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  1. Hi Sorry I didn't respond previously, have limited access to pc at present. So this same thing happened to me gain, I was playing Chelsea in the Super Cup Final - I had 13 players only available 50% first teamers as international games were being played! Chelsea had a reduced but stronger team and won. Why is this happening?? - Season 25 as missed out a couple of champs leagues
  2. Below are the players i could put out and the subs! I was fortunate Sessignon could play left wing
  3. Wow! Just about to play Super cup final (4th September) and most of my players are on international duty!!! 18 players unavailable!!! Come on!! Update: so with a squad of 14 players somehow i manged to win 1-0! I had 9 defenders / DM in my squad of 14!
  4. I never have players reaching 100% and always stay on 98% no matter if i rest them for 2 months! Also players coming back from injury taking ages too.
  5. Can we continue the current games with the updates taking affect?
  6. Hi Guys, A few things i've picked up on which i hope could be tweaked a little. Offering a player for transfer........ this gives no control over when you want to sell..... the section for transfer period is grayed-out and basically forces you to sell immediately / next window. Also, clauses, these always get overlooked no matter what you put down and it always becomes it seems a straight fee sale only. Transfer negotiations, why does it reset everything after they decline a fee? -- a few times i have been caught out with the date of the transfer resetting etc and instead of player signing end of season, it sets up for immediate / next window. This is frustrating and whilst i can be more aware to take care, when you're playing sometimes it's frustrating that everything resets. Player negotiations....... Firstly, please fix the stupid issue where a player will ask for crazy weekly wages to join..... i've had various examples of top players but then low end players asking for crazy crazy wages (plus signing fee) which means no deal can be done. If a player is earning say 20-40k a week (maybe less even) how can they demand £300-500k a week????? Ta.
  7. I started as Man Utd after upgrading finally from 3 years older app...... pretty much the same, but wages asked for from a player is crazy especially when they sign for lower wages elsewhere. So far walking league by 19 points albeit knocked out of league cup first game - only signed 3 defenders - found it strange Man City not spent a penny! It's ok, would still like the transfer negotiations to be more in depth and also the scouting reports and squad reports could do with improving. Also number of players (especially younger) missing from the teams.
  8. This is still happening to me too. Want crazy money but agree half with another club
  9. I would like to see: Better contract negotiations - bit more in depth with add ons - bonuses etc also between clubs too Also the ability to do a deal prior to a particular transfer window even if you don't technically have cash in the back at that time. At the beginning of a season you will normally get a transfer budget and often in Jan window a little extra, so you should be able to make bids and do deals regardless of how much is in the bank at the time.
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