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AC Milan - The ressurection of a giant

Andy Sava

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AC Milan - The ressurection of a giant


The history of AC Milan

AC Milan, one of the most famous Italian sports symbol, was founded in 1899 by two english expatriates. The exact date was 13 December 1899, and from the start, the club was partly a football and partly a cricket club, but pretty soon football became predominant.

The club has been playing at San Siro, or Sadio Giuseppe Meazza, since 1926. The sadium was owned by the cub until it was sold to the city council in 1935, and has been shared with rivals Internazionale since 1947. From an initial capacity of 35000 spectators, the stadium has undergone several renovation, ending up with a capacity of 80018 in the present. 

Throughout its entire history, AC Milan was represented by the red and black colours, which were chosen to represent the players' fiery ardor (red) and the opponents' fear to challenge the team (black). Because of the colours, the team's widely used nickname is Rossoneri. Another nickname derived from the club's colours is il Diavolo (the Devil), as an image of a red devil was used for the logo at one point, with a Golden Star for Sport Excellence located next to it.

AC Milan is one of the most successful clubs in Italy, having won a total of 30 domestic honours, in addition to their continental successes. They won 2 Serie B titles, 18 Seria A title (the last one in 2011), 5 Coppa Italia, 7 Supercoppa Italiana, 2 UEFA Cups (Europa League now), 7 European Cups/Champions League (the last one in 2007), 5 European Supercups, 3 Intercontinetal Cups and 1 Club World Cup.

After their last Scudettor, in 2011, the club declined in performance. They failed to qualify for European competitions for a few years and having some financial trouble. As of now they are still suffering from FFP sanctions.

The goal of the save

For last year my long term save was a Dinamo Bucharest one, as it is my favorite club, with a successful attempt of bringing them at the top of European football. 

This save will be a bit different, as i won't have to worry about the league's reputation, but the goal will be the same: to bring AC Milan back where they belong, at the top. The short term objective is to win Serie A and challenge for the Champions League, while the long term objective is to became more decorated team in Serie A and in Europe. Yes, this will be a loooong save, as winning 7 more Champions League trophies, assuming Real Madrid doesn't win any more, is no easy task.

That's it for the introduction, hope everyone enjoys this!

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Transfer policy

I won't make any transfers at the start, i will play out the first season with the players already at the club or on their way. After that i will continue to play the market like always, go for young cheap players that have the potential to turn into world class players.

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18/19 Midseason Update

First half of the first season is done. It's been better than expected, but seeing as i started with no experience the team kind of turned on me.

I started the game with the initial update, no midseason transfers except those already decided at the start of the season. So just Paqueta joining, no Piatek. I had to sell a few players that were causing problems because: Ignazio Abate to Al-Hilal for 1.5M Euros, Mateo Musacchio to RB Leipzig for 11.5M Euros, Ivan Strinic to Wolves for 3.9M Euros, and Pepe Reina to Espanyol for 5M Euros.

I will probably start bringing in players for the next season from now, so we don't get left out and have no depth or have to spend to much.

The season was pretty good so far, we only lost 3 matches: against Juventus and Sampdori in Seria A and against Sevilla in Europa League. All 3 losses were away from home, so we are undefeated at home. Currently we are sitting in 3rd place behind Roma and Juventus, and in Europa League we are playing FC Coppenhagen in the 1st Knock-Out Round.

The objectives set by the board are to reach the semi-finals of Europa League and to qualify for Europa League for next season. My objective, however, is to qualify for Champions League, either through Serie A or winning Europa League.

The highlights so far are a 3-0 win at home against Napoli and a 2-0 win away against rivals Internazionale Milano.

This is it of this short midseason update, next up will be the end of the season report with a bunch of stats and pics! :D

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