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  1. I've never rage quit without saving, and never reloaded to cheat. That's just me. The furthest i have gone is....after the game has crashed....i reload to get the same results I got before the crash. This also involves losing though. Don't think I've had a crash on my game for years and years. when the editor first came out I used to use it to add my team St werburghs into the non league abyss. I set all the players pa and ca to random, and it was fun to see how players did. Once our fb got a transfer to premiership Middlesboro, that caused quite a laugh. Another lad got a move to Leyton orient. Don't think they ever got promoted to the conference though. The funniest use of the editor I've seen involved my Bolton supporting mate. He edited dean holdsworh to have everything at 20. Immediately after starting the game every club in the world wanted him. I cant remember he exact figure but he played a handful of games at the start of the season for Bolton, was surprisingly a huge flop,Andi think my mate got nearly £300million for him from real Madrid.
  2. Hi all,inspired by a fb poll,who on here has done a Lincoln and taken a non league side to the fa cup quarter final? If you haven't,how far have you gone? personally, on my network game with my mate I got Chester to the 4th round, beating league teams in round 1 and 2 and championship qpr in round 3. on fm11/12 I got Chester to the quarter finals when still lower league, think I might have been league 2 at the time though, can't remember exactly. I did beat 3 premiership teams along the way, including reigning champions southampton 3-1 away in round 4. Always remember that cos for some reason the AI made 3 first half subs, then got 2 injured and had to play with 9 men. so, what's your best with a non league club? Serial reloaders and editor users need not post.....
  3. was working when writing hence the delay in number 3. 3. Leeds/Inter (one of the early ones) This is the first and only time I have been manager of 2 clubs at the same time, Leeds and Inter. My mate took over Man Utd and Roma. Was a lot of fun, we made a rule we couldn't sell to our own teams for more than the AI would offer, to avoid cheating. Season 1 I remember I came 6th with Leeds and 1st with inter, while he came 1st with man utd and 2nd with roma, the 6th with Leeds was a lot closer than it looked, if memory serves I finished 5 or 6 points behind, was a right battle. Season 2 I won the title with both, but my mate won the champions league and I did nothing in Europe. We played about 6 or 7 seasons, only quit cos a new game come out, and by the end all 4 clubs had won the league, we were basically 1st and 2nd in both divisions every year, and he won the champions league twice with man utd and me once with Inter. Great fun.
  4. 2. Chester fc (fm16) so I go as Chester again, my mate as York as he is a York fan. We only played 18 months before the save game corrupted, but the first season was the most fun I have had, despite a terrible ending. so....york predicted for 2nd, me predicted for 17th before a ball is kicked. My mate is telling me how poor I am, how I should be relegated etc. First 5 gams go to form, there is me on 3 points, him top. I change tactics to suit my squad, and go on a long unbeaten run, culminating in me being 10 points clear at the end of Jan, and having David Beckham as my chairman! we battled and battled for the title, with only a few points between us 2 and dover going into the run in. He beats me 3 1, im still 3 points clear with 2 games left, then dover beat me and pip us both to the title. If I drew with dover instead of losing 2 0 I would have gone up as champions, in the end I finish 2nd with York 3rd. We meet in the play off final and I get destroyed.
  5. im gonna mix things up here, my top 3 are gonna be hot seat or online games. 1. Chester City/Manchester City (CM03/04 I think) hot seat game with my mate at uni, I am a Chester fan and he was Scorboro, so we started with those in the conference, with a £50 bet on whoever could win the champions league first. First season we both finished outside the promotion places, 2nd season he won the conference and I finished 2nd and didn't go up. I went up as champs 3rd season, but he won league 2. In season 4 he was top of lg 1 and I was top of lg 2, and he got the Liverpool job half way through, game over I thought with me still in league 2. He finished the season with Liverpool in the top 4, and I got promoted, he built an awesome squad and won the both cups and came 2nd in the league to man city, while I struggled in league 1, still game over in my eyes. However the man city boss left, and I got the job! The squad was terrible, the first 11 was strong however and it gave me a chance. My mate ended up winning the prem by a mile, and both cups, but the champions league seen us both progress to the final, so basically one match for the £50!!! I won 3 1, will never forget the save.
  6. Surely your not expecting me to learn Russian just to be able to gather some info on some obscure football fact that doesn't appear on any site written in English that turns up on the first page of a google or bing search do you? Lol
  7. It's hard coded in the game that smolevichi have an affiliate deal with bate where smolevichi can't get promoted as part of the affiliation. Despite extensive google and bing searching I cannot find one mention of this in real life. thanks.
  8. Yep that's what I understood when I seen it Olly. The thing is, I have looked online extensively and cannot find any such affiliation IRL, so I wonder how your research team decided to code it into the game? Either way it is in the game, so ill be applying for new jobs asap, like I said at least I worked out for myself its not a bug.
  9. Sorry to keep posting but I found out what the problem is, the club (very stupidly) signed a long term affiliation deal with BATE Borisov and part of the terms of that deal says that Smolevichi will not be allowed to play in the same division as BATE. What idiots the board must be to sign that lol. At least I know its not a bug, thanks.
  10. Just checked out past seasons, and before I joined Smolevichi they won the First league (in 2017 season), yet were not promoted that year too? Weird.
  11. hi all, in my journeyman game I taken a job with Smolevichi in the Belurasian First League. The league rules clearly state that the top 2 teams get promoted to the highest league, with the 3rd placed team competing in the playoffs. I had a very good season and finished in 2nd place, yet despite that the team finishing 3rd get promoted, and the team in 4th played and lost in the playoffs, and I stay down!!! WTF has gone on here? Never seen this before in my life.....
  12. no advice offered, maybe I was too vague. We both have bought new gaming computers and the game is really fast once we are on a screen, but we are getting some random errors,anyone seen these before? 1. Game still freezes for a long time on the leagues in focus page. 2. Twice, the game has jumped a day or 2 and gone straight to match without offering either of us the chance to pick a side. 3. When joining, it takes a good 5 minutes plus from when I put the password in to when I join. im using a Lenovo y700 with i7 6700hq processor, 8gig ddr4 ram, 255 ssd and 1tb hard drive (unused so far). My internet is through sky and has a 40mbps download and 10mbps upload. Ta
  13. need more info

    Sorry about that, will do better next time. Glad I know its a bug.
  14. need more info

    Its been a while now so I think they would have been overwritten sorry. Would a PKM of the current game help? Just taken a job in Belarus....