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  1. We finally lost, 1-0 against Nottingham Forest at home. But then took out our frustrations on Crewe, 9-0, away. in the process we set the Championship League combined goals record in a game, except it was all done by one team. Most surprisingly, perhaps, is that Barnet is in first place after 10 games!
  2. In FM Touch 2019, I cannot find the unique stadium ID. The instructions act as if this is either self-evident or so easy to find that the step does not require instructions.
  3. The season has started well. Our only loss so far was a pre-season game against Sporting (our training camp was held in Portugal). I realize that mentioning this means we will lose our next game. We are not scoring many goals, but were are not conceding many either. We have had a couple of sellouts already in the new stadium. I scheduled the AFC Wimbledon friendly as the first game in the new home specifically hoping for a sellout; another London team would bring a lot of fans with them. But that game had only about 12,000 people in the stands. But the Arsenal friendly did sell out. For the regular season we have a little more than 6,000 season ticket holders, which is about the capacity of The Hive. By just August we have surpassed the ticket sales of all of last season -- 4.1 million then vs. 4.4 million now. One player we moved last year was Mick Ball, a striker who had good potential but who was not producing for us. I had some productive players requiring bigger salaries to keep -- bidding wars erupted for a couple of my first-teamers -- so getting rid of Ball and Heredia allowed me to give raises to others and renew contracts. Plus, we get about 500K for Ball's transfer fee. We try to console ourselves that he is doing so well because he is in League One; we tell ourselves that if he were still with us in the Championship, he would still be struggling to score goals.
  4. I messed around on Google maps today and determined that Loftus Road could fit into the open space north of The Hive. So I think the new stadium would go there. Kleanthous probably would want to keep the new stadium near the facility he has spent millions on already, and the team could keep training at The Hive, which is apparently a very high quality complex. Also, he may still be mad at the Barnet council for choosing the Saracens rugby club over his football team when it decided who would have a new stadium in Barnet. The stadium financing was assisted by including some commercial development, so it makes sense that the stadium would displace the low density commercial sites to have its public face on Whitchurch Lane. That entrance would include some office space and retail. The front development could widen the road a bit to accommodate buses, which could transport fans to and from the Edgware Station (1mile) and the restaurants near it. The Canons Park Station is just across the street. That brings us to naming. Once I am confident in editing the game files on my PC version of FMT 19, I will change the name to Canons Park Stadium. Monty voted for Three Wishes Stadium, after his favorite pub, but that was ruled out by the board of directors. Sorry, Carambau. I know you wanted the Bees back in Barnet, but the Sim City player inside me couldn’t see that working.
  5. At last Barnet does not have the smallest salary budget in the league. However, we do sit amongst the recently promoted teams. So we are still a League One team in many ways. This new stadium should increase our income, though, and in turn increase our payroll and player quality. And finally we are not predicted for relegation, not that past predictions have been accurate. Last season, when Barnet was given 1000-1 odds for promotion, Monty wagered a thousand pounds. He lost, but he stood to win a million, so the bet seemed worth it. (And he got a raise soon after, so he could afford to drop a thousand on a lark.) With Barnet’s odds at 350-1, Monty still thinks a big bet is worthwhile — if only to motivate his players. So if the Bees manage to win promotion, he will win 350K — on top of the big promotion raise he would get. Meanwhile, the teams most likely to win promotion:
  6. Apparently the Barnet council rejected the expansion of Underhill Stadium after Anthony Kleanthous bought the team, so he moved it to The Hive, which he owned. He has put a lot of money into that site and the surrounding pitches. He and the Edgware council may want the team to stay there. (He still owns the team in the game.) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Kleanthous
