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Suggest lower league team with wonderkid

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Might be strange to ask this
Looking for lower league teams that have that one wonderkid who will become star. Want to take over a team that has one player to build around and see if I can hold him down and let him bring the team to Europe elite. Age should be max 18.

Would prefer lower league team from the big countries - England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, but other suggestions are also welcomed.


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You could do Leyton Orient. They were just relegated to Conference National. They have some pretty good youth players for that level but I wouldn't call them wonderkids. I've also had some pretty good youth intakes for the level that they play in. Right at the start, you have Henry Ochieng, Josh Koroma, Sam Dalby, and a few others that are good and young. I sold Dalby and Koroma but have kept Ochieng up to League One now.


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