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  1. Good to hear people are still getting something out of it. I thought it would've been long forgotten.
  2. Hello editors, I've been away from the forum for a number of years and away from creating World Leagues for even longer - I think FM12 was probably my last decent effort. But something is stirring inside me and I feel like I want another crack at it. But since I haven't even played FM for a few years, I have no idea if the recent versions of the editor even still allow for such a thing. In FM12 I managed to set up a World League as a secondary division structure, so all teams could still compete in their own domestic comps (albeit a shorter version) followed by the World League, with promotion/relegation and everything. Has anyone done anything similar on a recent FM? Will be interesting to see if the editor is any more user-friendly than it was back in my day.
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