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  1. Any comments guys? Just wondering more about these filters. I have started a game and according to the player filters, I should be playing Keita and Busquets in midfield instead pf Xaxi and Iniesta! Mr Hough, would they in fact be better suited to the tactic then?
  2. Not a fan of wingers is he?! I'd like to see a Hough 442, just to see how he'd do it!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, really good! For anyone in doubt, I cannot overestimate how important this tactic is for both FM and the Community. It has made the game accessible for everyone and I do hope that Mr Hough is recognised for what he has achieved. Out of interest mate, could you please provide a breakdown of stats levels for the filters for each division? Ie premiership and championship 13 League 1 12 etc.... Cheers Saab693
  4. Hey Mr Hough First thing I need to say is that without you FM10 really wouldn't have happened. With FC United I have achieved 5 promotions in 7 years! I just have a couple of questions to help me even further: 1) Did you use the tactic in the lower leagues at all? 2) When you search for players using the filters, how do you select from the results found? Do you rely on your scouts at all? Did you do so at lower league level? I'd like to know what everyone else does as well if you don't mind! Cheers saab693
  5. Definitely. The team talk advice really makes a difference too. I have won promotion to League 2! Since using the tactic, my record is P28W25D2L1 I love Mr Hough
  6. There goes me thinking FC United in the conference are a small team with no money.......
  7. This last comment is blindingly obvious! I'm sure Mr Hough assumes that you have bought the best players you can with your available budget/reputation limitations. I do however think that the tactic is the most important part. Get it wrong and the results will not come, no matter how good your players are. Luckily, this tactic is brilliant
  8. What drivel! I was 17th in the BSP - Since changing to the classic version I have won 15 in a row and now sit 2nd in the league. Enough said
  9. Great! And say for BSP, what out of 20 would you class as good?
  10. Hey Mr Hough I'd be grateful if you could answer my question on buying players when you get a chance Cheers! saab693
  11. Hey Mr Hough I'm just debating given the classic version of this a go in my BSP game. Just a quick question: Do you just base who to sign on attributes or scout reports? For example, if I find a DC with all the attributes you list as being important at say, 8 (which would be reasonable for the division), would you just sign him, even if the scouts didn't think he was great? Cheers saab693
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