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  1. I agree, I'm really enjoying it. Bari are top in my one too. We're not prolific but we've been very solid at the back. Some shrewd loan signings definitely have helped.
  2. How many people have started in Serie C? How are you finding it?
  3. It doesn't seem too bad to be fair. 7 league games in and I'm 6th
  4. Best of luck @Lewis89! I really enjoyed my attempt with San Giovanni last season. For those that are starting with SM Calcio in Serie C, it appears that it may not be as daunting as the couple of holiday'd seasons on the FM20 San Marino thread makes it out to be. My first 3 games were against Bari, Ternana and Palermo; all 3 tipped to finish in the top 3... Lets see how the rest of the season goes.
  5. It turns out that I do have the time. San Marino finished bottom, picking up just 3 wins and a total of 12 points. But I can confirm that you can sign players to arrive in July 2021
  6. I also read something similar. Suppose it might be worth to holiday a season to check. Not sure if I will have the time to do that today
  7. Are you in a position to share the database? I'm going to continue to see how I get on in Serie C. If it's a struggle then I might take them from L7
  8. Ditto, will be quite handy. I was having a look through some of the players in the league compared to the players that are interested in joining and its fair to say that the first season has all the makings of a complete struggle
  9. Quite possibly... I will also try again later. Do you know if there is an available league pack for all of Italy which includes San Marino Calcio?
  10. When was the hotfix? I started a save a couple of hours ago and the 1st September issue still remained
  11. Are you able to share this file? I think I would like to start from the bottom.
  12. Sod it, I've been debating over a save for a while and I am giving this another go but with San Marino Calcio in Serie C. I had a good time with San Giovanni on FM20 but going to give it a go in Italy this time around.
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