally a CM, but with the options we now have, I moved him back into a ball playing defender, and he has performed really well there. As has Valentini 23d who left us, only to see the error he had made and soon came running back. Ill forgive him, the young can be naive. CM Along with the two full back positions, this is our strongest area of the squad. Censoni 20a was our first 5* youth prospect and the predictions have rang true as he has gone from strength to strength and keeps getting better. 40 goals in 126 games is a solid return for someone who mainly plays as a CM. Cervellini 26a only came through in the current intake, hence the lack of appearances, but will be a key player next season before probably moving on. These two in the middle of the park next season is going to be a joy to watch. AML Nanni, On loan from Un-Official parent club San Marino Calcio had a stellar season. Racking up goals and assists, and in general being a nuisance for opposition defences. He is back next season again and should get even better. He can also play on either wing which is another string in his bow. AMR Raschi didnt quite make the grade at SMC, but has shone since signing for us. We have 2 decent Rw's so I try and give them both games. AMC Veronesi was signed in the summer as we needed a AMC, and my scouts were raving about him. They was right too, he has a fantastic season playing in the 10 role, and will be a key player for us in the future. ST Berti 23b is turning himself into a real club legend. He has led our attack for 2 seasons now, he hit 19 in 31 last season, and improved this year smashing 39 in 37. He hit 24 in 24 league games, so fell short of the League record of 27. I am sure he will break that soon enough though. Other squad players. Outside of the first 11, we lack quality depth, but have players who do whats needed. These are the best 3
  7. SS Virtus Season Review 2025/26 Competitions After a brilliant showing in Europe, went into the domestic season full of hope, and rightly so. We romped home in the first and second phases, dropping just 7 points along the way. Our sole loss was on the final day of the league season to Tre Penne. In the Champions Play Off we secured 2 easy wins before facing Tre Penne in the final. A tight 2-2 draw after extra time meant the lottery of a penalty shoot out, luckily we rose to the challenge and secured our 3rd league title of the save. We also broke the most goals scored record with a tally of 75. La Fiorita hold the record of 8 league titles, and the long term aim is to "Knock them off their Perch" In the Coppa Titano we plundered goals up until the final, and then struggled to overcome Tre Fiori 2-1. Transfers More ins than outs as we needed more depth after last seasons collapse. Losing Rastelli was a blow as he played really well for us last season, but we clearly didnt miss him. Loan signing Nanni had a great season and has had the loan extended. Veronesi was brilliant in the number 10 role, and former youth product Valentini 23d was brought back to shore up our defense. Playing Squad Its really good for this level. In the next post I will do a in depth look into the first 11 and the main back up players. Key men this season were basically everyone. Youth Production The facilities are far ahead of anything in our league, and as such we are producing some really good players. The depth of the intakes has dropped, we no longer get a full intake of 5* PA players. However, we are producing at least 1 player a year now who is of a really good standard, and this year is the best one yet. Alessandro Cervellini 26a is bar far the best player we have produced to date, he may well be better than anyone San Marino Calcio have produced barring Zavoli 21a. And just to confirm the potential, he goes and scores on his International and club debuts. He looks too good for this level already, but I dont want to move him on just yet, a year or 2 here will do him good, and he can then get a move to San Marino Calcio. Finances and Facilities Another solid year on this front, we operate at a monthly loss, but factor in Europe which is almost a guarantee now and we then turn a profit. We have another training ground and youth facilities upgrade ongoing, and I am bugging the board to turn fully at every opportunity, but to no avail as of yet. Next Season Retain the League and Cup and maybe go one step further in Europe, We are still miles away from realistically getting to any group stage, but having lost 3 times in the EL 2ND Prelim, its time to take one step further.
  8. San Marino Calcio - Relegation Scrap Its been a long and tough season, and as we reach the end there is still everything to play for. We have struggled defensively this season, but with games in hand, and 3 of our last 5 games against teams in the bottom half including a massive 6 pointer against Chievo on the final day, I am hoping to earn another season at this level. Going down wont be the end of the world but I would prefer not to.
  9. National Team Update March 2026 Although I have been in charge of all 3 national sides since the start of the save, I have only really been half managing the sides, due to the standard of player being so poor. Having had a real in depth look at the player pool available, this is the year we start focusing on this side of the save. The aim is to have success at all age groups eventually, and although we are some way off this yet, I feel we have the players to now start progressing. Senior Side Key Players As you can see from the squad shot, we have a decent little team now, one that should really be pushing us higher up the rankings. We are currently sat 190th which shows how little progress has been made over the last 8 campaigns. This year I have set up friendlies with sides who are ranked higher than us, but sides we should be beating. This should aid us in our goal of climbing. Dont be fooled by the amount of 5 star CA of some of the players as Volpinari 23b for example, is only rated at 3 star by our club, and is currently operating playing at Lega Pro standard. Our only player of real quality is Zavoli 21a, he moved to Inter earlier in the save and has played 8 times for them this season, hopefully he can become the 1st choice left back soon. The third key man is Selva 21c. He is going from strength to strength development wise, he has struggled abit in Serie B, but then so has the club side so I am hoping if we stay up, he will start to blossom next season. We have a Nations League Campaign this season and I think its about time we started to push for promotion. U21S With a more serious focus on the national teams, I have decided that I want to start with more focus on the U19s side and let them grow into the u21 side over time. So for now, the u21s side are going to be the least focused on out the three. This will be detrimental initially, but we lose most games anyway so doesnt really effect much. U19s Key Men Now this team is not anything special as such, and I doubt good enough to actually take us to a tournament, however it is pretty decent and I think we can at least start to pick up some results. Made up mostly of San Marino Calcio and SS Virtus players, the potential is massive, and I am hoping to bring through a group of players who can all progress to the senior side together. We have massive depth at left back, with 3 players all capable of performing to a high standard, this means I can allow Giacobbi to progress through the sides without it effecting the senior team. Moroni is in and around the clubs first team, and I expect him to start playing more games over the next season or 2. Vitaioli came through Fiorentino's academy and is joining San Marino Calcio this summer. He is the best player produced outside our 2 clubs, so want to see how far he can develop.
