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  1. Maybe having a low line is contributing to the problem, by inviting too much pressure and meaning you don't have many players crouding the area where the ball is likely to drop. Also seeing as you will only see highlights where dangerous situations occur, it's possible you don't see many short passes from your keeper throughout the course of a match. Also maybe your keeper has poor decision making or lacks creativity? What is his pass completion ratio in an average game? (look in your teams stats on the match screen, under passes and completed columns).
  2. It does make sense though. If I tell a player to play a specific role ie. an out and out winger then it seems logical that they should not be cutting inside, even if they are naturally inclined to do so, because they have been specifically told to not play in this way.
  3. Maybe their finances are being drained by having 30+ first team players on 300k a week, many of whom have like 4 appearances in 3 years.
  4. Looks to pass to opposition goalkeeper rather than score when in one on one situations.
  5. As a Norwich fan I can think of two perfect irl examples of this type of player: the Murphy twins. Both burst onto the scene as very capable league1/championship players. Now they are both approaching their mid 20s and look unlikely to be anything more than lower half Premier league players. And don't forget that you're not meant to see the PA. If you hadn't looked, you wouldn't have spoilt the narrative for yourself.
  6. I like this suggestion, perhaps it could be part of an expanded match preview before every game. I feel like we don't get enough narrative about upcoming games, so could also include things like your record against that opposition/injury report as well as odds and what is already there. With the zones thing, it kind of already exists, just anyone with any sense doesn't use players with fitness below dark green. This could be more emphasised in the physio centre though. Certainly more quantitative feedback would be cool.
  7. FMM should be hard enough that what happens in it seems within the realms of possibility. If back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back promotions were a 25,000-1 occurrence in game that would be fine, but really anyone who is experienced at the game can do it if they build their squad for the long term and invest right. And can I ask what sense of achievement this creates? For me, such an absurd and unrealistic "achievement" only serves to downplay something that would normally be a challenge in itself, like one promotion, or 2 back-to-back. I'm not saying it should be impossible to take a non-league team to the top, but for people to be able to do it this quickly is absolutely ludicrous. Its the antithesis of a challenge, so when the highs do come, they don't feel nearly as high as they should do.
  8. Never mind outdated, they've regressed! The 2D models from 2012 were perfect is you ask me.
  9. Maybe if top leagues are too easy and lower leagues are too much of a slog, go halfway? Take over a good League One or lesser Championship side and you'll still have a project to build but it won't be too long before you're in the big time. Many of my favourite/long lasting saves involved taking a team out of the Championship and establishing them in the Premier League and then pushing on for Europe. Alternatively, pick your local team. That might create a bit of attachment and motivate you to keep playing with them? Journeyman saves are also good fun if that appeals to you, as I find moving clubs every few seasons keeps me on my toes and never allows things to become stale and too easy. The toughest part of the game imo is when you've just taken over a club and don't really know which players/tactics to use.
  10. No, we're not asking for an in-depth game at all. We're asking for a game which is not too easy, so that good teams actually play like good teams and our crap teams actually struggle. Those two things are not necessarily one and the same.
  11. Around the 200k mark is not that unreasonable for what must surely be the best keeper in the world at this point, and presumably in one of the top teams too.
  12. Think Super Tommy Trybull might have something to say about that.
  13. From what I'm reading it seems as if fitness is more realistic for the human controlled team now, but is the fitness of AI teams any better? Are we still seeing 10 injuries and the whole starting XI on 75% or is this rectified? If so, has anyone noticed a change in the overall difficulty of the game?
  14. The Eliteserien in Norway is a cracking little league, even if its not the smallest.
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