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  1. We entered into May securing 2 awards; Manager of the Month and Player of the Month (McEleney came 2nd) Another solid month where we remain unbeaten. We let slip a 2-0 lead against Waterford but bounced back in with 2 wins against Shamrock in 2 different cup competitions. We followed this up with 4 wins in the league We have stretched our lead at the top to 6 points and a big 15 points clear of 3rd place. McEleney has been excellent from the right wing. 13 goals and 6 assists in 20 games; he's also the leagues top scorer.
  2. A total of 8 games in April - a busy month! 6 of the 8 games were away from home and we remain unbeaten, scoring freely and keeping it tightish at the back. We are dominating possession and creating a lot of chances. The 1-0 win over Shamrock was key as it meant we leapfrogged them into 1st place Patrick Hoban had a great month bagging 8 goals in 7 starts, and McEleney continues to impress adding a further 3 goals and 4 assists in his last 7 games. There has been quite a few solid performers throughout the squad and the depth is evident looking at the spread of appearances. One thing is for sure and we're bleeding money at the minute. The wage bill is almost £90k a month with most of the month spent on the road, no real revenue has come in. I am not in any rush to trim the squad down but there are a couple of players who arent quite cutting it. From a youth perspective, there isnt any one noteworthy and im looking forward to the youth intake later in the season with the hope of a decent prospect or 2 coming through.
  3. The first 2 months have been played and its been a positive start. Unbeaten in 9 games with 7 wins and 8 clean sheets. We should have picked up more than 1 point in the 2 0-0 draws as we dominated both games Despite our unbeaten run we're currently 3rd but will go top if we win our game in hand We picked up our first piece for silverware by beating Cork in the President's Cup, 3-0 Our starting 11 have been playing well, in particularly the defenders and DM who are all averaging over 7.00. McEleney looks a good player and his 5 goal return from playing on the right wing is pleasing as is the performances of Georgie Kelly up front. The 2 loanees are yet to find their feet fully. Oakley-Boothe has feature more due to Clarke picking up a couple of minor injuries already.
  4. Pre Season went as well as expected and all of the squad are match fit and ready for the season Ive brought in 2 players on loan, both centre mids. Jack Clarke from Villa comes in. He's an Irish lad and will fit into the system well Tashan Oakley-Boothe also arrives to bolster our central midfielders On to the season...
  5. I usually tend to start a save where I start unemployed and build from there but Ive changed my dynamic for FM20. Welcome to my Dundalk FC journey! They have dominated domestically winning 5 of the last 7 League titles and also secured a spot in the Europa League Group stages a couple of seasons ago. My aim is simple; continue to dominate domestically and become a threat in Europe. Im not placing any restrictions on who I can bring in and want freedom with this save. Please Note: I began this save around 3 game weeks ago Clubs Vision which is clear that I need to win the league. As they won the league last season, we will be enjoying CL football later in the season and although I not expecting too much in terms of progression, financially it will be great and enable me to improve our youth set up and training facilities in good time. This is the tactic that I will be using. There will be some adaption over time with positional roles but this is my foundation. Here is my squad. A little light in the middle so added Oakley-Boothe from Tottenham on loan but need another DM and might try to bring another striker in. Plenty of options at the back and outwide so good competition for places.
  6. sorry to be a pain @Smurf but i just want to be sure that i am making the right decision. In terms of performance i appreciate that the Asus is better than that Acer with the i5. Is it worth to spend that extra and get the Asus or will the Acer with the i5 be more than enough for me? The i5-7200U is 279th in the list of processor benchmarks, whilst the i3-8145U (the cheaper Acer) is ranked higher. The Asus is 73rd so better but just want to know if there is that much difference for an extra £130 between the Asus and the Acer with the i5.
  7. Ok, thanks. Do i bite the bullet and purchase this one? https://www.box.co.uk/FX504GD-E41275T-ASUS-TUF-FX504GD-E41275T_2458989.html
  8. Good Morning I need a new laptop. I purchased one a couple years ago on a limited budget but need something better now. I generally play with around 2-5 nations active and have no desire for the 3d engine (I'm old school) and large player database. I'd like something which is faster processing as at the moment there can be a slight delay when clicking on links through the game. The Laptop will solely be for playing FM. My budget is between £300-£500 and id prefer to be able to collect from a store than order on-line. However if ordering on-line proves to provide a laptop that is better value and performance then that is ok. Is this one any good? https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-inspiron-15-3000-15-6-intel-core-i3-laptop-256-gb-ssd-silver-10189730-pdt.html Ive read through some previous posts and this one seems to be recommended a bit - is this best option for me? https://www.box.co.uk/NX.EFREK.014-Acer-Extensa-15_2612001.html For an extra £50, is it better to get this one which may last me a few versions of future FM's? https://www.box.co.uk/NX.EFHEK.014-Acer-Extensa-15-2540_2312768.html Any help and advice would be very appreciated.
  9. With the extra revenue comes a higher tax hit of £200k, But some new sponsorship deals soften the loss a little and then this helped nicely Some recognition...
  10. End of Season We won all of our final league games, keeping clean sheets in each and retained the title. We finally made it past the quarters but we lost out to Birkirkara in the Semi's in a game where we didnt really play well which was disappointing. A host of solid performances across the team as a whole. Goals throughout and some strong defensive displays. Spiteri continued to shine and is developing well. A true squad effort this season, especially during the first half when juggling the Europa Group stages and a lot of fixtures. With some decent youth players showing positive signs, the future continues to look bright and with some good looking players from the latest intake I am hoping to develop some more. We received £83k for finishing 1st, £12k more than last season. I decided to request improvements to both our youth and training facilities. The board accepted both and we take the next steps with improving the club as a whole. We've now turned professional and hoping this helps maintain and sustain our players with their future developments. I will now be looking to improve the quality of the backroom staff.
  11. Youth Intake Not too bad with some decent potential that I hope I can develop with now going Pro a little more. Im wanting to improve the youth and training facilities but not sure how much the next level is and dont want to blow a big chunk of our money just yet. I know that if we make the CL qualifiers we will get some decent revenue so may just pull the trigger on training facilities first. We've got a couple solid looking CB's, one with low determination and one with a decent rating. We also have our first non Maltese player come through the intake and Im quite happy its a keeper as Ive been looking for another one and may be able to utilise Cardinalli
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