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  1. We haven't even got through the semi-final and you're talking about us winning the next 3 World Cups????
  2. Kenco

    Ideas to make FM harder

    I was going to post pretty much the same thing.
  3. I often use it when chasing a goal late in a game, or when the opposition 'keeper is carrying a knock. I can't say I've noticed my team actually attempt any more than usual though.
  4. Kenco

    FM19 Discussions Thread!

    No, I think it's still too early to think about this. The World Cup is still on. And it's coming home.
  5. In an old game I had the Namibian League loaded and managed an imaginatively named team called Eleven Men. Half of their squad had the same surname, and about 5 had the same first name too. It was pretty confusing, so I had to give them all nicknames which included their position.
  6. If you leave a team selected, the AssMan will use those players for every game. I usually clear the selection completely and let him choose, or occasionally I pick 3 or 4 players myself, usually youngsters who I want to see get game time and let him choose the rest.
  7. Kenco

    World Leagues?

    Yep, just as soon as I find some spare time to do it.
  8. Kenco

    How to defend

    Just don't let the other team have scoring opportunities.
  9. I had a regen striker on FM15 get 63 league goals in 35 games. I think he got about 80 overall, but I didn't play him in cups very much. Back in the days of the Diablo tactic (when was that, 03-04 or thereabouts?) my MC easily cleared 200 goals in a season. But it was boring so I only completed one season on it before going back to playing properly.
  10. The only real way to learn is to play it, lose games, get sacked, learn from your mistakes and try again. Over and over. Practice makes perfect.
  11. Kenco

    Alternatives to drawing lots

    A coin toss would be better for the environment than straws. Unless they are recycled.
  12. Kenco

    England's World Cup 23

    This looks pretty spot on to me, except I'd keep Maguire in there because I feel he hasn't been tested against good opposition yet and I want to see how he copes. Probably leave out Jones.
  13. Kenco

    Alternatives to drawing lots

    Drawing lots. What is that anyway? it sounds like how Portugal usually progress through a tournament. By drawing lots and not losing or winning much. Why not just toss a coin?