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  1. I have bought a 22 year old goalkeeper in my 2023 save. He looks pretty good, but his eccenttricity stat is 17, is this good or bad? IIRC thats bad but i'm not certain. Can someone put me straight please? Thanks
  2. I'm in the year 2012 and I've never produced a world class regen through the youth ranks. How can I produce at least one great player a year or is this even possible? I'm playing FM08 if that makes any difference, Thanks
  3. How do you get some good youngsters with high PA when you get a new batch of youngsters at the start of every season? Is it down to the quality of your scouts or is this possible at all?
  4. In Player Preferred moves what does "plays with back to goal" mean? What will he do?
  5. Yeah I did try to loan him out to one of my feeder clubs, but he thinks he a bit of a Buffon and is too good to make that step down, how do you make him an attractive proposition for a club that will take him on loan and play him? (Sorry about this by the way.)
  6. Thanks Cleon. I'm trying to play him as often as I can. Also, whats the best way to develop a keeper? I have this 18/19 year old, but he wont be near the first team for ages yet, and he wont go to one of my feeder clubs, any ideas? Thanks.
  7. I have this young regen with a PA of 180. He is 19 now, and I have Goran Pandev tutoring him at the moment. I'm trying to play him at every opportunity with the first team. Is there anyway that I could burn him out?
  8. Another question (sorry about this) , is OI essential to win/nullify opposing teams? At the moment I haven't used OI at all and I'm doing alright, for the moment anyways.
  9. Thanks isuckatfm. Another question I always wanted to ask but didn't know where to ask it was how the best way to play in France? I'm thinking about starting a game with AS Monaco or Lyon, but I'm not sure which is the best way to approach it from a tactical perspective. Thanks in advance, Patrick
  10. Thanks isuckatfm. The reason I didn't bother ticking use playmaker because my players would only pass to the first name I put in the box. I thought if I didn't tick use playmaker, then my player with the ball would pass to the nearest playmaker for example my lb would pass to my left winger because my MC was too far away.
  11. I have a question regarding playmaker. I play as AT Madrid, using a flat 4-4-2 formation with short farrows on the wingers. Anyways, I put my two wingers, two CMs and two ST names into the playermaker box, however I haven't ticked the "Use Playmaker" option in Team Instructions. What affect will this have on my team play? And is this a good or bad thing to do? Thanks
  12. I would SI to less biased to the top 4 teams in England, no matter how good you play, how many goals they score they will always win. For example I'm Sunderland played Aresenal away. 2-0 to me a half time. 12 shot to their 2 none on target. Ended up losing 3-2 with them having 4 shot on goal to mine of 10. Something the SI will have to fix as those teams are good but not that good.
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