  7. I added something as you were replying. Barnet Lane for a stadium name?
  8. Our new home is called Barnet Stadium, but that naming is the default for a new stadium: Team Name + Stadium. So I do not know that we have moved back to Barnet. The site of the old Barnet home, Underhill Stadium, is still open and could accommodate a stadium that seats 19,000 (with the capability of expansion to 30,000). But there seems to be little commercial development near the Underhill site. High Barnet Station (the end of that line) is just up the street, so that is good. However, the streets do not look good for game day traffic, assuming that people in England drive to football matches. This is the suburbs, so perhaps they do. Open space exists next to The Hive and adjacent to the Canons Park Station, so we could remain in Edgware/Harrow. The population is denser there, so that means more of the potential spectators live close to the stadium. (We could raze The Hive and replace the playing fields occupied by the stadium, and this might minimize resistance to the project.) Our new home is about the size of Loftus Road, home of the Queen’s Park Rangers. That stadium is jammed right in the middle of residential streets, and there is no parking that I can see — I doubt it is underground. I see this a lot in English and Scottish stadiums; people live right across the street. Some folks could watch the game from their upstairs rooms. (I realize space demands and transportation habits make for different designs. In the United States every stadium is surrounded by acres of parking, and only very small stadiums are adjacent to homes.) So, which should it be? New Underhill Stadium? (It could be called Barnet Lane, for the street it probably would face.) The Hive 2.0? I can edit the location and name of the stadium in the game.
  9. But why all this talk of Carlos Heredia? This was the season of right winger James Hardy. He set the Barnet record for assists in a season. In league stats, he was our sole representative. Top 10 in assists. Top 10 in Player of the Match honors. Top 10 in overall player rating. And he had our best-selling jersey. P.S. — Carlos is now a backup in the league below Barnet, playing for half of what he was demanding from us.
  10. Heredia’s lack of productivity could have been my fault. I couldn’t find the system that he worked well in. His scout report talked about his ability to see passing lanes and create scoring opportunities. But I never saw that on the field. The playoffs were disappointing. At home we gave up a tying goal in added time — we gave up more late goals than we scored this season. Away we got hammered. Burnley went on to win promotion, beating West Ham in the final.
  11. It is springtime in London and a young man’s heart turns to... the Championship League playoffs. Barnet remained in the playoff zone the entire season, even though we flirted with 7th place in the later stages. West Ham slipped into the last playoff spot on the last day of the season. Barnet will play Burnley, with whom we split during league play: 2-1 at The Hive and 0-1 at their home. Scoring remained inconsistent for the second half of the season, and injuries remained very consistent. We are lucky to finish where we did. (But looking back at our three seasons in this league, I can see we are rather consistent and perhaps even improving. Season One: 7th 21-14-11 62 46 16 77 points. Season Two: 5th 23-12-11 69 47 22 81 points. Season Three: 5th 23-9-14 73 47 26 78 points.) We ended the season with a deficit of 6 million. The solidarity payment will take care of most of that. And if we can double gate receipts in our new home next year, we should erase that deficit without much trouble. Of course, if we get promoted we will be swimming in cash, but I do not count on that happening. We definitely will be losing Carlos Heredia. He is not interested in resigning with us, and Monty is not that eager to have him back. His productivity has never been what we expected (I definitely wanted more assists from the ACM in a 4-2-3-1), and his salary demands were getting out of hand. I think the directors and the fans will be upset about his departure, but they will need to trust Monty on this one. I am hoping the trequarista we acquired at mid-season can develop into a good replacement for him.
  12. Half way through the season. Even though we have spent the entire time in the playoff zone, the season has been frustrating. Several injuries and even re-injuries to starting players have kept us from fielding our best team at times. And we have had some mediocre play from several key players. Last season at this stage we were in 4th place with 42 points. Although our overall scoring was about the same, the goals were more evenly distributed. This season, we have 10 goals in just two games. Our record would be better if some of that scoring had happened when we needed it more. I have been particularly frustrated with the goalkeeping. The defense may be sound overall, but the goalkeepers have given up some easy goals. They have been caught flat footed on free kicks, for instance. We have 1.2 million available for transfers and 600K in salary. I hope to spend all of that on obtaining a high-quality GK. Despite my complaining, the board still seems pleased with Monty. The team is almost 3 million in the red at the moment, but that loss stems from the expense of the new stadium.
  13. The season started with disaster. We lost Dave Stott’s golden boot for up to two months. But somehow we have managed a good start. Our defense has been pretty sound so far. However, our last few games have shown the lack of scoring boots -- two goals in four games is not good. And the board of directors, without prompting, have offered Monty a new contract: a raise of about 100K, to 339K. (Out of curiosity, I replayed the playoffs from last season until Barnet gained promotion so I could see what their budgets in the Premier League would be: 26 million for transfers and 21 million for salaries.)
  14. Southampton got hammered, but being down a man didn’t help. That red card did not look warranted to me. Barnet IRL. Is there talk of getting rid of Currie? I never see an interview with him where he seems inspiring or animated. Of course, most of the interviews are after a loss or a draw they should have won, so he might have reason to be depressed.
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