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  1. I usually try this once or twice on every version. It usually ends in failure pretty quickly or I just lose interest and go back to bigger clubs where I can shop around and play against the big names. I did succeed once though. It was either FM18 or FM19 with Leyton Orient. I got promoted every year except for 1 when I spent an extra year in League One. Things that I think helped me: 1) I had a good formation that I stuck with. Too much tinkering never goes well with me. 2) Lots of loans. Especially if you don't have to pay any wages. 3) Lots of free transfers and selling prospects for a profit. I hated selling my home grown prospects but I had to make money. Always include the % of next sale and other clauses to try to keep money coming in. 4) I was fortunate with some players coming through my youth team. I definitely had some keepers that would grow with the club as I rose through divisions. 5) Have some luck. Sometimes you just need some breaks. I think I'm going to start another save. Hopefully I'll stick with this one.
  2. Mine are usually: [my name] 1 [my name] 2 [my name] 3 I know, very creative
  3. This is the question I've been trying to answer for a couple weeks in anticipation of the new game. I usually always will do an Everton save but my preferred formation doesn't fit so well with the squad they have. I'll probably set up similar to them irl and phase into playing my way. I had a great run with Leyton Orient in FM18 and may try that one again. I've been meaning to play a German save the last couple of years so maybe I'll go that route. I'll probably do a lower league save or maybe a middle tier journeyman save. If only I had enough time to do all of this...
  4. Less than 10 hrs nowadays. I can usually get about 1-2 hrs a night after the kids go to bed if I'm not busy. Used to play a ton when I first found FM back in college. Responsibilities suck...
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