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Dodgy offside calls

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I've noticed a sharp spike in offside calls against my team since the new patch came out. This one takes the cake. I call for an investigation of the linesman on this one, I sniff match fixing at play.

Verratti (7) passes to Terzic (15), who is quite a way onside: http://gyazo.com/9faeee4b2eb89959ca79e39f54734366

Here's the pass now on it's way to Terzic, who is still way onside: http://gyazo.com/f365eb66ce531236a278e587cc65c867

Terzic rifled in the shot as soon as he received the pass, but to my horror: http://gyazo.com/b13ae68e71c8876fab5b98be838fa59c

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If you set replays to show 'goal action', it'll show the tramlines on the pitch at the exact moment the player was offside. Those stills are hard to judge as it's not clear exactly when the pass is made. It's certainly worthwhile setting the replay setting to this, as I've had a few disallowed goals that I first thought were never offside, but have proved to have been so.

Then again, it could be the officials got it wrong, it does happen.

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