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  1. Season 30/31; Mid Season Update We were 3-0 up in the home tie against Lokomotiv and were also leading in the away tie. We threw away the chance of finishing 3rd which is disappointing. Biordi has grown as player massively and both Porto and Man Utd were interested. A bid came in from Porto which i rejected and their interest has since gone. Adebayo, a striker from last seasons intake, has performed excellently for the first team. It's a shame that he isnt Sammarinese. Vokshi has come back from injury and slotted in very well **************************************************************** Despite finishing 3rd I was happy with the NT performance considering the previous World Cup qualiying compaign. The NT are weak in areas; LB, CM and also up front so need to hope that replacements appear in the next couple of intakes. Not much quality comes from the other sides in San Marino and the only 2 in recent years being Guerra and Lividini, both I signed at a younger age to help their development. Our U21's have qualified for the Euro's though so there is hope yet!
  2. I was recently looking for a new HoYD and although you can view which teams they may have been at previously, there isnt a way to view the type of players that they have actually recruited for their previous teams. I think it would be an idea to be able to see which players they have recruited into clubs previously to help you make a decision on which HoYD to bring in. I know that this can be quite open-ended as HoYD at Ajax will more often bring in a better quality of player than say one at a English League One club but it would be good to view their pedigree and quality of players that they have receruited. Whether this be seeing a list of players that they have recruited or being able to view the general CA and PA of the players they have recruited. Again, i know that this is open ended as the CA and PA of a player is judged against your first team rather than the batch of youth players that have come in or against that Nation overall. Youth Intake and their development is such a major area of the game and I feel that by adding something like this will further enhance it.
  3. Season 30/31; European Qualification We've qualified for the CL group stages after some solid performances. Here's our group and we start with a home tie against Lokomotiv. I dont expect to get too much out of the games against Juve and Chelsea... 3 players have joined; Pejic, who can play either side at full back. Padilha, a young Brazilian who plays CM and Vokshi who was our record signing and received a damaged achilles tendon on his first day - he's still out for another 2 months. I extended the loan of Henrique for another season. Kone and Slavica are out of contract at the end of the season and are not wanting to renew their contracts at present due to interst from clubs.
  4. Broken the clubs transfer fee on a CB who is injured for 4-6 months on their first day at the club ffs
  5. Season 29/30; End of Season BAU domestically winning both the league and cup but disappointing in Europe. We didnt win a game over 90 mins despite reaching the 2nd KO round. Skugor bagged 49 goals and beats the 'goals scored in a season' record set by Nanni 2 seasons ago with 43. Biordi has come along well; he was 4* PA at the start of the season. Henrique ended up signing a new deal with his current club but i was able to extend his loan for another season. I was waiting for the Youth Intake before making any moves on new players. Underwhelming again but an Italian and a Nigerian have come through. Interstingly, Adebayo is now 2* CA and 4.5* PA and Passuello is 4* PA. I am in the market for a quality young CB and CM. I am also looking for a FB who ideally can cover both sides.
  6. Season 29/30; Midseason Update We were quite competitive during the group stages and finished 3rd securing another go at the knockouts in the Euro Cup II. 2 wins, a draw and a positive goal difference We'll play Zorya in the 1st knockout round and there isnt any one to majorly fear in the last 16. Henrique has been great at LB and I will be looking to bring him in on a free as his contract is up at the end of the season. Kone slipped a disc the day before Man Utd away and Popovic has slotted in well and is currently the 2nd top scorer in the team. Skugor has been scoring freely and is a target for some Chinese Super League sides. ************************************* Not a great campaign during our qualifying group and we only managed to score 2 goals. The number of quality players is decreasing and is becomming a concern as most of the real starting players like Nanni and Berardi are less influential now. We're currently 117th in the world rankings (116th was our highest). I am probably going to start to try and develop a more counter attacking tactic for the NT.
  7. Season 29/30; European Qualification We lost out to Dynamo Kyiv in the CL play-off and have secured a place in the Europa League We were handed a very easy group Just 3 loan signings come in as the players I wanted either wanted too much in wages or the clubs wanted too much. Henrique comes in as LB and has impressed, Illaria comes in as a back up option up front and Popvic provides me with a better option as BBM cover Ive not posted this for a while, so here is a track of our progress
  8. Season 28/29; End of Season We dominated domestically again, securing another treble. We couldnt emulate last seasons heroics in reaching the Euro Cup II final, but still managed to make the QF's, losing to Napoli. Ercolani had an amazing season and it seems the whole of the MLS are after him but I am quick to reject the £1m+ bids for him. He is entering his final year and isnt wanting to discuss a new deal at the moment. Slavica was money well spent, as was Kone and Skugor impressed to secure a 2 year contract. Biordi stepped up well and will be my starting AMR next season as I attempt to get him to reach that 4* potential. There isnt much to write home about regarding our youth intake, although we did see a Slovenian and Englishman come through the intake...
  9. Season 28/29; Midseason Update We actually topped our EL group after 4 games but ended up finishing 3rd. Im pleased that we were battling for the top 2 spots. We face HJK in the 'other' european comp We're currently on a 90 game unbeaten streak in the league. The new signings have settled in well; Kone picked up an injury and was out for 5 weeks just before our first EL group game. Ive been giving a fair bit of game time to my 2 young CB's, Tota and Taberelli. The same for Biordi who I am trying to develop to challenge and succeed Cervellini for my AMR. I am on the lookout for a new striker and one of the scouts highlighted a lad called Duje Skugor who was available for free. His stats were very appealing and Ive signed him on a short term deal to see how he copes. 4 goals in 2 games is promising but we will see how he gets on against HJK. We're under an embargo at the moment as the club is in the process of a takeover ******************************** The less said about the NT the better. It started well with a 2-2 draw against Norway too!
  10. One day we'll get a wonderkid, I hope. Well done for cracking the top 100!
  11. Congrats on the promotion. I've got Nanni and he's scoring well still across all comps
  12. Season 28/29; European Qualification Fairly straight forward making it to the CL Playoff where we faced PSV. We lost the first leg 1-0 and had to play around 70 mins with 10 men after Brzyski was sent off. I faniced our chances in the return leg but another early red card for us meant that we could only draw 0-0. We have made the EL group stages and its not a bad group 4 new players have arrived. Calabrese comes in on loan to provide cover in the FB positions and we also signed legend Filippo Berardi on a free transfer. He's 31 but adds experience and cover outwide. We need a new BBM and signed Manu Kone for £1.7m from Lens We also needed a creative, attacking player in midfield and we splashed £2.4m on Slavica from Hajduk
  13. Well done. What season are you in? Are you getting any decent youth players coming through being based in Italy?
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