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  1. If you want a massive ground for the club size, i give you Widnes FC of the north west counties league. Ground was built for the rugby team and is a 14,000 all seater stadium, and Widnes get crowds around the 50 mark.
  2. Could you imagine being a small minnow country like scotland, where you produce 2 top class players but they are both left backs hahahahaha
  3. Hi guys, When me and a mate are playing each other, the game freezes when either of us make a tactical change or sub. Only thing that gets it going again is when my mate leaves. Very frustrating as this was a major bug in fm17 and fm18, 3 years later and still not been looked at.
  4. Its not just the coaching badges though is it mate? If your being honest, you switched off attribute masking, you gave yourself the highest ratings in motivation etc, you then read the latest guides on all the worldwide wonderkids and bought all of them, etc etc... Then the game is too easy lol.
  5. Time to take a leaf from motorsport manager here. IRL motorsport managers are asked lots of questions over and over......yoi cant get Christian Horner off the bloody telly if you tried for example. MM gives you 1 question per weekend, and you immediately see the effects of your answer. FM can do similar, 1 or 2 questions a week with the impact clearly shown. Easy.
  6. Ive read a lot of posts on various platforms and a lot of the posts are complaining, a lot are just downright aggressive and not needed too. So....i just want to say a big public thankyou to Miles AND the rest of the team for making the best game series that has ever been made. Cheers guys.
  7. I haven't got the pre game editor on my list mate.
  8. Ok thanks. I'll repost this in March time and see whats what
  9. Anyone tell me where it is? I'm thick obviously
  10. I would just like to say thankyou for correcting the data so far.
  11. As for evidence that the club never taken out the £90k bank loan that has mysteriously appeared in the game, here is a link to our published accounts after the AGM on September 27th 2018. https://cityfansunited.com/docs/2018-CFU-financial-report.pdf As you can see we have cash assets of over £200k, and that before the £1 million donation from Stuart Murphy.
  12. James Jones moved from Chester to Salford City on 27th June 2018. http://www.chesterfc.com/2018/06/ Tom Crawford moved to Notts County on 30th May 2018 http://www.chesterfc.com/2018/05/ Sam Hughes signed for Leicester on 9th June 2017 http://www.chesterfc.com/?s=sam+hughes The £1 million donation from Stuart Murphy was confirmed on 19th June 2018 http://www.chesterfc.com/2018/06/19/cfu-statement-donation-agreement/
  13. Evidence... Sam hughes https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chester-fc-defender-sam-hughes-13163733 Tom Crawford's sell on fee https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tom-crawford-move-notts-county-14728315 Connor King is also on non contract terms Stuart Murphy donation https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chester-fc-stuart-murphy-speaks-14805123
  14. The guy is a legend not just to Leicester City, but to football and life in general. You don't get many people like him, certainly not multi multi millionaires. I would love to see him immortalised in a small way by FM by making him a legend in the game. Great shout.
  15. Chester data.... Matty Hughes wasn't injured until October, so shouldn't be injured at the start of the game in July Simon Grand played the first 3 games this season on the left of a 3 man defence, and has played every other game as left back in a flat back 4. In game he can only play CB. John Pritchard is listed as a left back, he is in fact a left winger, and all his appearances have come on the left wing apart from the first 3 games where he was left wing back in a 3-5-2 formation. Sean Miller is signed on non contact terms. He is also dual registered with Droylesden, although I don't think that's programmed in the game. John Moran has played both at centre back and right back. Checking the stats, he has made half his appearances as a right back. He should therefore be accomplished at RB. I watch the youth team a lot, and its good you have Matthew Thompson, Rhian Hellawell and Lloyd Marsh Hughes as relative high potential players. However the two brightest hopes in the youth team are Cain Noble and Iwan Murray, especially Murray. The feeling is Murray can make the football league easily. I realise this is subjective, as further evidence I would add that the Chester FC researcher missed the potential of Sam Hughes, I had to point this out on the bugs forum for FM17, and in that summer he transferred to Leicester City for roughly £150k up front, with lots of add ons. The researchers also missed the potential of James Jones (went to Salford City for 15k, 25% sell on plus Scott Burton, who Salford wanted £15k from Southport for this summer) and Tom Crawford (signed for £20k ish and sell on fee by Notts County) in last years version. Financially we have a bank loan of 90k in game. In real life this never happened, so needs to be removed. Also we have Stuart Murphy, a local businessman, putting in £1million over the next 3 years. For legal reasons this is going down as sponsorship. This needs to be included. Finally, we have no transfer clauses in that section, IRL we have a 30% sell on fee for Sam Hughes, and a 25% sell on fee for Tom Crawford and James Jones. Additionally, Leicester City have to pay us £50k per season for 3 seasons, so there is one left to pay, and we also receive future fees in Sam Hughes makes a premiership appearance, an England appearance, and if Leicester win a trophy. All this is not in the game. Sorry this is long winded, but I have included evidence for all my points and would love to see Chester accurate for the first time in a long time as in the past I have even had to correct basic info like the capacity of the stadium via the bugs forum. Thanks, Mike.
