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  1. If there's more than one non negotiable offer you can always negotiate them, just go to TEAM>Transfer Centre, then highlight all the bids which are OFFERS for the player. Then on the right hand side click negotiate. Then just name your price and see if any of them bite
  2. Now i don't think anyone can deny that "Jack" looks a good prospect, and for his age, suits the arsenal system and has a very good reading for the game, but please I do ask, in your dictionary what the term "owned" means?? In the home leg, in the second half Jack did ok and played some incisive passes, but in the other three halves of football he was completely bossed out the game by the excellent Barcelona midfield and could hardly get a touch of the ball. Not that this is any slight on Jack more an appreciation of how brilliant and far ahead Xavi and Iniesta plus their teammates are in passing and moving a football round the pitch.
  3. The FM11 Looking For Thread

    QPR- All round striker who can hold the ball up but with pace DL - Left back who can bomb forward to provide alternative option to Clint Hill, DM - DM who can break up play and give to the more skillful Faurlin, Busaky and Taarabt
  4. Error's when load new skin

    Hello, i seem to have problems loading new skins, i've never really had any problems but only just started playing FM this years one! So when i load up Galaxy there is a problem that the position, conract, transfer, training, toolbar above the player is not there which obviously makes it unplayable With the Steklo one it just crashes and i get an error message. I've also tried one other where you couldn't see some of the widgets Now i reformatted my laptop last week, and have installed as many drivers as i can think of, I also downloaded Direct x.. Do any of you know what the problem could be, as I get bored with the default skin, and there's so many amazing skins this year, i feel it would be a shame not to utilize them! Thanks David
  5. FM11: Terry Dixon

    Rooney without the class?? I presume you mean as in skill? Your mate is wrong, it wasn't his attitude that was the problem it all, its that he got a reallly unlucky injury, that he still has got. Spurs didn't didn't think he would be able to make it with his injury, but offered him employment in other areas of football, but he is so desperate to play. I think he is still on the books of West Ham now. It's a shame that the injury has wrecked a very promising player.
  6. What team could you simply never manage?

    Arsenal, and I hope it would be the same for any Spurs supporter
  7. Barclaycard Premiership Challenge Clan Thread!

    Sunday 7th March 2010 Summary hunter - West Ham Having been called up at the last minute, to sort out matters in the real football world at Chelsea FC, I had to leave my trusty assistant manager in charge for this session. However being the manager I am, I was on the phone to my trusty assistant the whole time, and a special thanks to Jake who updated me on proceedings. I am pleased with the end result of the session, as valuable South Americans were signed in Ochoa and Jadson. Lets hope they are as good as the last South American who graced Upton Park, and is now fighting it for a place at the big money club a bit further north. Another small update is Sandro may be coming on loan if he can pass the work permit, I have still not totally decided on this one. I don't want to limit first team opportunities for any of my essex midfielders! All in all a good session for me.
  8. Barclaycard Premiership Challenge Clan Thread!

