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  1. 3 is not normal for a right back. In my team, he starts with 66 so he keeps it for his career.
  2. My first step at a new club is always to plug obvious weak areas in my first XI. if I have any funds left, it all goes into potential talent.
  3. I've noticed pre-contract negotiations that players occasionally ask for you to give them their preferred number as one of the promises. Personally I do occasionally give out preferred numbers, but only when it fits into my system. And once I give a player a number, they keep it for the rest of their stay at my club.
  4. It is already easy to create tactics - there is even a tactics creator to assist with this.
  5. If he's declined that much surely he's not a top player anymore, and the squad won't mind too much.
  6. Why do you keep getting rid of these highly influential people then? If it causes that much of a problem, just keep them around.
  7. Just offer him out to clubs. The rest of the squad won't have a meltdown - one or two might be surprised at first, but they will get over it pretty quickly as long as you are winning games.
  8. The most obscure I've done are the likes of Namibia, Mauritius , New Zealand and Scotland.
  9. The guy on the left is shockingly slow for a full-back. Pace and acceleration are important attributes for that position, so that's probably why he is rated poorly. Ability in the air is less important out wide. But as manager, you can make your own judgement on players.
  10. I had it once where it went on for about 3 seasons. Problem then was his contract was due to expire and I couldn't offer a new one.
  11. When I get bored of the game I stop playing and do something else in life that I find interesting. Don't waste your time on this if you don't enjoy it. There is more to life.
  12. The thing is, even if you lose to Man City, they may give you more time (ie. another season) to do it, as they will understand you getting knocked out by a big club.
  13. We haven't even got through the semi-final and you're talking about us winning the next 3 World Cups????
  14. I was going to post pretty much the same thing.
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