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American Premier League 1.0 for FM2019 on Steam Workshop

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This is a playable American Premier League file that replaces MLS and all its Byzantine rules and regulations with 4 Leagues and also 2 cup competitions

American Premier League
24 teams playing a 34 game season, one game against each other team in the league (23 games), and then splits into a Top 12 group and Bottom 12 group, where you play against each other team in your group once more (for a 34 game total schedule). 3 Down to the..

American First Division
20 teams, 3 up to the American Premier League, 3 down to the..

American Second Division

20 Teams, 3 up to the Americna first division.

American Academy challenge: for 20 academy teams No promotion/relegation

Cups: The American Open Cup Competed for by all 64 league teams.
The US Super Cup featuring the American Premier League Champion versus the American Open Cup Champion

Reserve/Youth Competitions.

I've run several tests and it looks to be running fine. There are a home grown players rule but it should be minimal enough that it shouldn't be a huge issue. Let me know if you're running into any issues.

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