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  1. on paper pgogba is good BUT if you tutor oyo, ledson(everton) and rossitter and chivirella they all turn into good cm making the pogba purchase as not needed
  2. everyone keeps selling balotelli he always fires up after the first season 46goals and 39 at the third season on my saves (teach him tries first time shot at start of season 1 and hell rip any keeper that has poor positioning )
  3. I just sub in for 20 mins (every week 2 or 3 diferent youngsters that are good) so even my u21 get a rotation at age of 19-20 i loan them out and make sure they are guaranteed first team at age 20-21 they get subs in my first team and its my make or break time for any youngster want to play managed to turn ibe,kent,wilson,sinclair,oyo,loyd jones,chivirella,rossiter,(ledson from everton,ajer,joe gomez) good stats ( some are actually bad but they play good when they play ) im at 4 season now and they all are now vying for first team i sold most of the liverpool squad and my average age is 21 lol
  4. In my 4th season liverpool it takes me 1 to 3 days per season(holidays so i play most of the day)
  5. playing stoper cover very high line works for me the stopper and either cmd or a dmd close down opponents whilst the cover get into intercepting position for the eventual trough ball
  6. got iron curtain second season in using sakho,lloyd jones,caulker as my cbs (4-3-3) help i got ruben neves as dmd in front of em and balanta as LB ,flanagan as rb
  7. I find the inflation and wages are so high 7 years in to be honest alot of my young players are already demanding higher contracts and all the players at the start of game either leave free or cannto be sold as there wages demands are high
  8. look at sterling he was from QPR then liverpool took him at 2010 sometimes lower clubs can produce good players look i just brought a semi decent regen from notingham forrest at intake day so take a look around
  9. I rather have player revolts and money problems than FMC it brings the stress to gaming
  10. Well after 3 or 4 seasons I will need to look for regens as the current players from the start will be geting too old my tactic is (if theres home grown rule needed then hit all the english club down to the skybet championship for quality ( not really) regens and try to sign them at intake day) if im wplaying clubs outside england i just scout out the popular netherlands clubs for regens that I need.
  11. Sold baloteli for 72milion to ManC after scoring 46 goals out of 40 macthes @.@ in a second season I finaly got the tactic i like ----------T------------- IFs----------------RD-- -----B2b--Aps---------- --------HB------------ fbs--cdd---cdd----cwba Atacking fluid,low tempo workball, pressure gk, stay on feet no oi, all the pi are short passing except for the aps ppm must have all the front trhree must have play one twos and all the midfield have either slow play or tries killer ball (not both) I have pogba who has dwells on ball which comes naturally( also has tries killer ball) so it works almost the same with suso (killer ball,long range passes,switch to other flank) ruben neves(tries killer ball) or lucas romero (stops play) both are my dm options What i find is that one of em slows down the other 2 midfielder get into passing position and killer ball it to the rd or T or the B2b running the if s is there to dribling runs I brought james wilson (10upfront 27 over 48month) at start of game and tutored with sturridge has the move to channel,knockball past opponent,run with ball often,play one twos, round keeper he basically playing robben role Sterling has his normal ppm plus play one two on the other side like ronaldo then passes it to wilson across very happy sometime munir as Treq goes to the chanel that wilson leaves when he dribles around defender and also get free space too managed to sell origi for 50mil (10 upfront the rest on 48 months) and got kingsliy coman (58mill alot spread over 48months i know its a bit expensive but hes 1 year younger and just as mobile
  12. You need to play him more often regular rotation with the secondary keeprs can keep them developing as well as on thier toes I find resting and regularly switching keepers i they are harder to score against
  13. I dont know if this work but heres loyd jones playing for (34 apps first season) I tutored him with sakho and here he is http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/39735790939624772/BAB828DB417B8ADFFD1941FA710B304D0E0F5B50/
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