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Wage allocation question

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According to my Scouting page, I have approx £320/week to spare in player wages.  I am attempting to sign a new player who will drastically improve my team. He is asking for £300/week as a Key Player.  I have only one other Key Player at my club, who is on £300/week.

However, currently my board is only allowing me to offer a max wage of £160/week for a Key Player, so I am unable to sign this guy.

Why am I not able to offer the full amount of wages that I have available in the budget? Especially as I already have a player earning this much with the same squad status.

Possibly related, but I've noticed the wage slider displayed on the Board page does not always align with the "wages allowed" amount displayed on the Scouting page. i.e. Scouting page will display £320 available wages, but the slider will say something like "currently spending £2100 of £2200 available per week on wages" - so only £100 under budget.

Is this a bug? Should they align, or are other budgetary considerations taken into account between these two displayed values?



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Thanks for the response. Not sure the solution here applies to my situation, however, as my transfer budget is zero, so there is no option to even move the budget slider, or even request more wages from the Board.

I will take a look in more detail at the problem when I next continue my save, maybe provide some more info.

One additional question I have in the meantime - I currently have a player on a rolling month-to-month contract on $150/week. If I were to release him, I assume these wages would be added to my overall wage budget, but I would be interested to know if this would also increase the amount of wages I could offer a potential new signing - i.e. increase from the max $160/ week my board is allowing for a Key Player. I guess I could use some clarity on the wage mechanics here. Don't want to release a useful player for nothing, if it makes no difference.

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