  16. Guess this is just a rubbish idea and ill be doing it on my own....
  17. Hi all, My last game on FM18 seen me download the down to level 22 database and have a quick go as my most local team, Carlisle City FC, playing at level 10. I enjoyed it a lot but have just finished it after 3 seasons, giving me a week off before I start on FM19. This led me to an idea for a game I'd like to do, and I decided to put it here to see if anyone would like the idea too. Here goes...… After the down to level 22 database for FM19 is released, I intend to take over all clubs in a specific city, with the short term aim of getting them all to be full time clubs, then all football league clubs, and if I can keep going long enough, all premier league clubs. I'm born and raised in Chester, so if I did Chester I would take over Chester FC (Vanerama North), Airbus (Welsh Cymru Alliance), Chester Nomads (Level 10), Blacon Youth Club (Level 12) and Upton AA (Level 13). I moved to Carlisle 11 years ago, and if I did the same in Carlisle I would take over Carlisle United (league 2), Carlisle City (level 10), and Northbank (level 11). If anyone is interested I would be happy to provide a list of all clubs in a specific city, although if you choose a massive city like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham etc etc, I will provide 4 or 5 for you and you can find the rest. I would suggest huge cities would make the challenge impossibly slow and hard and it maybe worth choosing a smaller city such as Chester or Carlisle for example. I suggest that anyone that signs up post their progress at the end of every season, posting screenshots of league tables in the usual method. Hope someone likes the idea and wants to go this. Mike.
  18. I would like to add.....i have had some excellent online games on past versions of fm. Have done over 10 seasons with some players, having some.absolutely epic battles for titles, and some even more epic games where we are both fighting relegation. However, a lot of people are complete time wasters, you set up a game, play maybe 1 or 2 matches after hours of set up, and they just disappear. Please if that is you in any way, dont add me. There are no special restrictions on my network games, they will be slower than 1 player, sometimes you have to wait for the other person to get stuff done. Also its not about blitzing the first game 7-0 and going 50 games unbeaten, if you lose the first 2 matches its not the end of the world. So basically im looking for someone who can play at sporadic times, will accept the pace will be slower than their 1 player saves, and is up for a challenge and will accept a loss or 15 per season.... Thanks.
  19. Game: FM18 Type of game: 2 player career. I would play any division of any league, but would prefer something a little different. Especially if yoir up for using classen's excellent files Age: 36 Timezone : uk when can you play : my working hours change every week, every day usually. Im looking for someone who is not looking for a set schedule, but will stay online in steam when they are on and we can message each other when we are both online and either fit in an hour here or there, or have a full day/evening on it. Steam : chestermike1981
  20. Hi guys, Classen has gone superb work and I love his packs, however he doesn't do lower league England, Italy, Spain, France or Germany because he says other have done them so well there is no need. I have searched for a serie D pack, preferentially with eccellenza and prozione as well and the only one I can find has an error where no fixtures are produced after season 1. Has anyone downloaded a stable version? Can you provide a link for me? Thanks very very much.
  21. Claassen your a legend mate, thanks very very much for all your hard work on this.
  22. Yes but it doesn't show in the assignments tab any more. Each scout will only generate a maximum of about 10 reports in there.
  23. I just found the best workaround for the amount of clicks ever!!! In the scouting centre, click on players, then scouted. On the drop down menu in the top left you can click on 'players in scouting centre', and have the 100 players in a list so you don't have to individually click dismiss or acknowledge for every person, saving around 200 clicks per month!!!! Excellent.
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