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Signing someone just to be a tutor

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Has anyone ever done this or do it regularly? Right now in my current save I've signed a few youngsters with 4* potential or higher. I have some older model professionals in my squad with high determination etc who are perfect for tutoring SOME of my players but my striker position in particular is lacking in good tutors. I have a couple of players with decent determination but since the forward players I've signed all have 18+ determination they may actually take a drop in that attribute. Also most of my potential tutor's personalities aren't ideal. So I've been looking at the possibility of buying an old ageing star to help guide some of my youngsters. Problem is that my squad is actually very good and already very deep so if I signed someone just to be a tutor I can honestly see them getting no playing time at all. This is made more difficult by the fact that surely if they're an old ageing star then they're going to want high wages and a first-team squad status?

So has anyone else came up against this and have you had to resort to signing someone just to be a tutor? How did they react after a year of barely any action?

Similarly does anyone have good suggestions of good people for this kind of thing if you consider I'm a couple of years into my save with a Premiership side?

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I did it with Ivica Olic. He has 20 Determination and Professional personality. I got him to tutor my talented regen who took on both those attributes in a few months. He's okay with being a back-up and with his professional attitude he's easy to deal with.

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Yup, I look for top veterans whose contract at a major club has been allowed to expire. They get a one year contract, are still good enough to be used in emergencies, and I get two tutoring periods out of them. Next summer, rinse and repeat until the tutees become old enough to carry the process on.

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