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  1. Great post. The issue with poor ball control and turning was very persistent in FM19 and I provided many examples from FM18 showing how it led to creative play in the final third. The boys from SI acknowledged the issue and would address it in FM20....
  2. FM17 had an ME in which AI teams could really pin my team down on my own half and on occasion destroy me. Than was a lot of fun. Next to that, there was a Nice variety of goals albeit with some poor defending. Playermovement however looked a lot like iceskating. FM18's ME has great player movement, especially first touch and turning with the ball and really had an ME that represented player rules well. Center play was still possible but I could also let my IF play like the real deal. AI teams however were a lot less proactive compared to FM17. FM19 was close to being a masterpiece bu
  3. I believe Miles talked about some of the ME areas that needed tweaking (wasn't DC's dwelling on the ball one of them?) In the first Twitch stream. And there are probably other ME areas to tweak already known to SI prior to beta release. My stance on how SI shares ME information remains unchanged. If SI would address the known ME issues in the OP it would probably prevent some of the people in this thread getting frustrated or start doubting SI's capabilities of really changing the ME positively. SI states in the OP : the ME is not final. Why not share the areas that are still being
  4. That is how I envisage the IW as well. However I am hoping his off the ball position will often be in the half space already instead of starting from the sideline. Much like Ziyech plays at Ajax. The differences between IF (s) , IW and Advanced playmaker on the wing might just need better clarifying in terms of on and off the ball positioning/movement.
  5. Yes I think you could be right but what does the description of an IF say? Perhaps SI could add on and off the ball descriptions to clarify the distinction between IW and IF
  6. Thanks. It seems the inverted winger is supposed to operate more in the halfspace, much like the inverted wingbacks, when off the ball, while the Inside Forward positionally starts as a Winger but will cut inside when on the ball. Very useful when using attacking wingbacks. Much like Bergwijn is playing at PSV in his AML position.
  7. Possibly a dumb question but what is the difference between an Inside Forward and Inverted Winger and could someone name a real life example of an Inverted Winger on the AML or AMR slot?
  8. Against my believes as well but in a long term save it could be great to "work" for a club that just treats you as first team coach. A balance in which you could still veto a signing could work. Let's see what fm2020 brings.
  9. Which I would not mind at all if the DOF was implemented well. Distinction between clubs due to club vision and certain responsibilities is an exciting path for SI to introduce.
  10. Yes fingers crossed better DOF ties in nicely with the new club vision. Like I said SI seems to have put a lot of effort in making clubs more unique and distinctive, one of my main FM wishes of many years. Really looking forward to experiencing the new clubcultures.
  11. Perfect wasn't the right word. A logical decisionmaking DOF might describe my wish better. But then again, just a wish for future versions of FM.
  12. I agree with Miles. Modes are indeed Arcadelike. However the AI of the DOF in FM could use some love and caring. Currently I do not trust the DOF to be in charge with transfers. The possibility of him signings 3 strikers while I am in need of a DC is just too big
  13. Very glad to read SI worked on attacking movement. After it became apparent SI could not fix the attacking issues of FM 2019 I quit the game. The focus on long term saves with more manager restrictions in terms of club vision and player pathways and a more engaging youth development could, alongside a better ME, very well make FM2020 the most cohesive FM yet. I also applaud the more toned down marketing approach by SI. Last year SI shot itself in its own feet by putting so much attention on the new tactics. This year SI seems quite modest about some features. Of course I might be wr
  14. Yes chrome on a laptop enables use of your regular keyboard/mouse but with the processing and GPU power of Stadia
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