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  1. Thanks for the advice so far guys, like I said it looked dodgy and I wanted others thoughts.
  2. Hi guys, On my facebook page a guy is sharing a link to a program called fmspeeder, and another is sharing a link to cheatengine, both of which promise to speed up the processing of fm by 50 times or more. Done some research and fm blogger work the space has a video tutorial for one of them, however i remain sceptical. Has anyone had any experience using these?
  3. If you want a massive ground for the club size, i give you Widnes FC of the north west counties league. Ground was built for the rugby team and is a 14,000 all seater stadium, and Widnes get crowds around the 50 mark.
  4. Could you imagine being a small minnow country like scotland, where you produce 2 top class players but they are both left backs hahahahaha
  5. Hi guys, When me and a mate are playing each other, the game freezes when either of us make a tactical change or sub. Only thing that gets it going again is when my mate leaves. Very frustrating as this was a major bug in fm17 and fm18, 3 years later and still not been looked at.
  6. Its not just the coaching badges though is it mate? If your being honest, you switched off attribute masking, you gave yourself the highest ratings in motivation etc, you then read the latest guides on all the worldwide wonderkids and bought all of them, etc etc... Then the game is too easy lol.
  7. Time to take a leaf from motorsport manager here. IRL motorsport managers are asked lots of questions over and over......yoi cant get Christian Horner off the bloody telly if you tried for example. MM gives you 1 question per weekend, and you immediately see the effects of your answer. FM can do similar, 1 or 2 questions a week with the impact clearly shown. Easy.
  8. Ive read a lot of posts on various platforms and a lot of the posts are complaining, a lot are just downright aggressive and not needed too. So....i just want to say a big public thankyou to Miles AND the rest of the team for making the best game series that has ever been made. Cheers guys.
  9. I haven't got the pre game editor on my list mate.
  10. Ok thanks. I'll repost this in March time and see whats what
  11. Anyone tell me where it is? I'm thick obviously
  12. I would just like to say thankyou for correcting the data so far.
  13. As for evidence that the club never taken out the £90k bank loan that has mysteriously appeared in the game, here is a link to our published accounts after the AGM on September 27th 2018. https://cityfansunited.com/docs/2018-CFU-financial-report.pdf As you can see we have cash assets of over £200k, and that before the £1 million donation from Stuart Murphy.
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