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Is it time to delete interviews?

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Time to take a leaf from motorsport manager here. IRL motorsport managers are asked lots of questions over and over......yoi cant get Christian Horner off the bloody telly if you tried for example. MM gives you 1 question per weekend, and you immediately see the effects of your answer. FM can do similar, 1 or 2 questions a week with the impact clearly shown. Easy.

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I'll admit is was definitely going too far when I said for it to be totally deleted.

I'd agree with having 2-3 questions which are more specific and have a more apparent effect. Also having a 'media centre' module that makes the effects more tangible.

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43 minutes ago, westy8chimp said:

Increasing the affect of attending/delgating and the choice of answers in press conferences, without first making the whole module more relevant and dynamic, is literally the worst idea on this forum. 

@Mensell76 you made some good points on the post beta ME and youve undone it all now with this crazy bs :lol:

In its current state i will never attend a press conference... A monkey with a typewriter would come up with more logical questions and im sure less repetitive too. So to be punished for sending my assistant would be maddening. 

Long term, scrap it or by all means improve it (massively) then integrate it more. 

Think of those Japanese tech companies who have spent billons over the last few decades and cant even come up with a computer program that can make you think you are talking to a human... Thats their sole focus with the best paid devs in the world. Fm isnt going to get anywhere near replicating a real life media experience with all the possible querks of man, nor will it get close on the social media front. 

Under the hood they are always going to be constrained to presetting how a comment will be perceived... So the question responses will be attributes 'medresp1', 'medresp2'... Up to x amount of response types... And each attribute will have x number of attribute values (the text appearing as answer) but the impact is identical each time. Like someone said above... Always click the second option [your preferred method of answering] 

Did you read my entire post on wedesday november 7th, 12.16 ? Or just my quick recap of today? :brock: If the latter,  it might help to read that first, since I am quite outspoken on adding things to FM that can not replicate real life and after that are not being updated anymore. 

If in that case you still think I talk bs,  perhaps you'd also need to start wondering the validity of my ME findings....for perhaps I just like my ass do the talking.

Regarding the rest of your post, excellent read, valid points and more or less agree on everything you state.

Cheers, now if you don't mind, the loo is calling me for my next dump of bs;)

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