    Thursday 4th March 2010 Summary West Ham - hunter From going into this season happy with a top ten finish but secretly hoping to rustle the feathers of the big boys, to now just hoping he doesn't suffer the embarresment of falling below, our resident cheeky chappy schoolboy, Haza. After agreeing deals for major players in the game, I was somewhat dissapointed that Gourcuff 17.5m, and Dzeko 22.5 stayed with their initial decisions in rejecting moves to Upton Park. However it only got worse for me, as it was on a small technicality that I really suffered. There was some muted talk about agreeing deals "over 48 months" being unethical, it was the first I had heard of this, however after two particular members likened it to "masterburting on an aeroplane" I decided to call a vote as to whether everyone would have to bid everything upfront for a player, or whether we were allowed to bid over time, and include other clauses. The votes swang in favour of straight forward upfront bidding, and with that my hopes of signing Hamsik, Sissoko, and Ansildi crumbled faster than the cookie I dunked in my cup of tea whilst playing. So with this new bidding structure in place I have only just began to rebuild my targets. I feel this bidding will set me back this season, but I do agree it makes it more realistic, and I still feel with time I can be a fighting force in the premiership.
  9. The Incredible Hulk, I know there's been a lot of hype around Wilshere, but the games that he has played for first team, have not been the tough games, they have been a couple of pre-season games. If we all went by pre-season, then Darren Bent would have succeeded at Spurs, its just not a true reflection. Teams give you time on the ball because they do not want to commit too hard in case of injuries. I don't see why your arguing over a -9 or -10 surely a -9 means he is a fantastic prospect. If you compare him to Otamendi who has already got international caps for one of the best nations of the world. I do think Wilshere will be good, but I don't think we have seen enough to really say he is a -10. One player I would compare him to is Adel Taarabt, who when he came to Spurs 3 seasons back everyone was raving about his little cameo's. You probably saw yourself him nutmeg both Gallas and Fabregas in the same game, he has incredible skill, but thats not to say he should be a -10. As we have seen, he hasn't really progressed at all. Wilshere could be the same, he hasn't really proven too much yet. And too say he has been outstanding at youth level, a lot of players have, Ryan Mason at Spurs last year scored an incredible amount of goals and assists, but he has been rated **** on the game. Likewise Delfounoso (sp) tore it up at youth level, and Wilshere has been rated a lot higher than him and most other prospects that have done it at youth level. Yeh he could be the next Gazza, but he could also be the next Taarabt, Alliadierre, Dalmat, Denilson... Your arguement for Walcott to be automatically over the likes of Lennon is your bias showing I think. Lennon has done a lot more at both club and international level for a long time. Yeh Walcott got the Hatrick and fair play he did well, but if we are talking about proving it week in week out, and learning as well, I think you have got a hard arguement to say Walcott is better than Lennon and has the potential to grow better than Lennon will. The thing about Jordan Henderson, is yes he must be talented but is he getting in just because he is young with some potential and Sunderland are waiting to see what that is. Sunderland don't have too many wide midfielders so he is filling in that back up role. It was like Rohan Ricketts used to do at Spurs, and he has just been released from Toronto in Canada. A bit like the West Ham lads, Tomkins, Stanislas and Hines, are they in there because of there talent or because West Ham just can't afford to have too many proven players like Collins on the wage bill??? I think its easy to let our clubs bias get in the way. If it was up to me I'd rate Gomes, King and Assou-Ekotto a bit higher, but then i can also accept that might just be the fan in me talking and overating them.
  10. CromScott's FM Database Update..(newplayers added)

    I'l take West Ham if its still up for grabs msn is shunterbaby@hotmail.com
  11. Yeh I agree, Benitez is a cert for me if i can get him... Trouble is with those players vavavoom, there often not on my game! Tales doesn't want to come as well!
  12. Hello Starting an online game with QPR, there's a few other players, playing with Wolves, Reading Sheff UTD, so basically teams that are ranked higher than QPR on the game... Anyway, for those that have played with QPR on 9.3 i need your help I havn't really played at Championship level much before so don't have that much idea about what players to go for. Ok i no some of the general ones, but i do need help on this Could anyone help me out on who I should get please... Also who in the QPR squad is really worth keeping and nurturing as well. Help the game starts on Thursday, and these other guys are much more experienced than me!!!
  13. FM Allnighter Friday

    Right Hello guys, I won't be here all night as got to do the Circle Line pub crawl tomorow and don't want to knackered for it!! Anyhow probably gonna play a couple of hours. I'm going to start a new international game (first time i've tried one) as my beloved Wales. Hoping to make Gunter and Bale the key players as they are in real life and try and bring all the new blood like "Ramsey, Evans, Bale Gunter through!
  14. OK i'm in I hope to post a few screenies soon
  15. Network problem

    Woody your post has been answered in another thread. Your now in 3 topics asking the same thing. Just be patient lol Tony, you should be able to put the saved game onto a memory stick or send it over by email. When you resume you should be host server on your laptop anyway, if not just tick Host Server box in preferences. I think thats right anyhow. I'm assume your home computer and your laptop use the same internet. If so there shouldn't really be any problems Just get the saved game from My Documents, SPorts interactives/FM 09/Games