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  1. @ Zero Sea - I loved your Ghost tactic. Wiped out FM'11 with it, but it seems to struggle in FM'14. Any possibility of upgrading it?
  2. No worries - took me a while too. I conceded 7 goals in my first 2 games, all from the wings. Went into tactics changed both full-backs to close down more, and both center backs to mark tightly, and I tightened up immediately.
  3. This is probably a stupid question... ...but do you have your full-backs closing down more and your defenders marking tight? I didn't at the start, and was wondering why I was leaking goals from opp wing-play so easily.
  4. Exactly what i'm looking for mate! Genuinely couldn't anything really relevant before.. Thanks for the help!!
  5. ...so could some good person give me step by step instructions on where to find it, and what I need to do to get into it - I would greatly appreciate any help.. I'm an editor newbie...! p.s. I've just downloaded it from Steam.
  6. Really? What pages mate, because I've read both of them and don't recall that happening. Eto'o was forever being warned about his behaviour, and Ibrahimovic was creating disharmony within the group by constantly bitching about and confronting other players, coaches and the manager. I read absolutely nothing about Messi having tantrums.
  7. I'm loving it.. The only thing that has been bugging me is that, during matches, the match engine in 2D mode makes it look like the game is being played on an ice-rink no matter what speed I seem to play at. It's hard to get used to tbh, and my crippled old computer wouldn't appreciate the 3d version. Apologies if this has already been highlighted. James.
  8. I apologise if this is a stupid question, but i'm playing the 2014 beta after taking a break from playing FM for the last 3-4 years. I just wanted to ask what the difference is between FM and FM classic? I did look before I posted, and found nothing to answer my query, ...honest Thanks, James.
  9. Sorry folks. Had stopped playing during FM2011 due to study commitments, but due to a little extra time on my hands, and looking forward to 2014 coming out, I've got back to playing 2011 recently. My problem is that when i'm in the 'player search' section, no matter what I do; when I click on a bar to change the way the search is (say I want to look at the youngest players, then click on the 'age' bar, the list doesn't change. It only changes when the 'name' or 'inf' bars are clicked. It's ruining my scouting. Please help!! NB: This doesn't happen in any other part of the game as far as i'm aware. Thanks! James..
  10. It's a fantastic tactic - congratulations to Zero Sea in establishing it. Just to add to the debate about conceding goals. I've used the tactics for 22 games straight scoring 58 goals (2.63 per game) and conceding 16 goals (0.72 per game), so over the whole season, that would average out as roughly 100 goals for and 27 against if levelled out over a whole season, all I should add with an Everton defence consisting of Howard, Neville, Jagielka, Distin & Baines. Best tactic i've ever seen on this site in my opinion. Jamesy...
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