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  1. Is there actually any proof that playable/view-only makes a difference for transfers and stuff like that? I thought the only difference was that you can't manage in the view-only leagues, but everything else is the same? If not, then what is the point in view-only?
  2. I think it works on all FM versions. At least that's what a guy a few posters above you said.
  3. I don't really remember how many players tend to be in my games, but I usually go for the game speed to be 3 stars or more. When you say you add European players, is this an option in the custom field of the database section? Thanks for the replies so far guys. I would love to know if anyone has any info/opinions on these 2 points I made in the original post ^, especially about the notion that a large database potentially means it's impossible to sell players due to a flooded market?
  4. So I played a lot of FM11/12/13, but I skipped 14 due to life commitments. I pre-ordered 15 after seeing some of the new features and have just finished installing the beta. I'd like to jump right in with a save I plan to carry on for a long time but I'm having trouble remembering how I used to set up my games and I'm pretty obsessive over making sure I do it 'right' because I'd hate to put lots of hours into a save only to later realise I should have done something differently. 1) I'm going to manage in England so obviously I'm going to want at least the usual 4 or 5 leagues there. I'll add the top divisions for the top European leagues, probably France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland. I heard Argentina is recommended due to the newgens? Anywhere I'm missing? I sometimes put Scotland in since they're local to me and I know some of the teams, but honestly from a game point of view I doubt the Scottish league will offer me anything! Do any of you add any other nations? Possibly just the first league for some others? Also, is it fine setting them to view-only if you never plan on managing there? Or is there some other downside to view-only? 2) Now as for the database size, I would usually go for large... but I saw someone mention on another forum that choosing small is wise. Why? Well apparently if you choose large the transfer market gets flooded and it's impossible to get rid of some players because there are so many free agents around. Is there any truth to this? I have had problems offloading players in past games where I've chosen large databases, though I don't know if this is a problem down to the game version itself or the database size. 3) Lastly, there is the option to add custom players to the database. This is where I'm mostly uncertain. Are there any recommended additions here? Maybe 'players from top clubs' from some regions? Or even 'players from top divisions'? 'Current international players'? What do you choose and why? Thanks for reading. Would appreciate some advice here. I often play only 1 or 2 big saves and I skipped on 14, like I said, so this all really isn't my area of expertise. Oh, and I know I can add some leagues after I started, but I'd probably only want to do that if I planned to manage somewhere else.
  5. I believe FM doesn't yet make use of any more than 4GB of RAM. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  6. I agree that more attention to pre-season friendlies and tours would be nice. IRL they're kinda a big deal especially for high-profile clubs, whereas in-game they tend to just fly by without much attention or impact.
  7. I can't see why he'd play it short all the time if you've told him otherwise. Are you sure you saved the tactic and it's checked and there are no conflicting orders? Maybe he's doing it to keep possession football going or perhaps it's influenced by PPMs like 'plays short simple passes' or 'looks for the pass rather than attempting to score'? Or it maybe something more simple...
  8. Seen it time and time again in a couple of saves. Come Jan/Feb the form drops drastically. It's been said it maybe the other teams adapting to how you're playing or possibly playing counter when you're the favourite whereas beforehand they'd be offensive, etc.
  9. Ah yes, indeed. I've seen that news report when signing a foreign player. I'd love to know if it actually DID make a difference though, or is that report is just added fluff.
  10. I'd still consider that close. Yes he can improve but not a huge amount. I've never looked at editors though so maybe my view and understanding of ability is different to yours. Anyway...
  11. Amazon is always much cheaper than elsewhere too.
  12. I honestly don't even know if the whole concept of buying Asian/American players to increase shirt sales and popularity etc. is even touched upon in the game. I say this because I've managed to gain a few feeder clubs under the agreement that they'll increase popularity in another market but I haven't actually seen any increase in merchandise sales and in fact they tend to lose me money since I have to pay them annually. Does anyone know if this kind of thing is even looked at?
  13. To be fair he was playing close to full potential. I don't check editors but I see 'close to full potential' to mean that he can maybe gain another half a star or so.
  14. It may be players in positions the AI thinks you're lacking in. Sort of similar to how the assistant manager used to suggest players to sign in your weakest area.
  15. I do notice that things like this happen if you use all 3 subs early. Others have noticed this too. It's probably not on purpose but it sure could seem that way! Because of this I usually make 2 subs around the 60 minute mark and then wait until the 80th for my last.
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