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  1. Yes chrome on a laptop enables use of your regular keyboard/mouse but with the processing and GPU power of Stadia
  2. Fingers crossed then. Would love to read more official information on FM2020 on Stadia.
  3. Any info on the ingame editor Being available on Stadia then?
  4. I actually more or less agree, but it would be very helpful if SI in that case would point the people facing the known issues in the right direction since this year even for the hardcore fanatic testers the issues seem almost impossible to overcome.. Is central play very much possible? How can we achieve it? Can attackers move more freely, timely and intelligently off the ball based on on the ball action by f.e. the midfield consistently ? Again how? I have asked for direction and tips from SI in several threads because indeed there is always the possibility that we are doing something "wrong" in this year's ME. Unfortunately there has not been any documented direction to show us differently and that just leaves us with documented major issues (major in terms of making attacking play/players look very restricted).
  5. I must have understood your first statement wrong then, since it does seem to say that according to you SI won't release more info since we don't really understand what they do. I am playing by your rules. We don't get any insightful information, totally fine, seriously, but the result is of course that we solely base judgement and feedback on using our eyes which actually again should be all that SI can expect from its uneducated customers. It is within the perimeters that SI and you are making us play. Therefore I find it remarkable how much you scold on the critics on here.
  6. The technical/coding discussion behind it and SI of course being right about attributes working is irrelevant. We as gamers should not have to care. We as gamers are provided with a player profile with attributes, roles and personal instructions and an ME that should be capable of portraying those attributes and instructions. In many cases that is spot on. In named cases above, judged solely by watching the ME by us ignorant gamers there visually seems to be little correlation between attributes, instructions and ME. You have stated many times before that SI won't make time to explain difficult things to us dummies so please do not hold it against us too much now. We just stick to using our eyes when passing our own judgement and feedback on the ME. And whatever the underlying real issue is, it is up to SI to try to fix it and perhaps then our eyes will spot a correlation again.
  7. The numerous examples provided on poor turning and ball control , in comparison to fm18, led to an official BUG report by SI. The attributes of first touch, agility (visually) are not working as intended in this ME in comparison to FM18. The issue of lack of central forward passes- and play often restricts the creative passers to use their skills (passing, vision, Flair etc) in the best way possible in this ME. So let's then just rephrase Mitja's sentence to "It seems that these attributes have little to no effect" in this ME. Are you okay with that ?
  8. Neil, he has provided many examples related to poor ball control, passing, vision and decisions in the public beta. Are you aware of this ?
  9. Very well said and that is why the misused word "broken" actually makes sense. The correlation between attributes, roles, personal an team instructions and its portrayal in the ME seems to be off at the moment. And no you are not the only one. I am not starting a career game in fm19 and I am actually regretting to have spend EUR 45 on this year's iteration where I could /should have waited for march and spend just half and saved myself from getting into many arguments with people who for a long time seemed to have the knowledge of these persistent issues.
  10. FM18, Go strikerless with two IF's on attack duty sitting narrow and a shadowstriker in the middle and enjoy how lethal your IF's will become Have fun!
  11. Thanks. And I also still stand for what I positively said regarding the ME: it is close to being a work of art. And yes there are many corner goals, which is also because there are too many corners due to the overexaggerated wing play (due to the central play issues). It is not about wanting to see 10 through balls each match. It is wanting to see the logical attacking moves when the opportunities are very clearly there. The variation and dynamics to reach this are just not available in this ME. I love how wing play looks in this ME and I love many things. Overall though this ME I.m.o is not really balanced and does not provide enough attacking variety and wow/fun factor.
  12. Precisely. Next to that a bug report has been created by SI on the poor turning and ball control of players, in comparison to fm18, preventing them to turn fully open and give a central through ball more easily. All in all SI acknowledged issues in the public beta that combined together restrict attacking and creative play. SI nevertheless feels this ME is the best it has ever put out and that of course is its right. SI will attempt to correct issues but also said some of them were going to be for the long term. Many of the public betatesters think differently on the greatness of this ME based on countless hours of providing pkm's and analysis. And some of us advised against releasing this ME because we feared it would lead to more unhappy gamers. I am not about to go down the road of frustration again. I did want to provide the right context and information for the gamers who were not involved in the public beta. It might prove helpful in understanding some of the criticism on the ME here.
  13. Could you count the through balls that are given from a central position on the pitch preferably on half of your opponent ? Of course through balls are being played and counted. Your picture however is misleading because it doesn't show from where the through ball pass was played. Many of us betatesters have shown that most through balls are being given from the wings or from the back in a counter attack, over the top of the defense and hardly ever any from central positions. Lack of centerplay and attacking movement really is an issue in this and previous ME's and SI has confirmed this in mutiple BETA bug threads.
  14. It's bad in terms if your goal is to enjoy a dynamic long term career game and be amazed by goals even 5 seasons in. The extreme lack of central play leads to a very one dimensional portrayal of goals and most serious FM'ers will start to notice this and then lose their interest in the Me since there is hardly reward in spending time tweaking tactics, buying the right players and then enjoying their tactical intentions portrayed on the pitch. Now that doesn't say that there are no beautiful goals because there are. Up to the final third the ME is quite refined as well. But all ME's in FM19 have consistently lacked the attacking movement , central play dribbling and turning/ball control to really let your creative and attacking players shine. Now that also has another long term effect on a different huge part of the game: transfers. In my opinion there is no fun in trying to buy the new Messi or find that fantastic new playmaking AMC because you can't really get them to shine. The ME FM18 is still very much superior to FM19 in terms of attacking play and funfactor (which is quite important as well since this is a game).
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