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  1. I turn it on after it downloads and only ever exit when the computer crashes, so my results would be a bit skewed.
  2. On fm18 i downloaded classens files and did what i thought would be an african journeyman. It turned into a 1 club save with ruvu shooting in tanzania. Great fun.
  3. Team talks definitely have a rolling effect. For example i used to encounter the problem of when you were top of the league, playing vs bottom, and you would lose 1-0 every time. I changed my style and every match before playing a team in the relegation zone im harsh in the team talks. I could be top, beat 2nd away from home 5-0, and still say either not happy or dont be complacent. Never lost to bottom of the league since, well rarely, and most of the time i give them the smashing i should.
  4. The real frustration is when you reject a £2million bid and the very next day a 200k bid comes in and the chairman accepts cos its too good to turn down.
  5. One of the best things i do when promoted to a top league is sign a load of mid 30s players who are being released from top top clubs. It gives you leadership, a rep boost, and quality in the squad.
  6. Jist checked my 1 player game and the winners have been... 2022 france 2026 england 2030 germany 2034 england 2038 france So nothing exciting or extraordinary there....one thing to note though....in 2022 england were eliminated by ukraine who lost in the final.
  7. Smallesr ive seen is Belarus. They always did well in the Maxim Tsigalko games though
  8. Queens park as champions of europe. No one has done it yet....you could be the first...
  9. Anyone know why the first 7 seasons of this have been deleted? Major bump i know.
  10. Thanks for the advice so far guys, like I said it looked dodgy and I wanted others thoughts.
  11. Hi guys, On my facebook page a guy is sharing a link to a program called fmspeeder, and another is sharing a link to cheatengine, both of which promise to speed up the processing of fm by 50 times or more. Done some research and fm blogger work the space has a video tutorial for one of them, however i remain sceptical. Has anyone had any experience using these?
  12. If you want a massive ground for the club size, i give you Widnes FC of the north west counties league. Ground was built for the rugby team and is a 14,000 all seater stadium, and Widnes get crowds around the 50 mark.
  13. Could you imagine being a small minnow country like scotland, where you produce 2 top class players but they are both left backs hahahahaha
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