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  1. After downloading the database from here I tried to change the rules to allow foreign players in but when I go to Advanced Rules in the editor and try make any changes, I go to test the rules and get 'Could not get state settings in first stage in Vanarama National League South' despite not touching the English leagues. To test this, I re-downloaded it, went into Advanced Rules and tested without changing anything and still got the same error message. What's happening?
  2. Definitely something wrong here. I redownloaded the database (and it was back to normal). This time all I did was go into the advanced rules, without changing anything. Ran the test and the same error came up and I can't use it again. Why can't I even go into advanced rules without it breaking?
  3. On what must be my fifth go at starting this up I've just encountered the foreign players rule. I've tried to change this by removing the squad selection rules in fixture rules for Rules 0-4 and now I can't load any Andorran leagues. Probably going to re-download the database and do what I did before. When I go to test the rules I get 'Could not get state settings in first stage in Vanarama National League South' despite not touching the English leagues. So I don't have to go through this again, is there are safe way of removing the foreign player rule without totally messing up the database?
  4. Had a scan through this and liked what I saw but two things came up: The first was an issue I had when creating European Super Leagues in previous years; that the home nation teams (England) would have a bias with language. As things stand on this one, if you don't speak the language (Spanish I believe) you can be sent on a language course. I don't know how this actually affects things in the game, but it seems like Spanish teams would have an unfair advantage. One change I've made to the database was adding Italian, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese and English to Andorra's languages, that way everyone can speak 'the language'. The other thing was transfer values. I don't know if you've edited them, but it looks like players can be bought and sold cheaper than normal. For example, a 191-200 rep player in England has a typical transfer value of £60m. In Andorra it's £43m. I haven't changed it, in case you already had, and also because it should all be relative. We're all in the World League together so we should all have our transfer values adjusted accordingly. For future versions though I'd probably increase this, assuming it doesn't upset the finances of the team.
  5. Think I've only done that once or twice with the same results as the taskbar.
  6. Yeah, not had a corrupted file yet. I did have AVG but uninstalled it (and FM) to try rectify the start-up issues I was having, so I'm just using Windows Defender now.
  7. Think it's something to do with saving rather than quitting. Had it a couple of times now where the game crashes immediately after saving. Didn't even quit this time. Saved as: Pret-FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.12.02 21.18.54).dmp
  8. It's taken me a while but it's finally clicked. Season 1: Signed Volland as the team was lacking a quality right winger. Rooney often played up front, wide right (supporting winger) or in the whole. Mata largely in the whole, and Martial up top when I could. Depay wide left as an inside forward with fairly mediocre results (season average 7.07). Failed to qualify for the CL, and then made a huge mess of the end of the season to fail to make next season's CL Season 2: Went a bit mad in the transfer market, spending £180m on Pogba, Sigurdsson, Rolan, Embolo, Kampl and Vida essentially leaving me with four right sided players. Sold Schneiderlin and Herrera for a combined £97m inc. add ons. Crazy, I know. Got rid of Rooney to Chelsea. Still not good in the league. First win games five matches in, was always playing catch up and still didn't make the CL. Season 3: Team became a bit more levelled. Got rid of Mata, got Barkley and Gotze (free), brought Bale in in January for £50m. Came closer to the title this time but just left myself too much to do, came third. Season 4: Bought Javi Maritinez cheap to bolster the squad and then Laporte for £50m in January to add some class to the defence. Got battered 5-0 at Everton on the opening day then won nine on the bounce, then lost two in a row and have now won 11 on the bounce. Beat Celtic 7-0 and Real Madrid 4-1 in the group stage but came second. Currently on 71 goals from 22 games, seven points clear of Chelsea at the top. It's interesting for United this time as they've got Depay and Martial, two players who probably have the highest PA on the game. You've also got money to invest heavily. My strongest squad at the moment is something like: DDG, Darmian, Jones, Laporte, Shaw, Pogba, Barkley, Bale, Gotze, Depay, Martial. Martinez, Coentrao, Thiago Maia, Januzaj, Sigurdsson, Volland [unreal regen]. Depay's also a strange one. He's rightly wanted more game time but simply couldn't displace Bale on the left. I didn't like playing two inside forwards as it lacks width. Now I don't even use one. I've started playing Depay on the right as a winger with Bale on the left and the results are incredible. This season, playing as AML, Depay's 7.50 from 8 games. Playing as AMR he's 8.59 from 8 games. The transformation has been amazing. From 14 games in the league he's on seven goals and 11 assists with three POTMs.
  9. Uninstalled FM and my Anti-Virus, update my graphics card. Still nothing.
  10. I don't ever recall saving and then quitting. I don't think I've ever had issues saving, and like I say, it's not all the time, just now and again when using the save and quit.
  11. Going through the steps with this one. When FM's uninstalled and then reinstalled, how many files (if any) will I lose? For example, save games, tactics, documents (all of which are saved in my documents).
  12. Happened a few times when saving and quitting. Not getting dumps for anything else, just this. Restarting my computer now, thankfully the saves don't seem to get corrupted, so I'm assuming it crashes right after it's saved. Pret-v0.0.0.0 (2015.11.30 19.57.29).dmp
  13. Can't see it being anything to do with my anti-virus as it does work fine when I start it from Steam. I think it did it on my last computer with FM15 too. Starting FM as soon as the computer's loaded didn't seem to start it. Like it had to wait for something. I thought it might be a case of waiting for Steam to load up but with FM16 it's still a little erratic. I'll let you know if there's any change after updating the graphics card.
  14. Whenever I boot my computer up and try to open FM from my taskbar shortcut it says it's already running then I get a steam notification saying 'preparing to launch FM', which closes when I close down the initial error message (already running). Then another steam box tends to open up saying that the app is already running. It does work fine when opening from Steam, but it's a bit annoying having to do it that way around all the time.
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