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"UEFA Premier League" (European Super League)


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Right, I have created a European super league (of sorts). At the moment it does only have two divisions of 20 teams each. It is based in San Marino so as to not disrput things too much, and not to be biased towards any particular nation.

The Premier League is a very lucrative league with teams placed between 1st and 10th earning between £50,000,000 and £7,000,000.

There is a domestic cup called the UEFA League Cup which is potentially even more lucrative than the Premier League

The format of the UEFA Premier League is as follows:

  • Teams play each other twice
  • The top two teams play each other over two legs to decide the overall champions
  • The bottom two teams are relegated to UEFA Div. 1
  • Teams placed 15th-18th will compete in a relegation playoff with one team being relegated (total of three teams relegated)

The format for the UEFA Division One is as follows:

  • Top two teams automatically promoted
  • Teams placed 3rd-10th will compete for final promotion spot
  • Top ten teams earn prize money
  • Top 12 teams qualify for next year's UEFA League Cup

The format for the UEFA League Cup is as follows:

  • 32 teams compete in a group stage (8 Groups)
  • The top two qualify for the Knockout Rounds
  • The Knockout Rounds are over two legs, apart from the final, which is held at a neutral stadium at the end of the season
  • £5,000,000 is awarded to the loser of each Knockout Round
  • The winner's prize money increases exponentially each round, with the winner of the final being awarded £40,000,000

DOWNLOAD LINK FOR v1: http://www.rapidshare.com/#!download|851|438709827|UEFA_Prem.dbc|2.024


Added 3rd division and cup competition for UEFA Division Two

DOWNLOAD LINK FOR v2: http://www.rapidshare.com/#!download|65|438783922|UEFA_Premier.dbc|3.02

Please feel free to leave any feedback or questions :)


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So all clubs are now San Marinese?

Are you having issues with players values dropping siginficantly or teams being biased towards hiring players/staff from San Marino?

Yes the values did drop significantly which could be because of the fact they are now based in San Marino and they have a small reputation, however I have changed the reputation of SM.

However it didn't really change any asking prices and wasn't too much of an issue as clubs have small transfer budgets at start anyway.

I haven't really noticed any bias towards people from San Marino though.

EDIT: New version released, the player values are fixed to an extent, not what they were, but are more realistic

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