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  1. chestermike

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Chester Data Issues

    Craig Mahon is always given the position of attacking right midfielder only. He should be at least accomplished at right midfield in the winger role, and more specifically at left midfield in the winger role. The reason for this is he has played for us for 5 years now, and 90% of his 150 appearances have been on the wing in a 4-4-2, especially left wing. Thanks.
  2. chestermike

    FMO Available players thread

    I would like to add.....i have had some excellent online games on past versions of fm. Have done over 10 seasons with some players, having some.absolutely epic battles for titles, and some even more epic games where we are both fighting relegation. However, a lot of people are complete time wasters, you set up a game, play maybe 1 or 2 matches after hours of set up, and they just disappear. Please if that is you in any way, dont add me. There are no special restrictions on my network games, they will be slower than 1 player, sometimes you have to wait for the other person to get stuff done. Also its not about blitzing the first game 7-0 and going 50 games unbeaten, if you lose the first 2 matches its not the end of the world. So basically im looking for someone who can play at sporadic times, will accept the pace will be slower than their 1 player saves, and is up for a challenge and will accept a loss or 15 per season.... Thanks.
  3. chestermike

    FMO Available players thread

    Game: FM18 Type of game: 2 player career. I would play any division of any league, but would prefer something a little different. Especially if yoir up for using classen's excellent files Age: 36 Timezone : uk when can you play : my working hours change every week, every day usually. Im looking for someone who is not looking for a set schedule, but will stay online in steam when they are on and we can message each other when we are both online and either fit in an hour here or there, or have a full day/evening on it. Steam : chestermike1981
  4. chestermike

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Hi guys, Classen has gone superb work and I love his packs, however he doesn't do lower league England, Italy, Spain, France or Germany because he says other have done them so well there is no need. I have searched for a serie D pack, preferentially with eccellenza and prozione as well and the only one I can find has an error where no fixtures are produced after season 1. Has anyone downloaded a stable version? Can you provide a link for me? Thanks very very much.
  5. Claassen your a legend mate, thanks very very much for all your hard work on this.
  6. Any ideas? All my network games are not being played until this is fixed.
  7. chestermike

    Scouts not finding players

    Yes but it doesn't show in the assignments tab any more. Each scout will only generate a maximum of about 10 reports in there.
  8. chestermike

    Scouts not finding players

    I just found the best workaround for the amount of clicks ever!!! In the scouting centre, click on players, then scouted. On the drop down menu in the top left you can click on 'players in scouting centre', and have the 100 players in a list so you don't have to individually click dismiss or acknowledge for every person, saving around 200 clicks per month!!!! Excellent.
  9. chestermike

    Your thoughts on the social feed

    absolutely useless and meaningless fluff feature, apart for the comedy it sometimes provides. 'Sarah loves Cox' and the like....
  10. chestermike

    Scouts not finding players

    I do know this is the issue. I had a message off S.I. Admin saying that there are less players found on assignments nowadays to encourage people to use the scout meeting function. .
  11. chestermike

    Scouts not finding players

    S.I. Have intentionally made it harder to scout, and have tried to get people to focus on the scouting centre more. Your reports are still being generated, they are just put to you via a scout meeting now, so you have to do 400 million clicks to see the players you have scouted, rather than the 3 it used to take.
  12. why bother discouraging it? It's a game....you know.....something people do for fun.....
  13. How do you know that? More to the point, why do you feel the need to try to make enjoyment of the game harder? Do the same thing but with 10 times the clicks needed? Madness.
  14. Once again Neil you aren't getting it. We can still mass scout, too haven't stopped mass scouting. You have just made us click ten times as many buttons to achieve it. We can still do it. I hope you get it now.
  15. You have spectacularly missed the point. I can still ask my scouts to scout 50,000 players all at once. It just takes me 10 times longer to do it. That's all you have done, increase the number of clicks needed to do the exact same thing we can always do. Like you have with other aspects of the game. Same features, a lot more clicks.