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  1. choccy

    30 season limit

    I'd be shocked if I reached 30 seasons. Mind you i'm in my fifth already on one game I got going.
  2. choccy

    FM Handheld 2012 don´t work!!!!

    Marc Sorry for interrupting but did you ever receive my PM at all? I got not showing in my sent box but I did send you a message. Ta
  3. choccy

    Some Observations

    Marc That very first game save I sent you, if you notice whilst Barca have gone back to Rich all of a sudden, the players moods all mention about the clubs financial state etc. So seems deffo something little wrong there. Ta
  4. choccy

    Some Observations

    lol I jokingly applied for job of Villa and said they would let me know etc then after a game later I went back in and clicked the apply for job button again and it says: Aston Villa dismiss your job Application They have not forgiven you for your performance as manager earlier this season. Erm, what's that about? I've been Brentford boss for 7 seasons lol I've noticed other jobs like Charlton were never offered to me either. This a bug or am I too qualified for these?
  5. I would like to see: Better contract negotiations - bit more in depth with add ons - bonuses etc also between clubs too Also the ability to do a deal prior to a particular transfer window even if you don't technically have cash in the back at that time. At the beginning of a season you will normally get a transfer budget and often in Jan window a little extra, so you should be able to make bids and do deals regardless of how much is in the bank at the time.
  6. choccy

    Some Observations

    Marc sent you older file from 2013. Barca currently insecure but if follows as before willbe bankrupt etc etc ta.
  7. choccy

    Some Observations

    Typical. Marc just noticed last game save i sent has Barcelona now suddenly showing as rich again. i might have an older backup if what i sent cant help? let me know. They were broke again up tillend of transfer deadline. grrr.
  8. choccy

    Some Observations

    Marc Save sent. Ta.
  9. Marc, Played this a lot now and some things that I've noticed or that have bugged me a little. For the record i'm currently in season 2019 in one game with two others also on the go. 1) Barcelona have been bankrupt for the past 3 years going on 4 now and constantly getting news reports about them having to sell players etc. You would think that in this case you could get some players for a reasonable price considering... However it is impossible to sign any players near their value and only bids of nearly double are getting accepted. Furthermore and this is the real bug for me, They are still buying players for well over £20 million at a time and this is just insane! 2) Selling players, I have good players with good values and yet it's proving impossible to sell them unless I drop their price by half or more. If I have a young player early to mid 20's or an elder experienced player, I can not sell them anywhere near to their value or perhaps higher, yet i'm constantly paying a lot more for players I bring in. This seems to be all the time and is not realistic to be fair! I'll leave it at that for now and see what responses come back. Look forward to next version and some added features like comparing players! This would be very useful. Ta. Choccy31 XDA ;-)