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  1. Just a quick one daf, would you sign a youngster with 2* CA and 4* PA or would you deem the CA too low?
  2. Ah that's interesting. How do you choose that value? I see you had £500k initially on the screenshot you posted on here. Is that 1500 players for one position or all players u21?
  3. Daf Quick question. I've been adopting your player search technique (ie under 21, sort by PA and then CA). I was wondering what you do when you're dealing with a top class team? Presumably searching for an under 21 DMC interested in joining your club would yield thousands of results? Do you filter them down at all? Cheers saab693
  4. You may have answered this before Mr Hough, but do you get scout reports for the players you look to sign or do you just get the ones with the best attributes you can?
  5. An ok so as regards your post above, did you mean 'realistic' as opposed to 'unrealistic?'
  6. That's interesting. How were you finding the trial players then? By attribute search?
  7. Ah MikaelS, I remember your epic Chippenham saves! What tactic will you be going for this year?
  8. Ah I remember the Sirocco Works days, hopefully the league rep system will change things this time. Out of interest, why didn't you do this as part of Gundo's challenge?
  9. Great opening post mate, superb. I've been (unofficially) competing in your FM11 challenge with my Mantova side and as we're on the brink of Serie A I don't think I can give up on them just yet.....I will be back for FM12 though, I assure you. I hope your save games won't be riddled with bugs before the first patch comes out! Cheers saab693
  10. I've got a cracking save at the moment with Mantova but unfortunately I didn't get the pre-requisite screenshot to comply with the rules! I'll be sure to do proper updates next year but I'm really getting a lot out of the save. Cracking challenge gents, looking forward to the FM12 thread - I take it there will be one?!
  11. Any comments guys? Just wondering more about these filters. I have started a game and according to the player filters, I should be playing Keita and Busquets in midfield instead pf Xaxi and Iniesta! Mr Hough, would they in fact be better suited to the tactic then?
  12. Not a fan of wingers is he?! I'd like to see a Hough 442, just to see how he'd do it!
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, really good! For anyone in doubt, I cannot overestimate how important this tactic is for both FM and the Community. It has made the game accessible for everyone and I do hope that Mr Hough is recognised for what he has achieved. Out of interest mate, could you please provide a breakdown of stats levels for the filters for each division? Ie premiership and championship 13 League 1 12 etc.... Cheers Saab693
  14. Hey Mr Hough First thing I need to say is that without you FM10 really wouldn't have happened. With FC United I have achieved 5 promotions in 7 years! I just have a couple of questions to help me even further: 1) Did you use the tactic in the lower leagues at all? 2) When you search for players using the filters, how do you select from the results found? Do you rely on your scouts at all? Did you do so at lower league level? I'd like to know what everyone else does as well if you don't mind! Cheers saab693
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