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  1. Is that a recent rule change Jibby? FM2012 let you have up to 30 days to send them back if they left Belgium for whatever reason (like the end of the season for example).
  2. Still playing FM2012 and will be until my 1200+ goal striker retires, then I'll probably pick up FM2013 the next time it's on a decent sale somewhere.
  3. Eligible nations' leagues are listed in the 1st post, and yes, Wales is one of them. So go for it, and the very best of luck!
  4. Good luck in Europe johnnyquest, the first time is always special (but often humiliating, short lived and not something you are ultimately proud of). Good luck as well to XaW. Having two players in the same country makes for fun stylistic comparisons I feel. And in response to Taunton, I'm not ruling anything in or out just yet. Belgium redux is on the list of possibles, as is a minor East European country. I do also have a hankering to do a long-term Watford save, as my beloved 'Orns haven't seen much of me in the last few versions. Multi country saves were my thing until I tried this challenge. Maybe with FMC I'll have the time to get two or three games on the go at once? Which leads into a question for Gundo, and others. How will the challenge have to be adjusted for the new Classic mode? Any thoughts and ideas yet?
  5. 1071 hours, which is just over 6 weeks I think? Completed 25 years in my main save, so about 40 hours a season.
  6. I am very much of the "we're gonna score one more than you" school of thought. Despite utterly dominating Belgium for the last 20 years, I still don't have the 10 games without conceding Achievement on Steam.
  7. Just to be a blatant copycat of Taunton, a brief post success update on Sprimont. After our first Champions League win, we retained it, then didn't win again for three years (lost two finals though), then won 6 on the trot. Finally got past the 20 year wait from our first new stadium, which was 10770, and now have a 63k monster named Black Park. Fernandez is approaching 36 and fairly decrepit, but I'm still playing him all the time, he might make 1200 goals by the end of this season. Belgium are chasing France quite hard for 4th in the European rankings, having overtaken Germany last year. The national team are world ranked #1 after winning the 2036 Euros, with 7 Sprimont players in the squad.
  8. Last year, I planned to wait until after the new year, to get the last patch in. I caved in around November and have played FM2012 to death. This year, I fully expect X-COM to see me through until the January patch. I'll probably cave in again though, FM is just *that* good.
  9. 33 seconds is pretty good jkae, but how about 7? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/32338-Funny-Screenshots-Thread?p=7146708&viewfull=1#post7146708
  10. The option stops being greyed out in board interaction meetings after 20 years, yes. It still takes a year or two to actually build the thing. EDIT : What would be nice is if the expansion capacity could not be set in stone, but change every say, 10 years.
  11. Yeah, Spectrum games were hilarious, especially the ones written in BASIC that I could just break into without the hassle of decompiling so I could see how they worked and how best to beat them. One flaw I remember well was Multi-Player-Soccer-Manager which applied a small bonus to the defence and attack for each midfielder you fielded. Turns out 2-6-2 was very unbalanced and killed the game
  12. I don't have a save from when I was managing him, only from before and after I was at Aston Villa. But these should help you a little. Stats and PPMs at age 18 Stats PPMs Stats and PPMs at age 29 Stats PPMs
  13. Yup, in FM2011 I had a player who did this constantly, he had 18 flair as I recall. repost of him in action [video=youtube;oL4m4Bnllbw]
  14. Welp, this should put paid to those nasty "secretly a Muslim" rumours. Now to work on finding a US birth certificate...
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