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The Art of Tweaking - A Discussion

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Just had a look at the match there. As you said saab693, it wasn't great. Alright for the majority of the first half.

Again it's just when Sunderland take off Prica and put on a smaller striker e.g. Stokes and Chopra. These strikers are playing very defensively, like an attacking midfielder. At this point what was the defensive line at? Maybe when they bring on a smaller striker, you should up the D-Line a few notches?

I also noted that the two CM's are having too much space. I think it to do with the diamond you are playing. Maybe barrow Osman and farrow Jagielka to the two CM positions? Or maybe just go for a flat midfield?

Phil Jagielka's passing wasn't great in this game either. Maybe it's to do with the options that's available to him. Maybe we should look more into forward runs. It seems to me that there's nobody free to take a pass and thus he has to belt the ball up the field trying to find Yakubu and Johnson.

The back four's passing wasn't great. Maybe shorten their passing? Again it might have to do with the options available to them. I'm not sure would this work but maybe put the fullbacks on Hold up ball. Although they might get caught in possesion and lead to silly goals being given away?

It looks like Sunderland were trying to focus their play down their right and Everton's left as Valente has 19 interceptions. He did well there. Howard, I don't have any clue as how to fix this. Every team I play with has the same problem.

Everton's passing was not all that good either. Maybe play a shorter, slower game?

Just a few things that I noticed in this game.

What does everyone else think?

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by shunterbaby:

bump.. so whats the latest </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Sorry guys, been occupied with my save game! I'm going to replay the second attempt because as Andrew rightly pointed out we had injuries and I didn't make the changes when they brought on a smaller striker as the group had suggested. Apologies for my slackness!

Shall replay the game at some point today and post the new PKM up


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Saab693, are you still playing your Everton game?

Maybe your busy with other stuff.

I started a game in season 2023 with Sunderland. It's good fun despite the fact that I couldn't make tactics at all.

I'm not doing too bad now though. Just gone on a 5 match unbeaten run. Happy enough for now icon_smile.gif

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Hey Guys!

Sorry not been posting, just been really busy with other stuff. Having issues with the save game so we may need to start a new one. By all means go ahead and I'll just contribute as we go, I'm just a bit snowed under at the mo.

Hope everyone's cool with that


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