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  1. Ok when I installed steam I pointed it to install on my SSD for my applications and programs which is F:Program Files..... in my setup. I have my HDD which is all of my photos, videos and other files. This is D:\Users\XXXX... The save game files get placed into your documents by default so as mine is pointing to D: that gets created there. When I installed FM19 at Christmas it went on the same path as steam onto my programs SSD.
  2. I didn't because I was able to get a hold of a used SSD to just install Windows on temporarily and then backup all of my files. Then got my new SSDs for my current setup. I don't think it was a driver update but it was back in September so just before the big problems there. I'm not in front of my PC now as I was last night, but from memory it is just additional databases, graphics, save game files. The game gets installed here Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Football Manager 2019. My setup is F: Programs and files e.g. Save Game is D: I didn't have FM19 when I had the issue in September (obviously) but you can save into the cloud with FM so the file would carry all of information for the save. You can add graphics any time that doesn't affect the save. e.g. On FM15 I'd change the backgrounds to newer stadiums and that was a simple copy and paste.
  3. FM19s standard skin doesn't support backgrounds like previous versions
  4. I had this once in FM07 I think, just sent the youth out as had no choice.
  5. You could and see if Windows has a previous version attached the file but it's unlikely.
  6. Np. Just keeps your files away from any Windows 10 issues. Which is what happened to me. I had just a HDD and it went belly up. Luckily I salvaged it and then went with the SSDs. I supposs if you you want to run on both maybe save the data to a flash drive and use between the two. Have a backup elsewhere? Just thinking outside the box a bit.
  7. I would for example go here D:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019 and copy everything from here onto my portable HDD. Then use this if I have to reinstall. This includes all of the custom databases that are available like Level 10 English. Any matches saved and game files from your saves. It all also contain any graphics you have for example. I would then copy this back into the same destination if I reinstalled FM19 from scratch. I don't change anything else except for (and you got to google this) FM19 German team name fix. As for the hall of fame? I wouldn't know. Perhaps it's included in the save game file. Never look at it.
  8. I back up the whole folder that gets stored in the documents folder. This’ll be where the save game gets stored along with saved matches and graphic tweaks If you’ve made any database changes you’ll need to store them too.
  9. I have Windows on one SSD, game and steam another and the files on a HDD. It all works fine and as Neil said, as long are you’re careful and don’t rush the installation then you’ll be good to go. I back the game up on a separate HDD and all the files occasiated with it just in case.
  10. These changes are only applicable with new saves? I haven’t missed something here?
  11. You could go for the obvious, German Spain Italy and France to future proof your potential move to England, but I'd throw in a Dutch league maybe? Always a bargain or two to be had there if you go looking.
  12. I had long saves in both 07 and 15 but 19 just feels more complete. Lots more going on throughout the game.
  13. Anyone who played Ashes Cricket would know that had a stadium builder. It was pretty good too with the variations, you have to be a bit liberal and creative but it was pretty good.
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