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Liverpool League Winners

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HI i've won the league first attempt of trying with liverpool in a 3412 tactic

it consists of

1 goalkeeper (of course)

3 ball playing defenders

2 wide midfielders

1 deep lying playmaker

1 ball winning midfielder

1 advanced playmaker

2 trequarlistas

its played controlling with retainig possessions i score at least 3 goals a match

only 1 downfall that i pick up a lot of cards but still only lost 2 league games in a season anybody wishing to try the tactic the link is below and feel free to comment on how you do sorry theres no screen prints but i dont know how to do them


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your tactic work perfectly with Athletico Madrid, score a lot of goals, but the defense is pretty leaky when facing striker with high pace and off the ball (get destroyed by Real Madrid with Ronaldo), i don't have good ball playing defender so i change the defender role to normal defender

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