  10. Yeah the general standard of player is still pretty rubbish and below average when it comes to other European leagues. Although with the facilities upgrades, I am starting to see the difference in the quality of players we are producing.
  11. SS Virtus European Campaign 2025/26 Last seasons 3rd placed play off win meant we missed out on a Champions League spot and entered the Europa League at the Best Placed Preliminary Round where we faced Lynx FC from Gibraltar. A easy 4-1 win over two legs saw us progress to face Valletta who hail from Malta, in what was predicted to be a tight contest we ran riot both games sealing a 12-1 win on aggregate. This meant we was in the EL BP 2nd Qualifying Rd for the third time, and faced Romanian side CFR Cluj who were just too good for us. We lost both ties to end up 4-1 losers on aggregate, but I was delighted we kept the scores reasonable. This is the furthest we have got in Europe so far, and having lost to Lincoln Red Imps at this stage 2 years ago, I know we can at least go one round further. To get into the Group Stages we would need to win the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round qualifying ties, so we are still some way off that yet.
  12. I have noticed stefano pellini and Mateo Gaspieri are now Sammarinese in your save, how has that happened? Didnt think it was possible to gain Sammarinese nationality? I am San Marino in my save and would love to have them play for the national side. Cracking progress btw, really enjoying the save.
  13. Season Review 2024/25 San Marino Calcio Competitions Its been a brilliant season for us. We started slowly, but improved as the season went on and sealed a first ever season in Serie B via the play offs. Having only lost 1 in 10 games prior to the play offs, I knew we stood a chance of promotion. We was lucky in the 2nd Rnd, going through after a 1-1 draw based om being the higher seeds. In the Cup we lost in the first round group stage. Transfers A very quiet year on the transfer front, this is a good thing though, as it means we havent lost anyone. Playing Squad Another solid season of progression, and we now have 3/4 really good players for this level, whether they can make the step up to Serie B remains to be seen. This season was a breakthrough season for Sammarinese striker Daniele Selva 21c, he was in and around the first team last season, but has really made the striker spot hes own this year. He scored 10 goals in 21 starts, and has the potential to be a decent striker. The other 3 shown are the best products produced by us (Minus Zavoli 21a who is at Inter now). LB Amici 20a has gone from strength to strength and will only get better with the step, he has already made 120 appearances for us. RB Dani 23c emerged last season and is another player who looks capable of making the step up. Both full backs have been attracting interest from bigger clubs but I am hoping to keep hold of them for this next season at least. CM Pachera 21b is another player attracting interest from bigger clubs. All 4 will be vital if we are to have any real chance of staying up. Youth Development I am very happy with this intake, not only are the top 2 players eligible for the national team, but they are also good prospects. We have needed a CB for a while, and Moroni 25b looks like a good player for the future. Also the GK Nanni 25j looks like he could develop into a decent little squad option. We also have another 2 decent full backs, which is a position we seem to produce players in regularly. Not a clue why that is. Finances and Facilities Not the best of seasons, at one point we was down to £-1m but the board keep pumping money in, I am hoping we get enough money next season to sort out our finances for a bit. Next Season We are going to be massive favourites for the drop, and to be honest, I can see us going down without too much of a fight.
  14. Season Review 2024/25 SS Virtus Competitions League Cup Champions League This has to be the weirdest season I have ever been a part of. We absolutely tore up the league stages of the season, breaking the records for most wins and Goals scored. And then we bottled the play offs, before sealing 3rd place and a return to Europe at least. In the Cup we lost to Fiorentino in the QF. In Europe, lost to Lincoln Red Imps in the Champions League 1st Prelim, before losing to them again in the Europa League 2nd QR. Transfers A summer of upheaval, but this was forced mainly by us losing so many players to other teams. Admittedly, most were either back up options, or squad players, but even so it weakened us more than I expected. Playing Squad We have some real stand out players, and then a lot of bang average players. I will be looking to sign a few players this summer, after blowing the league, the squad needs some improvements. Add on the fact we lost so many players over the last two windows. Youth Development A really good intake, and this lad, Manuel Giacobbi 25a is by far the best player we have produced to date. Its the shame the national team already has a decent left back, as he could play at a higher level im sure. Finances and Facilities You might be wondering how we have gone from £2m in the bank to £540k, well the biggest chunk has been the ongoing youth and training facilities upgrades which are due completion in October of this year. The other expense this year has been to players on non contracts with appearance fees etc. One thing I am baffled by though is we cant offer part time contracts to any players, only non contracts. Can anyone advise me on why this is? or is this a bug? Next Season We simply need to get our league title back and have a cup run.
  15. Hows the domestic league doing? Think it starts with 1 semi pro side and ranked something like 198th. Good luck in san marino, im 6 years in (so similar date to yourseld) and we have 4 semi pro sides atm.
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