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  1. Can someone create this? The Europa Conference League will be a third-tier tournament, behind Champions League and Europa League https://www.givemesport.com/1507793-uefa-announce-europa-conference-league-will-begin-in-2021
  2. Hello! I have a problem. I edited my database. After I saved, my PC restart with screen of death. After restart I can't load the last saved file... In editor I see everything else database file, but not the most important. I copy-paste to the good 'editor data' folder again and installed the editor again, but nothing. What happened?
  3. Hello! Someone has "Visegrad Group cup" database? I want to try this. https://gaffer.xyz/resources/visegrad-group-cup.8/updates
  4. Hello! In Non player data/Non tactical attributes section what are those? Eccentricity, versatility, business, interference, resources? What will happen if in a chairman's resources section I change the rate to 10 or 20? Sorry, my english is bad.
  5. Please create a database where the all managers (and Puyol if he scout) are assistant managers too I want to that Zidane/Mourinho/Guardiola be my assistant and the game changing to Chairman Manager
  6. Please put Beckham's Inter Miami to American Second Division! No players, so it would be great challenge play with them. :-)
  7. 'Europa League 2': Uefa confirms new tournament from 2021 Someone?
  8. Hello! Can someone make MLS divisions but with european rules? I don't want draft, salary cap etc. I want: Squad limit with 25 players (least 4 home grown and 8 american players), super cup, american cup, all-star match. MLS: 2*11 teams (3 round), best 4-4 teams playing playoff (2 matches) to winning. Worst 2-2 teams playing relegation playoff. Relegating 2 teams. Second divison 16 or 18 teams, 2 promotion and 2 relegation teams. Third division: Same as second division. (Thanks! And sorry, but my english is bad.)
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