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[Suggestion] Force newgen Formation

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It is very unrealistic for AFC Ajax (in Holland) to produce players who have a natural playing position as sweeper, wing back or regular side midfielder due to them only using the 4-3-3 formation in their youth levels. So I suggest that SI adopts newgen formation templates for clubs.

This is how it is going to work: under clubs, you can select two newgen formations (main formation and sub formation). The main formation is for the natural playing position, while the sub formation is for the additional playing position.

For example, if Ajax has main formation as 4-2-3-1 Wide and sub formation 4-3-3 Narrow, then the newgens will have the following playing positions:

ST (only ST as position)

AMR (AMR as main position, ST as sub position)

AMC (AMC as main position, CM as sub position)

AML (AML as main position, ST as sub position)

MCR (only CM as position)

MCL (only CM as position)

FBR (only FB as position)

CDR (only CD as position)

CDL (only CD as position)

FBL (only FB as position)

GK (only GK as position)


As you can see, the Attacking midfielders are competent at playing in other positions. AMR and AML can play as strikers and AMC can play as central midfielder.

Under clubs you can select

1) a specific formation

2) use youth team formation

3) random formation


The users will also be able to edit the newgen intake formations using the editor.

Also, if you set the main formation as random and sub formation as 3-4-3, then the FB newgens will have a playing position as CD, AMC and DM will have a playing position as CM, WBL and WBR will have a playing position as ML and RM.

The values assigned to sub playing position will be random from 12 to 20. Other playing positions that are not main or sub playing positions will have a value of under 12.

The formations can only be set using the editor.

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