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  1. There have been no previous discussions which broke down. I haven't broken any promises either. Out of curiosity I holidayed to May and it appears he's locked into this state for good. Another promising young player got into this state too in May but when I reloaded back to March I could negotiate a new contract as he hadn't yet started considering his options. It looks like it might be a bug that the reason for this unhappiness is not stated anywhere.
  2. I'm already favoured personnel. And I praise him regularly.
  3. I have a player with high morale who is performing well and seems happy but he is "considering his options" and won't sign a new contract. I can't talk to him about any problem. I've had him sack his agent and he still won't negotiate. I'm listed as favoured personnel and the team is really successful too. What can I do here? If I wait will he come round eventually? Can I use an editor to change his attitude?
  4. Sam Byram has been class for me. He should be quite cheap too, I bought him for £5m at the end of the first season. He'll improve rapidly with Premier League games and he's a very well rounded full-back. Nathaniel Clyne is good too and also costs around £6 million but he's not as good as Byram mentally.
  5. Passing and first touch are much improved but shooting is dire. Some of the misses are shocking and long shots seem impossible to score. Tackling is still silly, not only the number of tackles but the success rates are absurd. Players' performances are often badly affected by being tackled if bravery is low. I'm seeing more OGs and fluke goals hitting the keeper or a defender and going in. It's definitely an improvement but there are still issues that haven't been dealt with and I don't expect they'll be fixed until the next game introduces are raft of new problems.
  6. That is great news. I might start a new game now. Suarez and Sturridge should both score a lot, Suarez especially is awesome. On the previous patch it was always difficult to get either of them to score anything close to real life. However I don't feel as much need to play FM when we're doing so well IRL.
  7. I love buying FSG moneyball type players like Bojan who have not fulfilled their potential and getting them to play well. I got Bojan at the start of the 3rd season for £6.5m and he been excellent. I haven't spent over £14m for anyone on my current save. I could get Luke Shaw for £40m but I don't like paying that much for anyone but a world-class striker.
  8. Suso will never reach his potential as his starting CA is too low and his doesn't seem to develop quickly enough even with first team experience. That wasted year with Almeria is a killer in game as they almost never play him. Yesil has less potential this year and in real life his career is probably over after a succession of very bad injuries sadly. Rossiter, Sinclair, Chirivella and Canos all appear to have quite high potential and can develop into excellent players if managed correctly. Sterling and Kelly are already excellent and Sterling especially can become world-class. Robinson can become a decent defender too if given some first team football.
  9. The match engine does not currently match the quality of the rest of the game. I love developing players and building a team in FM. I even think the media elements are reasonably well done and you can get into some great feuds with other managers and it also responds well at times to in game events. I think the analysis tool is brilliant and the tactical side of the game is extremely well developed.
  10. Is it possible the high number of tackles is disrupting player decision making in the final third (and elsewhere)? I find some of my most gifted players perform below par after hard tackles. Both Ozil and Hazard have played way below their potential in my current save. Over two seasons I'd expect these two to be two of the highest rated players in the league and they are not. I'm not a huge fan of Ozil irl and I think his current attributes accurately represent his weaknesses but I do want these gifted players to perform to their potential. I'm also see inside forwards especially taking shot from highly unlikely angles.
  11. I decided just to go for an expansion instead. If I win the league for the next 10 years, maybe I'll attract a couple of new fans.
  12. Shoots from Distance is possibly the single worst PPM in the game. The player is guaranteed to give away possession multiple times in every match and generally have a low rating unless he scores because he's missing the target so often.
  13. I've been watching some full matches using the 3d view to experiment with tactics and I have a few observations. Currently the match engine does not produce anything resembling actual football. Games don't flow properly. There are far too many tackles and fouls and players don't seem to be able to produce anything if another player is within ten yards. There are too many successful last ditch challenges in the box, too many blocks. Players often just shoot directly at players who are right in front of them. First touch is terrible even for great players. Dribbling is utterly ineffective. It very rarely results in a successful take-on even if the player has lightning pace and great dribbling, if they are anywhere near another player then they will lose the ball. I often see tackling tennis where a player from one side will win the ball back and then immediately be tackled by a player from the other side who is then tackled himself by the same player. Or one player will tackle 2 or 3 players in succession after losing the ball after each successful tackle. Attributes don't seem to have any influence on the chances to make a successful tackle. Strikers are often 100% successful with tackles despite a tackling attribute of 3 or 5. It's very hard to tell a brilliant player from an average one by watching them during a game. There's very little skillful attacking play, dribbling or clever passing. Passing is particularly poor and there seems to be no real difference between my defender with a passing attribute of 9 and my playmaker with 17. It's a mess and it's not acceptable for a game that isn't in beta. I'm not complaining about winning or losing or failing to score, this is about the kind of football I see when I watch a full match involving Premier League teams. It looks like the worst kind of amateur football.
  14. This is another issue. Unless the player is very strong and has very good balance, then they invariably fail to dribble past the defender who just dives in with a desperate last ditch tackle which is usually successful.
  15. Tackling success rates are currently averaging over 70% and often over 80% and sometimes 90%. The highest in the Premier League this weekend was 62% and most teams had a success rate below 50%. This benefits defensive, low ability teams as they can tackle with impunity all over the pitch with a very low chance of giving away fouls. It also proves incredibly destructive for high ability but low bravery creative players who generally get nervous and play badly when subjected to a large amount of hard tackles. Ozil is currently transfer listed for £14m in the third season of my current save and underperformed badly in his first two seasons. He averaged only 6.8 over 41 matches. This is also compounded by generally lenient refs who let the same players repeatedly foul without giving yellow cards. I assume this is because the current match engine is a hodge podge of code and that tackling success rate was drastically increased to reduce the number of goals scored. This is a poor solution to the problem of bad defending.
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