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  1. Hello, as mentioned in title, is there a way to increase it? I'm managing Lazio, who have a 60k capacity stadium but only 12k season ticket holders... In general, is there a way to increase fan attendance? Thanks in advance
  2. Well I'm done as well. Let the close minded yap about how great the game is, despite the immense number of complaints shown in this forum. I'm managing Bayern and just beat Arsenal 4-0 only to lose 4-0 against Urawa Red Diamonds, who?? A Japanese team. Same players with the same tactics, how can you explain that? I then went on to beat Zenit 5-0 and then Chelsea 2-0. Okay..... I agree with the common complaints I saw above, just to reiterate some of the points mentioned above: Player collision is garbage you can see it game after game, your player runs into his teammate and loses the ball, come on... Long shots is the cancer of FM14. Not so much difference between strong teams and weak teams, it's all about getting your tactic PERFECT, not right, not semi right but PERFECT It doesn't matter how strong or weak your players are, it's all about the tactics, because this year it's Tactics Manager 2014. The game hasn't evolved much since 4 years, same boring ME with same boring game play, I really hope this game evolves in terms of experience but that is hard for an indie company to do, to be honest there are multiple examples of companies making great games but falling short later due to their lack of creativity or proper execution (S2 Games anyone?). Sadly for SI there is no Valve to create a monster competition (like Dota2). I guess, I really miss the magic this game gave me back in the days, good ol days ahhh
  3. I use Sturridge as AF and Suarez as CF (A) with Coutinho behind them as Enganche. Works a treat!
  4. Things I did that changed my FM 14 experience a lot: 1. Change Central Defenders' roles to Limited Defender and set their player instruction to 'Close Down Less'. 2. I find wingers/inside forwards to be too inconsistent in FM 14. Playing with complete wing backs only, I found it to be far more consistent and effective. In Liverpool for instance, I retrained Sterling to 'CWB', while I made Coutinho my Enganche. He performed better, finishing balls and being in play more than when I played him as an 'IF'. 3. Always play with a 'DM' player, preferably a 'Half Back' as he acts like a 3rd defender, rather than having 3 LD's. 4. Playing with 2 Strikers and an Enganche behind them is so underrated. My favourite trio is a Poacher + Complete Forward (Attack) with an Enganche behind them, it's super effective (like Pokemon). 5. Play Control + Fluid, it's the safest attacking method. Control so your midfield don't rush into the penalty box early, Fluid so your team pass the ball around more effectively. 6. Don't use too many player instructions, I like to always use 'close down more' on 'CM's', 'AM's' & the Forwards. While the back 4 or 5 if playing a DM with 'Close Down Less'. 7. I always 'Play Narrower' it gives me more clean sheets. 8. With Control + Fluid, I like to 'Hassle Opponents' + 'Play Much Higher Defensive Line' while I activate 'Use Offside Trap'. Looks like I went too far into giving instructions on my personal favorite tactic
  5. TBH I don't look at guides written by the mods here, they are as informed as we are and do not know more about the game, only SI staff do. (not to say that they're bad but not 100% accurate) You don't need to balance your midfield or any of that non sense, even attacking players defend as well, just play with your team's strength and build around it. For attacking formations go with fluid, for defensive go rigid. 4231 is more attacking so fluid works best. Don't use Benteke as a DLF support, he has poor work rate and poor teamwork. Use him as a Target Man Attack just like his attributes suggest. 4231 (CM strata) is never a defensively solid tactic simply because it utilizes 5 in the front half. The key strength of this tactic is ball retention, controlling the game and attacking relentlessly (that's how you defend). If you don't have a team with high Decision, Creativity, Passing, Technique & First touch attributes (and by high I mean 14+), your 4231 CM strata will most likely backfire on you; you will lose the ball often, misplace passes and overall lose possession. If your attacking triangle involves a player with low key attributes mentioned then he will most likely not contribute much. Look at Barcelona, all their players have 14+ on the above-mentioned attributes, that's why ball retention works well for them.
  6. exactly how did you get him to score 13 goals? what tactic and team setup do you use?
  7. One day we will play a great football manager simulation. One day, but not today.
  8. I'm extremely disappointed to see the new-gen very low bravery/aggression issue not fixed yet..
  9. So I was picking my squad for the next game, and instead of clicking to pick my GK I clicked on the 'Name' tab above. Now I can no longer arrange by players picked (don't know if I'm making sense here). You gotta try it yourself to understand what I mean, so damn frustrating. Does anyone have the cure?
  10. A kind reminder: Player Role Filters, Player Individual Training Recommendation
  11. Can you kindly explain the players needed for this tactic, what key attributes to look for, what individual training to put the players on, etc... Also why did you choose DW instead of IF or W? Ps: In the screenshot, the Leftback is on Support Duty but in the downloadable tactic hes set on Attack. Should we keep it that way?
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