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  1. I have a slight variant on 3-4-3 and it is working well so far. I play a libero behind 2 DCs. 2 Wing-backs, 2 CMs and an asymmetric front 3 consisting of an AMCL (Shadow Striker) SC (False 9) and AMR (Inside forward). I've not seen many sweeper systems discussed on here, let alone any that work, so thought it would be a good challenge.
  2. I like this mentoring idea. How much do you think it is reasonable for me to charge people for advice? Could be a lucrative business opportunity!
  3. I play a single wide forward in the AMR position as an IF. Mane and Salah rotate for me and both do a good job. But this wasn't always the case - when I played a 4-3-3 formation they seemed less effective but since switching to a wing-back system they have improved. I'm thinking that with a WBR behind instead of a DR that perhaps it encourages them to push up a little more and hence more of an attacking threat? I don't know really, just speculating.
  4. You could argue that the Welsh league is a feeder league for England, since the top Welsh clubs are in the English league and the rest have no chance of being "promoted".
  5. fm issues

    OP, you need to use more full-stops. There are some incredibly long sentences there making it very hard to read.
  6. I've never seen it. Also never seen a keeper commit a foul. I even checked the stats in a few previous FM's and none of my keepers committed fouls in 40-50 year games. Penalties are always conceded by defenders. Will SI ever address this? It's been going on for a long time.
  7. Old and Boring

    It is rather ageist for this overly PC country.
  8. I've seen it 3 times in my current save. Always a little nerve-wracking, even though I've got 18 league titles and a host of other trophies, stadium named after me, etc.
  9. I remember on old FMs you could choose who goes first - this was particularly handy when we had a multiplayer game going, as we could all submit our team selections, then the last guy to submit could be the first guy to play, saving us from too much seat-swapping. Or if one of us has to leave early, we would let him play first then the other guys would do their games and then save. So it is a little frustrating that you can't switch this any more. But if you are managing all the teams yourself, why does it really matter which team goes first?
  10. Mastering Finance

    Renewing contracts of players doesn't guarantee they will have a good re-sale value. You may struggle to sell them and then have to pay wages for another x number of years. My advice is to only extend contracts if you see a future for them in your team, otherwise cut your losses. Don't use a general rule for everything, treat each player/transaction on it's own merits. Then buy young, good potential players from lower rep leagues/teams and sell them on for a profit.
  11. I had the same problem yesterday and its happening again today. Really annoying - I choose offline mode specifically so it doesn't need the internet so why are the steam servers too busy? I want to play offline!!!! I miss the old days of having an actual disc.
  12. Why would a manager scrap his tried and tested system to accommodate an extra striker? I don't think it's necessarily realistic to do that. Different managers have different approaches.
  13. This happens IRL, I don't see it as a major problem. A lot of managers prefer to fit players to the tactics, rather than fit tactics to the players. Liverpool had about 6 strikers last season, yet often played a virtually striker-less formation, perhaps using Firmino as the false 9. I do it in-game too - I've played the same formation since starting my game and players who don't fit either have to re-train, be sold or settle for rotation.
  14. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    There were various reports of bugs in FM13 which prevented the user from creating any kind of Super League by utilising the Secondary Divisions tab. I'm not sure of the details exactly as it's been a few years. But I've not seen a thread since which has used this method successfully.
  15. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    I've been away from FM editing for a while but am wondering if my request above had been considered or brought back into the game? I'd love to create a new World League similar to ones I've done in older versions, but around FM13/FM14 they changed the editor so I couldn't do it anymore.