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  1. After downloading the database from here I tried to change the rules to allow foreign players in but when I go to Advanced Rules in the editor and try make any changes, I go to test the rules and get 'Could not get state settings in first stage in Vanarama National League South' despite not touching the English leagues. To test this, I re-downloaded it, went into Advanced Rules and tested without changing anything and still got the same error message. What's happening?
  2. Definitely something wrong here. I redownloaded the database (and it was back to normal). This time all I did was go into the advanced rules, without changing anything. Ran the test and the same error came up and I can't use it again. Why can't I even go into advanced rules without it breaking?
  3. On what must be my fifth go at starting this up I've just encountered the foreign players rule. I've tried to change this by removing the squad selection rules in fixture rules for Rules 0-4 and now I can't load any Andorran leagues. Probably going to re-download the database and do what I did before. When I go to test the rules I get 'Could not get state settings in first stage in Vanarama National League South' despite not touching the English leagues. So I don't have to go through this again, is there are safe way of removing the foreign player rule without totally messing up the database
  4. Had a scan through this and liked what I saw but two things came up: The first was an issue I had when creating European Super Leagues in previous years; that the home nation teams (England) would have a bias with language. As things stand on this one, if you don't speak the language (Spanish I believe) you can be sent on a language course. I don't know how this actually affects things in the game, but it seems like Spanish teams would have an unfair advantage. One change I've made to the database was adding Italian, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese and English to Andorra's languages, that w
  5. It's taken me a while but it's finally clicked. Season 1: Signed Volland as the team was lacking a quality right winger. Rooney often played up front, wide right (supporting winger) or in the whole. Mata largely in the whole, and Martial up top when I could. Depay wide left as an inside forward with fairly mediocre results (season average 7.07). Failed to qualify for the CL, and then made a huge mess of the end of the season to fail to make next season's CL Season 2: Went a bit mad in the transfer market, spending £180m on Pogba, Sigurdsson, Rolan, Embolo, Kampl and Vida essentially leaving
  6. I wouldn't go that far (with the two I mentioned anyway), I'm just surprised at how bad Bale's mental attributes are and I wondered if there'd been a massive drop-off from last season to this. Thanks for the reply, though.
  7. I do this every year. Have a glance through certain players to see if I noticed any attribute changes from those massively improved players. Problem is that it's usually been a few months since I played the last one so I don't really notice, but a couple have sprung to mind: Jamie Vardy - this is one for the staff as much as anyone else - his attributes must have flown up from last season, and I wondered if they boosted them after his start to the season? I'm certainly he was nowhere near as good last year, which is probably why he bagged 23 goals in the first season. Gareth Bale - clicked o
  8. As a follow-on from this, I've just entered contract negotiations with a player having been knocked out of the CL qualifiers (really is a first time for everything...) and dumped into the Europa League. The player wanted a bonus for winning it, but the bonus came up twice on the negotiation page, except one had the rest star next to it. I removed it and added it again and once again it came up twice with one not being allowed, but when I tried offering a bonus to reach any other round it worked fine. Oh, and one other thing I'm not keen on is the news items all being highlighted in red. I pre
  9. My two pence: 1) Don't like the blurry background at all when a new box comes up (proceed to match for example). Hurts my eyes. 2) Small thing but after the first game a stat came up saying a team was very leaky 'conceding two goals in one matches (sic)' 3) When you say your team will win the league, you get asked questions in the third person before answering in the third person - "I think we'll win the league" "Why them?" "Because they have a good squad" 4) I can't find where you make the matchday info boxes more transparent. At the moment they're taking up quite a lot of the screen and
  10. It's finally happened. Debts have been called in and the Glazers have been forced to come up with hundreds of millions, fast. Luckily they haven't had to sell the stadium, but the big name players have all gone. Rooney, van Persie, Mata and several other big wages have left the club. Rooney's got his 'dream move' to Paris, Mata's rejoined Real Madrid, and van Persie looks to have solved Chelsea's striker problem. The one positive for United is that they've got plenty of young players coming through. The likes of Zaha, Keane, Januzaj and Wilson will have to start the next generation for the cl
  11. Looks excellent so far but just got a few things about the United squad: Personally I wouldn't have Poborsky anywhere near a team of United legends (nor Hernandez). It'd also be nice to see Denis Irwin feature, as many United fans consider him our best full back ever. He was also our most decorated player until his retirement I believe. I'd also take Roy Keane from Forest, where he was only a young player and put him with United, where he spent his best years. He was still young when he came to United and spent over 10 years here. Anyway, keep it up, looks great.
  12. Anyone happen to have a download link for real competition names? I'm sure I've got one but it's for an old version of FM. With the updates the names are incompatible.
  13. Plus Gary Lineker. I've created 15 legends including Pele and Maradona, made them 19 years old and free agents. Some of them involved a bit of guesswork due to not seeing enough of them, so if anyone wants to name or make any improvements to the players' attributes, feel free. Similarly, if anyone wants to download this and add some of their own, feel free and reupload it. https://www.mediafire.com/?qugqok9tiojqp7t
  14. Here's another: Best player says he wants to leave for a bigger club. I tell him we can qualify for the Champions League this season. He says okay, but if you don't, I'm off. Fair enough. I come second in the PL, win the Europa League and my club rises from about 16th to 7th in the world rankings. Still wants to leave as we've apparently not qualified for the Champions League.
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