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  1. @Makoto Nakamura Have you considered that having your GK on set pieces may be contributing to your high number of goals against? Or maybe the benifits outweigh the losses because I guess he's putting a fair few away too. @Padders Mad to see you could potentially have got over 50,000 seater while still being in the championship. The board are starting to run out of stuff to spend on at this point 😂 Next all the players will be getting Ferraris for Christmas. Seriously tho I hope the FM gods look kindly on you and don't send you straight back down to that wretched league
  2. Would anyone object if I post the occasional update from my attempt at this challenge on last year's game? Needless to say the FM19 version of this thread is pretty dead
  3. I sense your team is getting closer now to challenging for playoffs... Problem is just as it starts looking that way half of your defense is gonna be thinking about retiring 😭
  4. @Makoto Nakamura Does your goalkeeper take penalties? I know he's been around for a while but over a hundred goals scored in his career is insane
  5. @Makoto Nakamura You are flying through those seasons. How are you getting through them so quick?
  6. Conceding 100 goals in a season is impressive in itself never mind the fact that you also stayed up 😂
  7. @thomas_e Shane Long Sr. was very imaginative when it came to naming his son 😂 Let's hope he doesn't also inherit his dad's in-effectiveness in front of goal
  8. @Padders I've been wondering how you get through your seasons so quick. Are you using a auto result button or is your PC just insanely quick. Even in these coronavirus enlightened days of infinite free time I need a good week or so to get through a season 😂 Also what sort of post match team talks do you do after a good run comes to an end? You've probably already considered this but I find hammering the players always makes things worse even if they deserve it. Morale is the number 1 factor when it comes to form imo. Now I save bollockings for half time only, and if they still lose then I come out with some bollocks about bad luck.
  9. Pretty impressive that, although 32 seems a bit young. I suppose his match time was waning in the last couple of years. Hopefully with Scarborough there will come a point where the squad just clicks into a level where it can sustain itself in the championship. In the meantime have you tried anything to make you harder to beat? Those long runs of good and bad form are bizarre.
  10. Maybe having a low line is contributing to the problem, by inviting too much pressure and meaning you don't have many players crouding the area where the ball is likely to drop. Also seeing as you will only see highlights where dangerous situations occur, it's possible you don't see many short passes from your keeper throughout the course of a match. Also maybe your keeper has poor decision making or lacks creativity? What is his pass completion ratio in an average game? (look in your teams stats on the match screen, under passes and completed columns).
  11. It does make sense though. If I tell a player to play a specific role ie. an out and out winger then it seems logical that they should not be cutting inside, even if they are naturally inclined to do so, because they have been specifically told to not play in this way.
  12. Maybe their finances are being drained by having 30+ first team players on 300k a week, many of whom have like 4 appearances in 3 years.
  13. Looks to pass to opposition goalkeeper rather than score when in one on one situations.
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