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  1. Thanks may be helpful for future. He was paired with VVD for a a season but no loyalty trait
  2. Just raging it's TAA for Liverpool was going to move him to midfield and build for future and captain haha couldn't talk him around
  3. Any one had any success at clearing this negative? I tried talking to player first tried the coerce to stay he took it bad then left it for a bit and used persuade to stay he accepted and removed request for transfer this lastet about 2 weeks and he asked to leave again at no point could I offer a new contract and he is now going to another club for free
  4. Into 4th season and a few things I like and some I don't. Negatives: inbox navigation at times is strange like if I accidentally click next x1 and want to go back to the previous it seems to not always do that. Wage limit I started out at VFB Stuttgart now firmly set in Bundesliga after winning it However max wage I can offer is £170k I have available money and tried adjusting it but unable to offer more. Hall of fame I used to enjoy viewing where I sat in this my manger profile says worldclass but I am not on the hall of fame. Getting loan offers still seems to be hard. Posi
  5. Just wanted to see if anyone else feels the game has got harder since update not complaining at all as I want a challenge. But seeing a lot more draws and defeats since and not able to just use the one tactic haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere just wondering if anyone else has seen changes
  6. My issue was linked to player unhappiness due to lack of game time. I am trying to recreate the situation
  7. @Marc Vaughan do you still need a save? I had raised this in a separate post because I thought it was an issue. I ended up having to ride it out till summer then sell my unhappy players. I'm sure I could recreate the situation
  8. I have see the issue with players who's team status as backup and I play them rotation and still they get unhappy. Example in screenshot season of only really started and had game time I find players are getting unhappy quicker and it's harder to keep everyone happy. Unless I start switching the whole team every game not sure what to do
  9. Not sure how to contact tech support but I have took screenshots of test I just did. Player wage jump currently on 40k per week wants 225k okay I can afford it but it is a massive jump for a 21 year old who yes has potential but I feel the wage jump is too much
  10. Anyone else noticed it is alot harder to keep players happy? I have an old save and rotate when possible but after a few games I'm getting alerts saying X player unhappy at not planning. Example I dropped Sancho for 2-3 games played previously around 8-9 in a row he then said he was unhappy at not being in first team and now says he has lost faith in me?
  11. Seen this on most of my players now in training report it states needs a rest in the negitives? I regularly rotate and have switched all training to moderate not sure what else to do. Screenshots attached not played many games this season
  12. My biggest problems with transfers: No offers come in for players Trying to sell a player you normally have to knock 10-20 million of actual price to get an offer Trying to but player's the teams will push for large price from me then accept a lower offer from elsewhere As you mention wages and signing on fees. High wage demands from less than 100k per week to sometimes 200k per week so double or treble. Signing on fee no way to increase this even if you are a rich club and have available funds
  13. If you select a team then general info it tells you who the manager is
  14. I un-installed the game then downloaded it again and it worked
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