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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am at Man Utd so I do have a strong squad. What I forgot to mention in my first post is that it was in respect to the attributes of young players. Earlier in the game, say around 15 seasons in, I would see quite a few regens (say around age 17) and instantly want to sign them due to their attributes, rather than the star rating assigned to them. This was the case for quite a while, but as the save has progressed, I was finding less and less regens with attributes that caught my eye, and eventually had to go off their PA rating alone. Now after 36 seasons, I pretty much
  2. I've had a long save going on fmc15. I'm up to 2051 and have slowly been noticing the dropping quality of regens as each season passes by. There is the odd worldie that appears but as I scour through scout reports, I've been finding more and more that hardly any of the higher rated youngsters look good at all via their attributes. Once upon a time you had to choose between who to get, but over the last decade it's become a game of even finding someone worthwhile to bring to the club. I don't know if this is just an issue with my save, or is one with classic mode. This is easily the longest I'v
  3. From what I know, you can on a pc/mac, but I don't think so on tablets/ios.
  4. There's a box you click down bottom right on the Leagues screen when setting up a new save. When clicked, it allows you to set as many as you like.
  5. I think it could be here: 1. Click the Globe icon in top menu. 2. Click on 'Europe' in the next screen. 3. Under 'International', click on 'List.' 4. On next screen, click on 'Nation Club Coefficients.'
  6. If you compare it to an early FM game, like FM07 for example, it's more advanced than that. Whilst FM07 had team talks which FMT doesn't, the tactics system of FMT is the exact same as the full version of FM16, so more complex than that adopted by FM07. There are more options in the transfer market, whilst making a bid and doing contract talks. Being able to adjust the wage and transfer budget is very different to FM07 which didn't have that. So, yeah, FMT is more like recent versions of FM (minus the team talks and the extensive media interactions/player interactions of the full game). I foun
  7. The next news item about it will be something like, "David Beckham and Posh Spice to hold talks about possible move to Birmingham."
  8. There needs to be a clear distinction between the full version and Touch. If too many elements are added each year, that distinction becomes so narrow that it won't be streamlined anymore and will basically be the full game, turned down just a touch...
  9. I fondly remember Rooney complaining about lack of game time on FM07 when he was in the middle of a 3 month injury.
  10. You'll have to wait a while at the start of the season to get media interaction. I don't think it happens early in the season like that.
  11. I set the training to Balanced and Average at all times. On FM15, Individual Training helps with players who complain about too little training. I have just about every player in my squad training to their respective role that they play.
  12. To make sure the player comes back to the First Team when they get match fix, set them to: Available for Reserve Squad Until Match Fit - 90mins. Another thing I do to monitor match fitness of my squad is via the Squad screen, by selecting the down arrow to show 'Fitness.' It allows me to see all their fitness levels at all times, and if the player is hugely important to your team, playing them once they get above 80% match fitness should be okay.
  13. I left Portugal out as I felt it was the weakest of the Euro leagues I originally had loaded. Thanks for posting that Anteater, very interesting. A friend just told me that Van Gaal needs to add the Portugese league in real life to get rid of all the injuries
  14. I eventually used a db with England (4 leagues), Spain (top two), then Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Brazil & Argentina (just top leagues) with large db at size of 45K worked to have existing injuries in place. It must be something with my macbook that means I have to stay under 50K or so or else problems start with new saves.
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