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  1. I was in serie c by then, the error came about by me turning off eccelenza, and the game didn't make any new league fixtures. If you use it just don't use the add/remove leagues and it should be fine.
  2. I had a great 9 season save in Italy starting in the Excellenza with Sancataldese, a team from a small town smack bang in the middle of Scicily called San Cataldo. Was a lot of fun. Sadly after 9 seasons it crashed due to some error in the edited database.
  3. no probs thanks for the replies. Started a new journeyman save with an unedited database and enjoying that now, just won the Swedish 2nd division south svaeland division with the mighty if Sylvia!!!
  4. No but I took eccellenza off. Could that be it?
  5. I added France, Slovenia, switzerland and austria after 7 seasons, all worked fine. I added every other league in Europe apart from Israel in time for the pre season it failed in. I seen the Swedish league doesn't activate until much later, could that be it?
  6. Ok I thought it was broken but I had to check if there was something I could do as I was really enjoying the game. Thanks for the replies guys appreciate the support. One quick ps......did the fact I added leagues make any difference at all, or is it just a badly done edit?
  7. I have to agree with Barside, its much tougher on 16 than previously. Took me 15 years to get Chester into the Prem in this version, got stuck in the championship in particular. And now in my go with Sancataldese in Italy, 9 seasons in and I am only in serie c/c. With Sancataldese I am kind of stuck in the same problem as you are, although I have grown the club and built the squad up and have lost in the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. In Italy cup runs are virtually impossible, in fact ive only been allowed to enter the cup in the last 3 years. So what I do is I give myself a personal wage limit for a player (£250PW on this save in this league) and I wont break it, lost out on some class players but the club surviving is more important. I bring in loads of loanees for £0PW, and I also keep my squad small, 23 maximum but often 18-20. There are so many players that can do a job at this low level that I usually sell anyone and just replace them with a free transfer, sold some quality players too but it supports the club and the wage budget I do spend, selling one player can quite often pay the wages for a year. Keep scouting released lists, scout players whose contract is expiring in 6 months, get a good plan of who you can bring in. It takes time to build, but you get there.
  8. hi mate thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I am using the serie d and eccellenza expansion files. I am currently 9 seasons in with only 1 small issue that was solved by turning eccellenza off. thanks.
  9. Not too late at all, 2 months to go until FM17
  10. Hi guys, finished a season in Italy serie c/c, lost in the playoff final so my season ended in early June. I am now in mid July and the turn around hasn't happened yet, no new fixtures or anything like that. Anyone have any clue?
  11. As mentioned, Stockport, Tranmere, Portsmouth....any ex league club in non league.....Chester, Lincoln, Wrexham (if your that way inclined), Darlington, Halifax, Aldershot etc etc
  12. Yes you go semi pro, but it all depends what levels you start at and promote into. I am currently in a game in Italy, starting in eccelenza with Sancataldese. Started amateur, got promoted into serie d and turned part time (could still sign players on non-contract), got promoted to serie c and turned fully pro.
  13. Hahahahaha I love a good old comedy post. 'The game is rigged because I am bad at it'......hahahahahahahahaha classic.