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Hi Guys,


A few things i've picked up on which i hope could be tweaked a little.


Offering a player for transfer........ this gives no control over when you want to sell..... the section for transfer period is grayed-out and basically forces you to sell immediately / next window.

Also, clauses, these always get overlooked no matter what you put down and it always becomes it seems a straight fee sale only.


Transfer negotiations, why does it reset everything after they decline a fee? -- a few times i have been caught out with the date of the transfer resetting etc and instead of player signing end of season, it sets up for immediate / next window. This is frustrating and whilst i can be more aware to take care, when you're playing sometimes it's frustrating that everything resets.


Player negotiations....... Firstly, please fix the stupid issue where a player will ask for crazy weekly wages to join..... i've had various examples of top players but then low end players asking for crazy crazy wages (plus signing fee) which means no deal can be done. 

If a player is earning say 20-40k a week (maybe less even) how can they demand £300-500k a week?????





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My biggest problems with transfers:


No offers come in for players


Trying to sell a player you normally have to knock 10-20 million of actual price to get an offer


Trying to but player's the teams will push for large price from me then accept a lower offer from elsewhere


As you mention wages and signing on fees. High wage demands from less than 100k per week to sometimes 200k per week so double or treble. Signing on fee no way to increase this even if you are a rich club and have available funds

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If you have an situations where you think things aren't behaving as they should - please get the save game to me via. our tech support (just say its for me, they'll shuffle it over) and explain which players and what is happening and I'll look into it, if you give them your email or forum user name then I'll try and contact you and discuss things if I disagree with you (warning I am only human with a life outside of work and presently am suffering from Pink Eye so not running at full-speed and unlikely to be fully recovered for another week or so).

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Not sure how to contact tech support but I have took screenshots of test I just did. Player wage jump currently on 40k per week wants 225k okay I can afford it but it is a massive jump for a 21 year old who yes has potential but I feel the wage jump is too much

FM 2019 Mobile_2019-03-08-21-53-29.jpg

FM 2019 Mobile_2019-03-08-21-53-36.jpg

FM 2019 Mobile_2019-03-08-21-53-45.jpg

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He looks potentially amazing - I think that is more than I'd offer, have you tried negotiating? ... some players especially more confident ones will ask for a wage far inflated from what they might accept ... you can't blame them for trying ;)

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