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  1. brilliant read mate well done
  2. I had this with the exact same team mate. I put a thread on the bugs forum as there is nothing written in the game is there? However after a wiki search, smolevichi are the farm team of BATE, so can never play in the same division. As soon as I found out I was off....
  3. fm17 online career 35 years old with 20 years experience playing fm/champ time zone GMT steam name chestermike1981 looking for a 2 player game. I work different hours every day and have other commitments too, so it would be a case of logging on and seeing if we are both online on steam. Would play anywhere from 2-6 times a week though, late evenings in the week would be best. I'll play any league, any division, any team apart from Wrexham and the mcdons
  4. For me, the bugs have been extremely annoying, however I still love the game and still play the game. The developers want me to explain why I voted yes so it helps the devs? Fine, even though I have raised all of these bugs on separate posts on the relevant forums, and SI have only solved one of the many issues I have reported. 1. I love network games, had 3 great games with mates on FM16. One of the things I wanted improved for FM17 was the speed and reliability of network games. Instead it went unplayable. It takes 10-15 minutes to even enter the game on FM17 when it was nearly instant on FM16. The only answer I got was it must be due to custom graphics or someone using the editor. Neither me or my mate have used either, and sadly we were unable to play and haven't since January. Its not just the loading time, the game itself is extremely laggy despite us both having great gaming laptops and fibre optic broadband, and also its very very unreliable. We haven't played since the game kicked me out during my last 4 matches, so I haven't been in control of a match for quite a while. I was told it might be my antivius, I only use windows defender, as does my mate, and we both have it turned off when playing each other. 2. I have a very irritating bug where I am playing FM and all of a sudden my keyboard freezes. The game will run via mouse only for 3-4 mins before it crashes completely, and if it does crash it deletes my game and my manager profile (luckily I use 3 save rolling system). I was told the only way SI could help was for me to download a 3rd party programme (usually full of adaware like adchoices in my experience so I try to avoid), and send them the file that would generate. I still get the problem to this day, so as soon as my keyboard dies I have 3 minutes to save the game, and hold down my laptops power button to do a forced shutdown, then reload the game. 3. Goalies are broken. Everything about them. Ratings, performance levels, the animations, everything. PLEASE fix this SI, if nothing else make the goalies move like goalies do, and if they make 10 saves in a game, let them get a rating higher than 6.9.... There are many more small bugs, but I have got nowhere with these large bugs so I just chill out and accept them. That said, still a good game and I still love playing, just wish I could play with my mates.......
  5. yeah I use this feature all the time and get a good success rate. For this feature, teamwork is far more important than leadership or anything else. Personality also has an impact.
  6. Do it Mark. There is a good challenge domestically too, overtaking Shakhtar....
  7. Wow that's madness. On most of the games I have had he ends up at Ipswich, stoke or Burnley, often for a 5 figure fee. Only 1 game I seen him stay at Chester for his entire career. Did he not develop? Did he get a serious injury? On a separate note, did Matty waters do anything for you? He must have random PA in the database, seen him to go league 1 sides and have a solid career and on others I've seen him released and retire.
  8. Ukraine with veres rivne mate would be a good one. Start in the 2nd tier but get 13,000 to 18,000 fans a game (they only pay £2 each to get in so don't expect to be rich),have a moderate youth set up, and your in a mid table European league so Europe will be achievable to qualify for, but a challenge when you get there. Difficulty I would say 7/10ish
  9. yes you can get promoted too quickly with Chester. When I get to the championship I usually struggle for a year or 2 before I can have some more success. ps who did Sam Hughes go to in your game?
  10. need more info

    is there no other way you can help,other than me downloading a 3rd party programme that will gain access to my entire system, just so I can forward you the results? Every time i have seen anyone download one of these 3rd party things it comes with a nice piece of adaware that is nearly impossible to completely remove from your registry....
  11. need more info

    I tried last night with the antivirus and internet switched off, and the same error occurred right at the end of the night.
  12. need more info

    not yet Neil, didn't know that guide existed sorry. I'll read it and do everything on it tomorrow evening after work and let you know how I get on...
  13. need more info

    nothing external mate, the machine came with mcafee but I deleted it, so I just use windows defender. I literally have those 4 games installed, google earth, WinZip, and a load of documents and photos.
  14. need more info

    PS If I try to use the mouse to save and then exit, sometimes that works but sometimes it wipes my games and my profile completely. Good job I have my game backed up or I would have lost an 18 year game instead of the 2 months I lost last week. Thanks.....
  15. Hi SI, a few months ago I reported that my game kept crashing at random points, basically the keyboard would stop working completely. Then after a few more minutes the whole game would freeze completely. I don't get this crash with winning putt golf, birth of the federation or motorsport manager, the other games I play on this machine, a Lenovo ideapad y910, and this crash has only happened since the latest update. Any idea at all? When it happened I called Lenovo support, they had a record of a keyboard stopping working on occasion and told me how to deactivate sticky keys, which I did. Since the error still happens, Lenovo insist its the game, not them. Any help would be appreciated......