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  1. [Suggestion] Dynamic League Rules

    im not a fan of this idea, but if it was to happen, a quick glance to how motorsport manager does this would be worthwhile....
  2. [suggestion] stadiums

    Real companies can't be used for the stadium names of new stadia no, thanks to licencing laws. Would love to see the new stadia names as part of the editor though.....you could choose 3 alternatives and when the new stadium is built the game chooses one at random. e.g. For Everton... New Goodison Stanley Park Duncan Ferguson Arena Then the game chooses one at random when the new ground is built.
  3. Totally crushed

    I think your spell checker is set for English mate.... As for the losing streak, mentality is very important, you probably made a mistake in a press conference which motivated their striker or deflated your players etc etc.
  4. [suggestion] stadiums

    I was only joking around mate, enjoyed my trips to Aldershot. Last time I was there that stand wasn't even there.
  5. [suggestion] stadiums

    Aldershot? Not sure FM can model the 2 row temporary stand that goes 2 3rds of the length behind the goal, with a garden behind it......
  6. youth recruitement

    The youth players are assigned to teams around the world in a random way. Every year the game will generate youth players with a PA based on a bell curve, so you will get 2-5 with a PA 180+, about 30-40 with a PA of 150-180 etc etc.... As for your teams players they recruit, think of it like buying tickets for the lottery. If you have poor junior coaching, youth scouting network, head of youth development etc, It's like not buying many lottery tickets for the lottery, so you have a much lower chance of the jackpot (a 180+ PA player), whereas if you have all those things at a very high level you have more chance of winning the jackpot, although there is no guarantee. Other things that you have little or no control over also affect what youth players you get in, such as a nations youth coefficient.
  7. I have had quite a few saves I can still remember well, and I loved them. One of them, my fm14 Annan athletic save is immortalised on this forum, I love going back and reading it every now and again. Also my saves with IF Sylvia and Sancataldese has turned me into a fan of those clubs. However, the 2 most memorable are both network games, if you find someone equally as good at FM as you then it's so much fun. Firstly there was my FM16 game with my mate who is a York City fan. He goes as York, I go as Chester. Media expects him to finish 2nd, me 17th. After some class signings from me including David October, a cm called McKeever, and a gibraltain winger called Gosling I seem to remember, we fought it out for the title all season, with me being top for most of it. Well in the end I collapsed in the final 2 games, one win vs Dover would have won me the title with a game to spare, instead I lost both games and Dover won the league, with York 2nd and me 3rd. We both won in the playoffs, so met in the final, where he won 3-1 after going 3-0 up in about 20 minutes. Disappointing result but what a season. The other game was with my mate from uni, who was from Malton and supported Scarborough. Both Scarborough and Chester were in the playoffs at the time, and both struggling. We started a game at the clubs we supported, and agreed career mode with the first person to win the champions league winning £50 from the other. season 1, we both finish right up the top but don't go up. Scarborough are in huge financial difficulties and my mates wage budget is slashed to 7k a week, and he nearly quits to find a new job. However he stuck with it, and in this old version you could pick up teenagers released from premiership teams for £100 PW all day long. He signs a load of these, and keeps his best player Keith Gilmour, and one of his strikers ends up being amazing, on £100PW and knocking in nearly 40 goals as he wins the league, with me 2nd. 3rd season and we both won our leagues, but into the 4th season with us both gunning for promotion, he is offered the Liverpool job! Game over I'm thinking. So as I toil away in division 2 with Chester, he is putting together an amazing squad lead by Steven Gerrard, and finishes 2nd in the league guaranteeing champions league football. Well, Man City have somehow won the league (this was before their billionaire owners so was a little miracle), but their manager leaves for a new job in Italy, and I apply for and get the man city job, game back on. My mate had amassed this amazing squad, had 22 world class players to choose from every match, and I was still fearful he was going to win as my squad was poor. The starting 11 were a match for anyone, but the subs and reserves were worse than terrible. Into the season and Liverpool dominate, he got Gerrard to score 25 goals from midfield alone, I think he only lost 1 game all league season and ended up winning the league by 20 points, where as I struggle to a 3rd place finish. If memory does not fail me he also won the league cup and fa cup, just an amazing squad. I've not mentioned the champions league yet. We both progress in all our groups very easily, and end up avoiding each other in the knockout stages. We both win our semi finals and we both realise we have a 1 off match for £50. To cut a long story short, my man city team beat him 3-1 in the final, and the £50 is mine. With the quality of his squad he was absolutely gutted, will never forget this game. It was on champ manager 03/04 I think, maybe 02/03, what a game.
  8. I fully acknowledge SI have their hands tied when it comes to modelling the stadium's accurately. Not only is it a licencing issue, but the pure amount of research to get tens of thousands of stadia correctly modelled would be an undertaking far too long winded to be practical. Especially since it would lead to few, if any, additional sales. However I believe having accurate stadium and surrounding area models would increase the immersion for a lot of long term players, so here is my suggestion (It's not a new or original suggestion but I cant see it on the first few pages here)......put a stadium editor in the game and let the community do the work for you, just as you do with logos, face packs, additional active leagues etc.
  9. Fans leaving early is a commentary only device. You don't see them leaving when watching in 3D. I think its a really good idea to include in the game, will increase the immersion for a lot of people.
  10. The financial sections of the game

