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  1. Thinking of (attacking structured) direct passing pass to space and press high (not the super high and super close down just both high) ------af---f9----- ----------------- dws--rpms---cmd---Wa ------------------------ Wba-ldx---ldc----wbs
  2. Thinking of ------af---f9----- ----------------- dws--rpms---cmd---Wa ------------------------ Wba-ldx---ldc----fs will this work tring to make a 442 no tall man just passing around
  3. Anyone know how to best setup defensive forward (lone or with partner?) and the players around him im thinkign of DFs and AMs,SSA,AMA directly below him or maybe i could make them to wingers and a SSa behind the df anyone done a df formation
  4. I hope to implement a third party club to be able to offer whilst buying young or any players like being able to say to the club that this young player could be loaned at other clubs but next season he will be going to my club
  5. does retraining players to a new position (they dont have a cricle there not even an orange circle) reduce ca and or pa?
  6. How do i know that my team after transfers in and out are gelled in? is it squad harmony?
  7. ackter will u post a complete tactic so we can download it
  8. anyone can pm me pls or post how the hell enganche on how they "stay on there position" BUt each time I use coutinho HES at the penalty box trying to head the ball IN not evn tying to use his foot anyone has a good or atleast oworking enganche formation ( I uses sturdge and suarez upfront on af and cfs and gerrard dlps and leava cmd)
  9. i find the eg and f9 crowding center toomuch i moved eg to the aml as an apa i find coutinho doing more
  10. so much specialized roles this is orgasmic trying with liverpool edit: using gerrard to his full potential as well as coutihno ... sterling a beast at DW THIS IS good tactic
  11. trying to use coutinho as an EG but he keeps going forward in the box trying to head the ball in?????? Can somoen point me the right direction on how to use enganche like how to set it up does it need 1 or 2 strikers upfront??? or a wide midfileder on each side?? i am not sure how to use coutinho at all T/T
  12. Anyone know how to best use DLF s and SS a .... Like symetrical one aboce each other or the asymetrical one on the left side one on the right side?
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