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  1. There was another topic about this somewhere. It was confirmed by SI that it was fixed in 19.3 and only if you had a new save from then. Otherwise you got to just put up with it. Annoyingly one of those reoccurring bugs.
  2. https://www.ploughlanestadium.co.uk/ All you need to know
  3. Ah ok I did upload anyway Paul Tarrant - Manchester United 4.1 (v03).fm is the file if you need anything else. Cheers for keeping the support going
  4. @Neil Brock do you want one of mine to take a look? I’m pretty sure I have a save before the fixtures are setup.
  5. I think will have the same problem. My fixtures have just been announced and it got rearrange for a Saturday which I suspected would happen but I’m still in June in my game time right now.
  6. If you get transfer funds available and can move your slider then it will probably happen
  7. Depends if the board decide to absorb it or not. They’re obviously worried about finances so not releasing the funds.
  8. @Russell Hammant I’ve given it a go and made the adjustment and it worked. Cheers for the advice.
  9. I had a similar problem, take a look at this solution
  10. Yeah the National team got revoked in the winter update. If you just google your question you’ll find more info which cannot be spoken about here.
  11. Hi @Russell Hammant I have uploaded my file which is 15 days prior the end of the January transfer window. I was trying for Varane and managed a deal of £80m + Bailly. The file is called Paul Tarrant - Manchester United 2. Cheers Paul
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