    yeah barside I get you. Difference is brexit is definitely happening, and even though we don't know the form it will take, it's coming so can be predicted. Looks like the type of brexit has been quite successfully randomly modelled around a normal distribution, id say S.I. have done a decent enough job here. However, when it comes to finances even professional economists with super computers and very detailed analytical models can't predict the future correctly in terms of inflation/deflation, growth, productivity etc etc, so there is no chance S.I. can. Also it would take a huge amount of programming, as every country in the world would need their own specific financial model coded in, as well as all the pure guesses about the future. It's simply not do able, and certainly no where near as important as fixing goalkeeper animations, fixing player interaction bugs, improving training and media interactions, and giving us ever more options in the tactics, especially set pieces which is very rudamentary IMO. As for rule and format changes....dunno where to begin. Yes SI could put in future rule changes such as video refs, then robot refs, then big brother reffing through their magic eye. They could make the pitch circular instead of rectangular when you get to 2033. They could put in it goes to 13 a side in 2025. It could be coded that the top 6 prem teams break away in 2020 and form a super-premier league just for themselves, taking all the TV money with them. They could programme the champions league changing to groups of 8......fa cup to 2 legged finals......body armour for all players.......the inclusion of the aliens who take up football as a career after they land........anything you can think of really. Quite how you expect SI to predict these future changes even nearly correctly is beyond me. I wonder how many fans in 1985 saw all seater stadia coming......or backpassing outlawed.....or tackling being slowly taken out of the game.....or £200million bids for Neymar........or goal line technology.......or ex league clubs going bust while agents take hundreds of millions per year out of football....or the European cup changing to the champions league.....or the abolishment of the cup winners cup.....or under 23 prem teams playing in the football league competitions.....or etc etc etc.....
  11. I don't. Surely you could make one???
  12. The financial sections of the game

    so the guys who programme a football manager simulation should have the insight to predict financial models, and future rule changes? Unrealistic I'm afraid.
  13. Become director of football

    sorry I would rather they focus on the manager game, I want to play a game where I am a football manager.....i don't want to play football director of football, football chairman, football director, football scout, football sports scientist, football physio to any of that. I play football manager cos I want to play as being a football manager.
  14. I don't need this map for British clubs, but it would add to the immersion when I'm a foreign club so I think its a great idea. There are good and comprehensive surveys out there that say the longer a team travels the worse their results get, so long trips having an impact on condition would be a great idea. You could even link this idea in with sports scientists, the better sports scientist you hire, the less condition you lose travelling to long distance away games.