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  1. If you manage Liverpool you are going to win the majority of your games. Burn this thread.
  2. I'll admit is was definitely going too far when I said for it to be totally deleted. I'd agree with having 2-3 questions which are more specific and have a more apparent effect. Also having a 'media centre' module that makes the effects more tangible.
  3. Obviously the game will continue to change each year, but do you think there will be a point where you're totally satisfied with a release? Personally I spend quite a lot of time in the Feature Request forum and its fairly rare these days that I see a major idea that I feel is lacking from the game. For me, media and player interactions are the only aspects that are really lagging behind. The lack of personality in players/staff and overall predictability of the media gets pretty stale. I think the media issue could be entirely solved if YKW's idea was implemented, - So hopefully we see something like that in a future edition. Player personality might be more difficult to fix though. Regens, match engine and graphics in general also leave a lot to be desired but I recognise that these are all very much a work in progress. Hopefully 5 years from now they'll have made some strides in the right direction. Overall it feels frustratingly close to being a perfect game... but maybe it will always feel tantalisingly close and never quite get there, they need to keep us buying each year after all. Which aspects do you feel are still underdeveloped at the minute? And will it ever feel complete to you?
  4. Are you using a custom skin? They didn't work for me initially for that reason.
  5. I've only just started playing around with it myself. There's a lot I can't grasp at the moment but I'm glad something has been done about it after years of neglect. I imagine the next couple of years will see it built on and refined but its definitely a promising new feature in my opinion. Now the dust has settled a bit what is everyone thinking?
  6. Foul throw-ins would be a good thing to introduce. Especially if you have the option to fine the culprit two weeks wages.
  7. Maybe the above post is right. The main issue is that in their current form they're totally pointless. If they were altered to make more of an impact maybe they would be salvageable. But if SI can't work out a way of doing that soon then they should just be scrapped all together, its just dead weight atm.
  8. Following on from another thread... Does anyone actually feel like they add anything to the game? It's been many years since I've bothered doing one. They're so repetitive, unrealistic and don't seem to impact anything. What are people's thoughts?
  9. Not a fan of having family in the game. Starts entering the territory of Total Club Manager and becomes a bit corny.. FM should stay in the realms of management in my opinion. I do agree the manager profile could benefit from some tweaking though.
  10. Wow. This is truly exceptional! When I first started reading and thought it might just add unnecessary fluff to the game. Should never have doubted you though and by the end I was totally sold. As much as I love FM it can sometimes feel a bit dry and spreadsheet-like. This could totally help alleviate that and add a completely new dimension to the game. I sincerely hope Miles and the rest of SI are aware of your posts here. The way you think about new features never ceases to be engaging, original and potentially game-changing.
  11. Was slightly disappointed something like this didn't get implemented. Hopefully next year will see a media overhaul! (am going to keep bumping this every now and then until it's acknowledged by someone at SI )
  12. When you get a scout report on a player does it come directly to the news feed? Or do you have to go into the scouting centre?
  13. It pops up in the news feed enough times to become an annoyance. Especially when you win as many manager of the month as often as I do And it could be so easily remedied, which is where the frustration comes from.
  14. I get that you're a mod and probably have to toe the party line but there's absolutely no reason to just accept it. Fans have every right to criticise bad decisions about a product they love... this is a forum after all. As I've said before, SI have to defend it now because its still a relatively new feature. Five years from now when it still looks like garbage and is resoundingly reviled by fans they may well change their tune. It's barely even PS1 quality at this point and it just highlights how far FM is behind most other games graphically. I know it's a long-term thing but it's decades away from being good enough. Even if you think it's a step in the right direction it should not have been released in its current form. It adds nothing and is just a bit embarrassing. I understand that a lot of time has probably been put into developing it so they're not gonna want to throw it away. Most people, myself included, aren't even calling for it to be removed. I've got no problem with seeing a 3D version of myself on match day. If implemented properly that would be kind of cool. But there's no reason that 3D model has to be my profile picture too. Surely for realism's sake it makes sense for them to be separate anyway? Even if FM had Fifa-esque graphics I'd still prefer my profile picture to be an actual picture of me. What's the point of simulating something that you can have for real? It kills the immersion and immersion is central to every who plays the game... which is why I don't think I've ever heard anything positive said about it before. If fans keep on criticising eventually something will change.
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